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Cryptocurrency News

Ian Karamanov by Sep 11, 2019

Open World Scavenger Hunt with $1 Million Bitcoin Reward

Many people believe the open world scavenger hunt is actually a government agency recruitment program, but so far a lot of people who joined seem to be

Ian Karamanov by Sep 10, 2019

Blockchain Standardization is Expected Before 2022

Many businesses and institutions have already integrated blockchain technology into their business models. Blockchain standardization however, is something

Ian Karamanov by Sep 10, 2019

Binance US to be Launched By the End of the Year

Binance US is slowly taking the final steps ahead of the launch. As the preparation keeps going at full speed, clients now know that they will have at least

Ian Karamanov by Sep 9, 2019

Lobbyists Are Hired Left and Right to Campaign On Libra’s Behalf

Many crypto enthusiasts seem to be worried about Libra. The stablecoin issued by the social media giant seems to be hiring lobbyists after many people

Ian Karamanov by Sep 9, 2019

$1 Billion Bitcoin Transaction Noticed Mainly Due to High Fees

It’s quite amusing that once a $1 billion bitcoin transaction pops out of nowhere, people seem to be more freaked out about the $700 spend on fees as

Avatar by Sep 7, 2019

What Kind of Technology Do Money Transfer Companies Actually Use?

There is no doubt that technology plays an essential role for the development of businesses in every industry. However, do you really know what hides behind the phrase “we use the most advanced technological solutions”? Are money transfer services truly as revolutionary as they claim to be? It turns out that they aren’t and it’s […]

Ian Karamanov by Sep 6, 2019

Cocos-BCX Blockchain Gaming Platform to be Listed on Binance

Binance has announced their plans to open trading for the native token offered by Cocos-BCX. Binance have already revealed that the token will have 3

Ian Karamanov by Sep 5, 2019

Wrong E-Mail Quickly Solves Crypto Theft Worth $15K

A crypto theft worth $15K was effortlessly solved after the criminal mistakenly send an apology to the worst possible receiver – the detective leading

Ian Karamanov by Sep 5, 2019

All-Time Revenue for Bitcoin Miners Has Surpassed $14 Billion

Recently, the all-time revenue for bitcoin miners managed to surpass another mark in record times. If the same rate of growth keeps happening, the $20K mark

Ian Karamanov by Sep 4, 2019

German Cabinet Working With Deutsche Bundesbank on CBDCs

The German Cabinet is working closely with Deutsche Bundesbank and the development of CBDCs. At the end of last month, the Cabinet published officla

Ian Karamanov by Sep 4, 2019

HNIs From India Are Massively Choosing Bitcoin Over Altcoins

The majority of HNIs from India, seems to be intested in a bitcoin investment over an altcoin one. Most of the people in the survey shared that they would

Ian Karamanov by Sep 3, 2019

Blockchain Scalability: Moving Forward Towards Progress

Blockchain scalability was an issue that caused quite an uproar a few years ago. Now, things have settled down and the crypto community seems united behind

Ian Karamanov by Sep 3, 2019

How Will the Advertisement Industry Benefit From Blockchain Technology

It’s quite clear that the advertisement industry is relied upon heavily by the biggest corporations of the world. The truth is however, that the industry is

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