Red Bull is a household name, boasting of selling about 6.3 billion cans every year. The Austrian-based multinational corporation is also a popular brand that sponsors sports, from football to Formula 1. And now, according to reports, Red Bull and Swarovski are planning to launch a reward system that will reward their clients with cryptocurrencies for their honest comments and feedback. The energy drink company and lead glass manufacturer are expected to reward customers with Kin tokens, Kik’s in-house cryptocurrency.

Red Bull and Swarovski Think It’s About Time You Got Rewarded For Your Feedback

Customers will rarely take on questions and quizzes about brand products as they are time-consuming, irritating and most importantly rarely reward. However, now you can stock up on Kin tokens when giving feedback and answering questions about your favorite energy drink if their trial phase is successfully completed. Kin cryptos were developed by Canadian messaging app, Kik, over a year ago. Mid this year, Kik launched an Android app, KinIt, which connects users to brands for quizzes, questionnaires, and feedback, in turn rewarding users with Kin cryptos which are stored in the Kinlt Android app.

The project also calls upon the expertise of Swelly, a social media voting bot company that helps connect customers and brands, asking users questions about particular brands and sending the feedback to the brands. Now, users will be required to download the Kinlt app and complete tasks formulated by Swelly, asking about the favorite energy drink and glass manufacturer and for the time and honest opinion given, users will be rewarded with Kin tokens.

Kik managed to raise $100 million-though the company expected $125 million- during the 2017 ICO launch and it seems likely that this project will pay off with this recent venture given that many will look to make cryptos through this easy way. It’s also a win-win situation for the users and the brands – users of the app and consumers of the energy drink will be earning from their feedback, all while their feedback lets the brand improve on their preferred product. It’s no secret that every company looking to grow and improve requires knowing and understand their market, this new venture will ensure they get to know what their market likes and doesn’t and there couldn’t be an easier way to help them develop. Red Bull and Swarovski, will definitely stay on the forefront by garnering as much information as possible.

This is a welcome move by the crypto community as it becomes yet a new use for cryptocurrencies and encourages the ownership of cryptos. It is a trend that might just catch on with other companies in their quest to better their products as per the liking of their customers.

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