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Cryptocurrency News

Avatar by Sep 5, 2018

Charles Hoskinson Has A Take On EOS, Crypto Cults, And Cardano

A supposedly lost-in-the-system token, Cardano, happened to resurface this weekend in what seemed to be an eye opener for most people.

Avatar by Sep 4, 2018

Will Colombia Become a Cryptocurrency Hub?

Colombia may become the next cryptocurrency hub in South America and the world. Why? Ivan Duque, Colombia’s president, has promised that it will reduce taxes to crypto and blockchain companies. Bogotá is already one of the most important centres for virtual currencies in Latin America.

Ian Karamanov by Sep 4, 2018

Innovations Since the Dawn of Humanity: Is Blockchain the Next Big Step?

Innovations have always pushed humanity ahead. When it comes to communication and data sharing the last 200 years have been incredible

Avatar by Sep 3, 2018

Founder of Litecoin, Charlie Lee: Hedge with Bitcoin during Bear markets

The creator of Litecoin, Charlie Lee was interviewed recently by CNBC and he answered some interesting questions. A former computer scientist and engineer..

Ian Karamanov by Sep 3, 2018

New Language in the Next Software Update: Many New Key and Wallet Innovations

The New Language proposed by Pieter Wuille, will target a lot of issues private keys and wallets are currently struggling with

Avatar by Sep 3, 2018

Volkswagen’s Partnership With IOTA Yields First Fruit; “Digital CarPass”

Blockchain technology seems to have exceeded initial expectations with regards to its feasibility with various existing business platforms.

Avatar by Sep 1, 2018

Emerging Markets Accelerate Cryptocurrency Adoption Around the World

There are different emerging economies around the world that have experienced turbulence in the last months. Their currencies depreciated and inflation rates substantially increased. However, this could be positive for Bitcoin adoption around the world. Let’s see what happened in Argentina, Venezuela, Turkey and Ukraine.

Avatar by Sep 1, 2018

Ripple Still Gaining Upperhand Over Banks Amidst Centralisation Claims

RippleNet is being used by Ripple to link that opening which offers SMEs a competitive advantage for international payments.

Avatar by Sep 1, 2018

How Robinhood Edged Coinbase In The Month Of August

Robinhood is all about progress in and for the crypto community, and its users are very pleased with its work so far. Pioneering the reach out to most states for cryptocurrency trading in the United States has played off so far as it happens to be among the crypto traders in the US with the […]

Avatar by Aug 31, 2018

Yahoo Finance introduces buying and trading Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin

One of the biggest business media and trading platforms, Yahoo Finance has introduced trading with three of the biggest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization and three of the oldest projects: Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin…

Ian Karamanov by Aug 31, 2018

Coinbase Research: Universities are Starting to Catch-Up with Blockchain and Crypto

A Coinbase research of the top universities in the world showcased the importance and high demand of crypto experts on today’s job market.

Ian Karamanov by Aug 31, 2018

Unhackable Device: Bitfi has John McAfee’s Full Support in Being The First in the World

What is an unhackable device? Does it even exist? John McAfee puts his full support behind Bitfi and even offers a $100 000 reward

Avatar by Aug 31, 2018

Bitcoin’s Largest Mining Pool Announces Introduction Of Ethereum Mining

BTC.com, throne mining pool that has been responsible for 21% of all the Bitcoins that were mined in the year 2017 alone has this week announced that it will start adding Ethereum (ETC) to the coins available for mining

Avatar by Aug 30, 2018

Ethereum Developers discuss the difficulty bomb, Constantinople and more

The Ethereum Developers gathered for their regular Q&A live stream on Youtube. The Ethereum Developers gather regularly to talk Ethereum’s development…

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