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Avatar by Feb 25, 2018

Nasdaq to Launch Bitcoin Futures in the First Half of 2018

In 2017, we have seen how different institutions started to offer Bitcoin futures. For example, the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) were the first in offering these products. Nasdaq has also announced that it was going to offer Bitcoin futures in 2018. Now it is confirmed. Nasdaq Inc is planning to launch BTC futures in the first half of this year.

Avatar by Feb 22, 2018

The United States Has No Plans to Regulate Bitcoin in the Short Term

The most powerful country on earth, the country that everyone looks at, is not planning crypto regulations. According to the White House cybersecurity coordinator and special assistant to Trump, Rob Joyce, regulations are not close to take place. This is good news for the cryptocurrency world that seems that will be hardly regulated this year.

Avatar by Feb 16, 2018

Best Ways to Really Earn, Buy, and Spend Bitcoin and Ethereum

Bitcoin and Ethereum are two of the mainstream cryptocurrencies known to gain (and even lose) value quite quickly. However, if these two digital currencies are to be the standard currency for the digital age, as their enthusiasts suggest, then their usability must go beyond merely being speculative investment vessels. Standard currencies worldwide have certain distinctive […]

Avatar by Feb 13, 2018

Small Banks in Europe Are Supporting Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Expansion

Most of the times, Banks have been opposed to the increased demand for Cryptocurrencies. In the United Kingdom, the US and South Korea, banks have taken different steps to reduce the exposure to cryptocurrencies. But some banks in Europe are looking forward to giving clients the deserved access to the cryptocurrency market.

Avatar by Feb 12, 2018

Blockchain is changing the energy commodities industry

Bitcoin’s blockchain uses an electronic accounting ledger, with each block holding a limited amount of transactions made with the cryptocurrency. The energy issue is that cryptocurrency mining uses a lot of electricity and this has put a spotlight on mainstream power generation which is mostly from unclean methods.

Avatar by Feb 8, 2018

Mario Draghi ECB: European Union Financial Institutions May Hold Positions in Bitcoin

Cryptocurrencies experienced a rapid surge during the last weeks of 2017. Since then, the market has lost around 60% of its value. But according to Mario Draghi, Financial Institutions in the European Union may start holding Bitcoin positions. Banks could be interested in investing in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies after the gains that they had during the last year.

Avatar by Feb 8, 2018

Cointed Bitcoin ATMs: Better Product More Growth

  We already told you the story of how Cointed became Europe’s leading provider of Bitcoin ATMs. Yet, getting to the top and staying there are two separate battles. The CEO Wolfgang Thaler and assistant manager Jimi Aho shared with us how they plan to maintain the company’s competitive advantage and stay at the top. […]

Avatar by Feb 6, 2018

These 4 Blockchain Projects Will Transform the Energy Sector

The blockchain technology allows for secure data storage without the need for a third party or central authority. This means that all blockchain-based transactions are stored in distributed computers instead of a single, central database. Blockchain projects operate on a distributed ledger technology (DLT). With DLT, the system records and adds each new transaction to […]

Avatar by Jan 23, 2018

Massive Bitcoin Tax Loophole Could Drain The HMRC

The HMRC is at the risk of losing millions in taxes to cryptocurrency investors. The Treasury may lose several million so pounds due to a tax loophole that was created during the cryptocurrency bull run during the last quarter of last year. This loophole according to an HRMC spokesperson is a huge one. The “backdoor” […]

Avatar by Jan 18, 2018

South Koreans Gather More Than 200K Signatures Against Cryptocurrency Regulations

During the last months, South Korea has appeared in the news because of different cryptocurrency regulations. The government has been warning the society about the different risks that cryptocurrencies pose to investors. But South Koreans do not want to allow the government to create more regulations over these currencies.

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