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Bitcoin News

Ellis Amoako-Agyei by Jan 12, 2018

Bitcoin Mining Is Consuming More Power Than Tesla Vehicles

With the demand for bitcoin ever increasing, its price has also risen tremendously over the years, presently flirting around with $14,000. But one thing most people never give consideration too is what really goes into the production or mote technically, mining of bitcoin. Just as bitcoin’s price has increased so has the cost of mining […]

Tony Oreso by Jan 12, 2018

Will Ethereum Holders Smile in 2018?

The year 2017 was quite friendly to the Ethereum coin. Multiple ICOs used it to distribute their tokens and it experienced significant partnerships in the crypto world. In addition, network congestion in Bitcoin resulted in many crypto traders and investors moving to the Ethereum network. Equally important is the fact that major exchanges have included […]

Carlos Terenzi by Jan 12, 2018

Mike Novogratz Wants to Open a Cryptocurrency Bank?

Mike Novogratz is already a known figure in the cryptocurrency community. He has been combating Jamie Dimon’s negative comments about Bitcoin. Besides that he is a former principal and macro fund manager at Fortress Investment Group (FIG). Mr Novogratz wants to rise $200 million dollars in order to create a banking business related to cryptocurrencies. Novogratz has decided to suspend his crypto hedge fund and open a cryptocurrency bank.

Gabriela by Jan 12, 2018

Ethereum Guide

Bitcoin is a particular use of the blockchain technology – a peer-to-peer electronic cash system for making payments. Ethereum is more an environment in which different applications can operate.

Carlos Terenzi by Jan 12, 2018

Cryptocurrency Market Down Due to Possible Trading ban in South Korea – FUD?

Important information arrives again from South Korea. The country may be introducing new regulations to cryptocurrency traders. According to Reuters, the South Korean government said on Thursday that its planning to ban cryptocurrency trading. The market is now operating negatively after the news spread.

Kaia by Jan 12, 2018

How Blockchain Will Protect Self-Driving Cars

While most people know Blockchain as the digital ledger that makes crypto transactions possible, the truth is that this little piece of technology has a far greater potential, and may hold the power to transform entire industries. It’s a classic example of technology moving faster than our ability to adapt to it. Experts predict a […]

Kofi Ansah by Jan 12, 2018

Ripple Will Overtake Bitcoin as the Largest Cryptocurrency if its Price Hits $7

With over a hundred digital coins in the crypto world now, analysts, as well as investors who are out to make something off cryptocurrencies, takes into consideration many factors before throwing their money on them. The current growth of this new technology in money is quite astonishing and even with that, there is still room […]

Ellis Amoako-Agyei by Jan 12, 2018

Which Altcoin Has The Potential To Become The Largest Cryptocurrency

Ripple is very close to overtaking bitcoin if it is to reach just $7. Honestly that sounds very unfair judging by the fact bitcoin costs over 13K per head. Well, take a breather because it’s not like how you think it is. It will surpass bitcoin in terms of market cap. Ever since cryptocurrencies became […]