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Earn.gg Review: Earn Cryptocurrency for Doing Nothing

Earn.gg is a website that rewards its users for watching videos or completing surveys online. It has never been easier to make money online than it is today and Earn.gg is a website that will allow anyone to make a decent amount of money for doing very little, if anything at all. The days of having to weed through endless scams and fake opportunities just for a chance to make a few pennies are over. Now, not only can you easily find legitimate online work that pays, but you can find online earning opportunities that actually pay decent amounts. To learn more and see it for yourself, visit Earn.gg

With the ever-increasing speed of technology, new and better streaming services are emerging, allowing people to get rid of commercials from their television viewing. This has created a need for people to watch advertisements. The answer: Paid Video Watching opportunities. Earn.gg offers a platform where users come to do nothing but watch videos, and more importantly, the ads that play in between each video. Along with videos, Earn.gg also offers users the opportunity to complete online surveys, as well as some fun wagering of the points you earn. Most importantly, they allow you to withdraw the money you earn in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and some fiat options. This makes earn.gg a website to take a look at for an opportunity to make some easy cryptocurrency for doing pretty much nothing.


Earn.gg Website Features

Earn.gg has some pretty cool features to help users earn the most that they possibly can through their platform. By making it easier for you to earn, they are in turn, helping themselves to earn more. They are receiving money for every ad viewed by you and all other users. The money they give you is a portion of what they make, which is the motivation users need to watch the videos. So, by making the website easy to use, and packing it full of features to ensure that it is user friendly, engaging and fun, they are ensuring success for themselves and those who wish to earn money for watching videos.

Watching Videos on Earn.gg

The first feature, and signature one, is Watching Videos and getting paid for it. As soon as you login to the website, you are taken to the Earning page, which is very easy to figure out. There are 8 options available for watching videos. The video categories available are Latest Celebrity Videos, Music News, Movies & Film Buzz, Lifestyle, App Trailers, Viral Videos, Science/Tech Videos and Gaming Videos. The rules are simple: The screen has to be in view on your computer or mobile device, the volume cannot be muted or turned all the way down and you can only watch videos on a max of 3 different screens at the same time. By watching on 3 different devices at the same time, you will be able to earn three times the amount as you would by watching on a single screen. They even offer a mobile app, making it easy to watch on your tablet or phone. You can even watch videos on smart TVs through the App.

Click the links, and let the videos play. Every 3 videos that play will trigger your account to be credited instantly. If you are watching on one single device, then you can expect to earn about 9 cents every 10 minutes, or so. While that does not seem like much, remember that you are not doing anything at all and in a 24-hour period of time, that equals approximately $2.16. Put videos up on 3 devices and you could make around $6.48 every day. That equates to around 45 dollars a week and close to $200 a month. All for doing nothing at all. The best part is that the videos are actually interesting and probably videos you will find yourself watching and actually being entertained.

Completing Surveys on Earn.gg

If you want to exert a little more effort, you can complete surveys to earn even more money on Earn.gg. The surveys vary in what they pay, but all are through reputable survey providers, which Earn.gg is completely transparent about. They list the survey opportunities directly beneath the video watching opportunities on the main page. You simply choose which survey provider you want to use and you will be taken to their survey platform. The surveys do require you to qualify for each survey, but that only takes a moment or two at the most.

The amount you can make is variable by both the individual survey providers, as well as each individual survey itself. In most cases, you can expect to earn a couple bucks for 15 minutes of your time.

The survey providers available are Adscend Media, AdGate media, Peanut Labs and OfferToro. All 4 are very well respected, reputable and legitimate survey providers that serve surveys to millions of people across thousands of websites every single day.

Wagering Cryptocurrency on Earn.gg

Once you earn all those points, you have several options on what to do with them. Earn.gg allows you to withdraw them, obviously, but they also have a couple of different options available if you want to wager for a chance to increase those points and get even more. They have a simple dice roll game that allows you to bet against the house. Choose your wagering amount and then your multiplier. The minimum bet is 10 points and setting the multiplier at 2, the lowest possible, will give you a 49% chance of winning. Hit the roll button and see if you win or lose. There is no maximum amount that you can bet and the multiplier allows you to try for a chance to multiply your bet 9 times, but at a 9x multiplier, you only have a 10% chance of winning.

The second option is called Coin Flip and allows you to wager against other users on the platform directly. The minimum bet amount is 10 points and the winner takes all. You can either join a game that another user has posted or create your own. To join another plyer’s game, just click on the join button, then confirm it. Creating your own is as simple as typing your bet amount and hitting the Create game button. When a user joins, the coinflip happens and the winner is declared automatically and points are transferred instantly to the winning player’s account balance.

Earn.gg does take a 10% fee from the winner of the coinflip and on the dice roll game. Remember that wagering is not a guarantee that you will win and if you lose, you will have to earn those points all over again, so think wisely before gambling.

Earn.gg Fiat Withdrawal Options

When you are ready to turn those points into cold, hard cash, then you head over to the withdrawal page on Earn.gg. You will be faced with several options to convert your points to cash. The first two options, OpSkins and BitSkins are related to gaming, specifically the Steam gaming platform and allow users to send the money from earn.gg to those websites, where users can buy in-game items for their favorite videos games.

PayPal is another withdrawal option that earn.gg supports. You can withdraw as little as 50 cents and as much as $50 to your PayPal account. They do charge a 25-cent fee for PayPal withdrawals. PayPal withdrawals can sometimes be delayed due to their PayPal account being drained of funds due to heavy withdrawal requests and it may take them a day or so to replenish the account. Make sure to check your notifications or ask in chat to ensure that PayPal is not delayed.

You can also choose to withdraw the points you have earned on earn.gg for a variety of gift cards. You simply choose the amount you would like to withdraw, enter your first and last name and hit submit. You will receive an email instantly with a link to their gift card provider. There are over 500 gift cards available, meaning the one you want is most likely going to be there. Click the link and choose your gift card and you are given the e-gift code instantly that can be used to get whatever you want from the store you choose.

Earn.gg Bitcoin Withdrawal Options

The next withdrawal option that earn.gg offers is Coinbase. If you have a Coinbase account, simply tie it to your Earn.gg account through their easy to use interface and then withdraw your money. The money will appear in your Coinbase Bitcoin wallet almost instantly and be available for you to spend as you wish. There is no fee at all for withdrawing to your Coinbase account.


If you want to withdraw from Earn.gg to Bitcoin, but do not have a Coinbase account, then simply choose the Bitcoin option from the withdrawal page. You are faced with several options as to the amount you would like to withdraw. You can withdraw as little as $2 worth of bitcoin and as much as $50 worth of Bitcoin to your private wallet. Simply paste in your Bitcoin wallet address and choose your option. Your withdrawal is sent out within a couple hours at the most, although there may be times that withdrawals are delayed for several days. These delays are announced in advance, so be sure to check your notifications on the earn.gg site. There is a 65-cent fee for direct Bitcoin withdrawals.

Earn.gg Other Cryptocurrency Withdrawal Options

If you would like a different cryptocurrency to withdraw your Earn.gg points to, they offer a couple more options. You can withdraw direct to your Ethereum wallet and receive Ethereum in exchange for the points your earned watching videos or completing surveys. You can choose as little as $1 worth of Ethereum and a max of up to $50 worth of Ethereum to withdraw. As with Bitcoin, simply paste in your Ethereum wallet address, select the amount and your withdrawal will be processed fairly quickly. There is only a fee of 10 cents for Ethereum withdrawals, but make sure to check your notifications to ensure that there are no delays with Ethereum withdrawals first.

There are still more Cryptocurrency options available for withdrawing your earn.gg earnings. Litecoin is the next option and as with both Bitcoin and Ethereum, it is as simple as pasting in your Litecoin wallet address, choosing an amount and waiting for your Litecoin. You can withdraw as little as 50 cents and as much as $50 to your Litecoin wallet. The fee for withdrawing Litecoin is only 2 cents and the withdrawal is processed fast. Again, checking your notifications for any announced Litecoin withdrawal delays is suggested.

The final cryptocurrency withdrawal option that Earn.gg offers is BitcoinCash. Enter your BitcoinCash Wallet address, choose an amount and away you go. Your BitcoinCash will be sent to your wallet very fast. There is no fee for BitcoinCash withdrawals at this time and checking to ensure there are no withdrawal delays is suggested. They allow you to withdraw as little as 50 cents and as much as $50 at a time with the BitcoinCash option.

Earn.gg Website Layout

The layout of earn.gg is very user friendly and easy to navigate. The home page is the main earning opportunities page and also features a shout box that allows you to talk with other members of the site in real time. The top of the page shows you your current Earn.gg points balance and the value in USD of those points. That makes it easy to always know where you stand. Every time one of the video or survey providers pay you for completing offers, you will get a notification that tells you how much has been credited into your account.

The coin Flip and dice roll pages are laid out in a way that makes them both very easy to figure out and they also show you histories of your games right on those same pages. Your winnings and losings are added or deducted automatically from your account, keeping your balance current at all times.

On your account page, you can change your display name once a week. You also have an avatar option, which is just the avatar that you use for your Google account. Signing into the website can be done via Google or Steam. You can also see the history of all activity on your account in your account section. Everything from each credit from completing offers, wagering results and withdrawals can be viewed here.


Earn.gg does have a referral program, that allows you to share your link and earn a percentage of the money your referrals earn. They pay 5% of all earnings that your referrals make. That amount is automatically added to your balance. You can get your link, set your custom referral code and see the number of referrals you have sent in the referrals section of your account page.

Finally, there is a Claim reward section in your account area. This is for any type of promotional codes that you get from the various promotions and social media posts that Earn.gg provides throughout the year.

Earn.gg Support

Earn.gg customer support is easily contacted right in the shout box on the main page. In the event that you cannot get them there, you simply click on the contact link at the bottom of every page. If you just need some questions answered, they have a help link at the bottom of each page that will take you to their knowledge base, which will have pretty much any information you could ever need regarding their platform.

If you send an email, via the contact link, you can expect a reply within 2 days at the most. The staff is always very helpful and very stringent on their security and social rules. They create an environment that is not only profitable, but safe and fun, as well.

Earn.gg Website Review Summary

In conclusion, earn.gg is a great platform that provides very easy ways for people to make some money in their spare time, and even as a decent part-time job. By keeping the platform current, up-to date and by providing the offers that they do, they are allowing those who need some extra income an opportunity to get it without fear of being ripped off.

To learn more and see it for yourself, visit Earn.gg

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