Earlier this week, it was announced that QuickBit has fallen victim to a data leak. According to the announcement, a huge amount of user data was lost in the attack.

QuickBit revealed that the stolen data contained names, addresses, e-mail addresses and credit card details. Roughly around 2% of the clients from the exchange had all of their shared information stolen.

The exchange also stated that as far as the customer exchange accounts are concerned, the passwords, social security numbers, and complete account information was kept safe.

QuickBit is thinking about its clients

So far, no clients have reported any amount of cryptocurrency stolen. QuickBit has also stated that if any customer thinks a loss of digital currency and a private key might have occurred, they should contact the staff immediately.

The troubling part seems to be that Quickbit had suspicions about the data leak by the end of last week. After an internal investigation was completed, it was declared that neither the exchange, nor the clients were in any potential risk.

On the same day, Jörgen Eriksson, QuickBit’s managing director, added that despite the internal investigation, several security experts have warned that parts of the company’s data were very poorly protected.

Earlier this week, the exchange shed more light on how the data leak occurred and how it was finally revealed:

“We have recently adopted a 3rd-party system which is used for supplementary security screening of potential customers. The system however, has been on a different server, which was visible outside our firewall for a few days. This essentially means that anyone with the right tools and knowledge could have exploited the opening.”

According to the exchange, the security team is already hard at work in making all servers protected by the firewall. The security team will also take some time to remove the possibility of any other accidents that might occur.

After the security issues are fixed, QuickBit stated that a full public version will be available on the official website.

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