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Criminals going after criminals. If all hackers were to be taken as criminals, this would be looked as a joke, but recently, the hacker known as the “Phineas Fisher” offered a $100K bounty to other hackers who could leak any damaging information on a number of high-profile global companies.

The bounty, which is dubbed the “Hacktivist Bug Hunting Program” will be paid out entirely in crypto. According to the most recent information, the damaging information can be about banks, oil companies and the Israeli spyware company Haliburton.

The Hacktivist Bug Hunting Program incentivizes other hackers to carry out attacks against globally-known companies.

Although some of the companies have questionable reputation, many experts have stated that due their significant government connections, even if substantial leaks are released, there will be almost no media coverage and more importantly, no action taken by the government.

The Phineas Fisher identity remains a mystery

Phineas Fisher has never been successfully identified and experts are almost unanimous that the name is used by a group of individuals. He announced that he will pay for all the information that he finds useful in Bitcoin or Monero.

There also seems to be quite a bit of public interest in the hackers who use their knowledge to benefit society against global corporations. One of Fisher’s messages stated:

“I’m not trying to make anyone rich. I’m simply trying to provide enough funds so that other hackers can make a decent living while simultaneously doing a good job.”

Phineas Fisher became famous in 2015 after he hacked Hacking Team’s servers. The Italian company was providing hacking surveillance for both police and other corporations. Fisher exposed all the company’s secrets in a 400GB torrent file, which contained many internal e-mails, files and source code.

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