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After an extremely successful pre-ICO on September 25, during which our H2O tokens were literally swiped out in 36 minutes, we had to make some important improvements to our token model. We had to postpone the date of the main HydroMiner ICO as well to October 18 (learn what an ICO is). We are extremely happy to present our unique tokens designed for energy-efficient, eco-friendly and profitable mining. Below you will get to know about the new features of the tokens and the perks that their possession will bring.


H2O Token as Voucher

From now on the H2O token will be representing a sort of voucher defining the mining time that you will be able to use starting from March 2018. This change was mainly implied by the compliance with the Austrian law that we have liability towards as we are located in the Republic of Austria. From the user’s perspective this will mean that each token will grant you a period of mining time, or in other words, the energy-specific consumption of the mining facilities limited to a certain time.


What’s more, you will be receiving your payouts on the HydroMiner platform. In order to make this happen, you will need to whitelist your Ethereum address that you utilize for the ICO buy-in. Your email address will also be required for the whitelisting. Note that whitelisting is essential for the reception of the payouts and token sale participation.


Since HydroMiner aims to become incorporated as an Austrian company, in order to comply with the Austrian regulations. We also reduced the percentage of the funds allocated to the team after the ICO, which means that more tokens will be available for purchase by the community. This also means that no buy-backs of the H2O tokens will be possible. On our behalf, we only see these as positive changes for the token-sale participants, since it is simply a benefit for those.


The total H2O supply will remain the same equalling to 25M the same as the discount levels and the time-frames of the ongoing sale in 2018. So don’t miss your chance to get the 20% discount on the 18th of October –  HydroMiner.org



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