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porsche to use blockchain

With blockchain constantly making the headlines every single day, at least for those of us in the blockchain space, the prevailing question in our minds is “so what next?”. Today, the technology sees a major leap as luxury car manufacturer, Porsche, partners with XAIN to test blockchain based apps for integration into future models of its cars.


Wha is the Goal of the Porshe Partnership?

The German wheel-house that has created some of the eye watering luxury speed monsters we have seen parade our streets is actually becoming the first car company to test the technology. The partnership with XAIN, a fellow German tech firm will involve the testing of blockchain and apps that use it for the purpose of integrating the tech into subsequent cars, and even maybe for “autonomous driving”.

blockchain and wheelsPorsche announced that in the partnership, blockchain was being tested with regards to using the tech to grant authorisation for temporary access to the car through apps as well as the use of the very same apps to lock and unlock cars. Oliver Döring , the financial strategist of Porsche stated during a press conference that

We can use blockchain to transfer data more quickly and securely, giving our customers more peace of mind in the future, whether they are charging, parking or need to give a third party, such as a parcel delivery agent, temporary access to the vehicle. We translate the innovative technology into direct benefits for the customer.”


Why XAIN And Blockchain

XAIN, a “subsidiary” of Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, is start up based in Berlin that specialises in artificial intelligence (AI) and blcokchain. The firm presently has partnerships with Nvidia and Volkswagen and Daimler to mention a few. This isn’t the first time it is appearing on the auto house’s radar. In the middle of 2017, Porsche crowned it as the winner of the Porsche Innovation Contest after which they also partnered for a couple of months in the testing of apps.

Blockchain has being proven to be very secure, and accuracy and Porsche says that the use of blockchain to unlock and lock cars is actually more than a quadruple times faster than what we have now. Moreover, the owner also has access to all entries made (which are saved) given there is authorisation and also has total control over that data.

The firm also envisions a time where they could use blockchain technology in autonomous driving to enhance and improve the entire experience of driving.

Blockchain is still a fairly young technology and there is a long way to go in making it better to better to serve our needs. However with the rapid growth of innovations in the sphere of the technology, blockchain could transform how we interact with gadgets and even businesses faster than we ever thought.

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