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One small step for Zcash (ZEC), one giant leap towards true decentralization. The Ethereum-based startup Parity Technologies is planning to partner with the Zcash Fountaion and create the first Zcash note software. This software will not be built or managed by the Zerocoin Electric Coin Company. A move like this will require talent and a lot of work. While the Zcash Foundation may be a non-profit organization, to be successful in this project, they need the right people. The foundation is currently looking to hire 4 to 6 engineers, that will be tasked with managing the development and upkeep for open-source projects. Parity will also send additional of their own engineers to help with the project.

Parity will help Zcash gain true decentralization

With Zcash being one of the few zero-knowledge proof cryptocurrencies when it comes to privacy, this project is important for the whole cryptocurrency ecosystem. With true decentralization being the main goal, the Zcash Foundation makes a bold step forward. Until now, the privacy coin’s development was dominated by the Zerocoin Electric Coin Company. In a true decentralized way, if no roadblocks are encountered, by the end of 2019, users will be able to choose the software they implement themselves.

On the outside, it will seem like both the options will be identical. Since both the foundation and the zcash startup are fork-friendly, there will be no objections in the creation of different or splinter versions of the digital currency. This has also lead to many new inputs and ultimately the multiple implementations will result in more diverse and secure contributions and systems.

According to Fredik Harrysson from Parity, C++ is not something many developers want to get involved with. This is making the search for engineers difficult, but if we have to take an example from Ethereum, we can see that multiple implementations have always led to great performance leaps.

Parity will also be able to use the time on this project to develop additional expertise for Polkadot. The upcoming interoperability solution will allow transactions across and between different blockchains. With Pokadot being a sharding method, zcash will also gain sharding benefits. Harrysson also believes that cooperation between firms in different cryptocurrency communities will become more common. This cooperation will pave the way for more decentralized contributions in the future.

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