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Ever had a root canal? Wait, wait…please don’t stop reading! It’s not a pleasant subject, I know. Who likes to go to the dentist? It’s tedious at best, and that’s without any drilling. Just having a single cavity filled is an ugly prospect. Anything more involved, like a root canal, is like paying people large sums of money to torture you.

But it’s a fact of life: Ignore your teeth and they’ll go away. But they won’t go away in an easy, painless, sailing off into the sunset way. Oh no. It’s more like a long, drawn out, nasty divorce.

Who wants that? No, it may be tedious and uncomfortable and sometimes painful, but you’ve got to take care of your teeth. So what’s a responsible adult (or anyway someone who doesn’t relish the future prospect of a mouth full of blackened stumps, sipping all their food through a straw) to do? Brushing and flossing, sure. Regular dental check-ups. They’re not that expensive, though it irks to have to pay someone to do that do you.


But any major dental work…and if you’re like most people, eventually you will need some no matter how much you brush and floss and water-pick and gargle buff and what have you…is not just gruesomely unpleasant, but expensive. Quite expensive, especially if you want whoever it is drilling away on your teeth and gums to be half way competent.

And believe me, you do.

And so, responsible grown ups buy dental insurance. This is a way for mature, sensible adults to fork over a chunk of their hard earned money each month, in exchange for the piece of mind they get knowing that, if an infected abscess or periodontal disease awaits them in the future, god forbid, the insurance company will be there to give them a long, complicated claim form to fill out, lots of relaxing music while waiting on hold with the company’s convenient toll free number as they try to find out why their claim was denied, and then, finally, a soothing voice to explain to them how and why, unfortunately, their policy does not actually cover the particular problem they have.

That’s what you call adding insult to injury.

But the insurance companies are the only game in town. Pay them now, or pay big later when you need an implant or a crown. Right? It’s not like the gail force winds of technological innovation that have upended the music industry, film, the retail sector, and countless others, will find a way to lever the insurance companies out of their cozy niche. Right?

The Solution: Dentacoin

It’s called the Dentacoin ICO. The folks behind it are idealistic. They want to use blockchain technology to “change the world for the better”. But they’re not too starry eyed. They have decided to focus on one little part of the world, and that’s the business of providing dental care and dental insurance.


But what can a humble digital token do? Give you whiter teeth in ten days? Or one weird trick to avoiding cavities? No, of course not. What it can do, potentially, is the same basic thing that’s been at the heart of so many of those other technological revolutions we mentioned: Cut out the middleman.

That’s what Amazon does, and if you’ve been paying attention at all, you know how much they’ve been able to undercut the traditional retail prices for any article they sell. Digital music and streaming video bypass tv networks and record labels, giving consumers deals better than anything they could have imagined ten or twenty years ago, in a world dominated by cable companies and entertainment conglomerates. And the innovations keep coming, there is no reason to think it will stop at any particular industry or product.

Including the humble, unsexy world of dental care. Yes, it’s a small niche. It’s a subject people prefer not to think about. But it’s not going away, either. Most everyone in the world has to deal with it at some point in their lives, making for a massive untapped market for a new digital revolution.

Dentacoin aims to replace insurance companies with self-enforcing “smart contracts”, a cutting edge new application of blockchain technology. The same underlying principle that enables transactions to take place with no centralized authority overseeing them in Bitcoin and other digital currencies, can be used to enable contracts between parties for non-digital, real world goods and services.

It’s a revolution in the making. Most of its potential is still untapped. Sort of like Bitcoin itself, six or seven years ago. Remember? Back then you could have bought a few hundred Bitcoins for pocket change. They’d be worth millions of dollars today.

A chance like that, to get in on the ground floor of something big, doesn’t come along every day. But it can, and certainly will, happen again.

So smile.

If you want to learn more about Dentacoin – then feel free to visit their website: https://dentacoin.com/ which nicely explains the Why, What, When, How, Who question about their dental startup!


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