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BitPay has been a highly controversial crypto payments processor for quite a while now. Recently, the company is facing yet another PR nightmare after the alleged rejection of a $100K donation to an Amazon rainforest charity.

Amazon Watch filed a social media complaint and it appears that BitPay did not resolve the issue in a timely on any matter at all. Amazon Watch is an organization which is trying to positively influence the Amazon rainforest’s ecology and the local people.

According to the social media complaint, the reason for the rejection of the donation was a failure to pass the company’s internal checks. The donation was apparently sent in order to help with the fight against the ongoing wildfires in the Amazon.

A real PR nightmare indeed

Amazon Watch made numerous attempts to contact BitPay, but in the end a response was not received.

Allegedly, the block was due to the maximum payment limit set by Amazon Watch. BitPay staff attempted to change it, but later commented that it was impossible to do automatically and a separate documentation would be required to do anything.

This particular situation doesn’t help BitPay’s reputation one bit. In the recent years, BitPay has done many questionable PR moves to say the least.

One of the moves with the most public backlash was related to the promotion of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) as a more attractive and safer alternative than Bitcoin itself. BitPay also lost several key customers after they showed their support for ideas which the crypto community would only label as “disruptive”.

To make matters even worse, there are only a few Bitcoin wallets which are compatible with BitPay’s invoices, which adds a lot of headaches for the clients.

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