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Cryptocurrency News

Ian Karamanov by Oct 31, 2019

Digital Euro is Requested by the German Bankenverband

After Libra’s regulatory stuggles, China is set to release it’s own digital currency and threatens a monopoly. A digital euro is proposed by the German

Ian Karamanov by Oct 30, 2019

Shhhgit Will Scan GitHub Code Repository for Private Crypto Keys

The new app shhhgit will be used to scan GitHub for private crypto keys. After the Capital One hack, many security experts seem to unanimously agree that

Ian Karamanov by Oct 30, 2019

Zamna Raises $5 Million in an Attempt to Automate Security Checks

The blockchain startup Zamna is attempting to revolutionize one of the most annoying and time-consuming practices at the airports – the security checks.

Ian Karamanov by Oct 29, 2019

Bitcoin Cash Miner Takes Control of Over 50% of the Hash Rate

A lot of questions were raised when an unknown Bitcoin Cash miner managed to take control of over 50% of the network’s hash rate for over 24 hours.

Ian Karamanov by Oct 29, 2019

Chinese Blockchain Industry is Growing at an Alarming Rate

It’s no secret to anyone that the Chinese blockchain industry is growing rapidly. Investments in the country are also pouring in and currently

Ian Karamanov by Oct 28, 2019

Rapid Recovery for Bitcoin: Volatile Week with Good Ending

The week did not start very promising for bitcoin but a very rapid recovery followed the announcement of Chinese President Xi Jingping, which ultimately

Ian Karamanov by Oct 28, 2019

Spending Cryptocurrency: The Progress From the Last Decade

There is no doubt that spending cryptocurrency has become far easier today than in a decade ago. Mass adoption however, is still a long way away, but some

Ian Karamanov by Oct 25, 2019

Twitter Will Never Have Anything to do with Libra – Jack Dorsey

It seems that the CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey, is avoiding Facebook’s stablecoin project like the pleague. According to him, there is absolutely no way for

Ian Karamanov by Oct 25, 2019

Anti-Money Laundering Doesn’t Work According to Silk Road Prosecutor

According to Andreesen Horowitz, all the current methods against money laundering are completely usless. It seems that the actual percentage of laundered

Ian Karamanov by Oct 24, 2019

Bitcoin Price Drop Did Not Appear Out of Thin Air: Possible Reasons

Yesterday’s bitcoin price drop is not the first for the last few months and it certainly did not come as the shock mass media outlets aim to create

Ian Karamanov by Oct 24, 2019

Blockchain Industry Jobs Are Overwhelmingly in Crypto Exchanges

A recent study reveals that most of the jobs within the blockchain industry are actually in crypto exchanges. Some of the exchanges which have the biggest

Ian Karamanov by Oct 23, 2019

Zuckerberg to Appear Before Congress Later Today: Libra’s Future

Mark Zuckerberg will be appearing before Congress later today to discuss Facebook and its impact on the financial services and housing sector

Ian Karamanov by Oct 23, 2019

Blockchain Association Has a New Member – Ripple

Ripple has now become the newest member of the Blockchain Association. Additionally, three new experts are joining the Ripple global regulatory team

Ian Karamanov by Oct 22, 2019

Money Printing Hasn’t Stopped: Sleepwalking Towards A New Crisis

It seems that the Federal Reserved has turned the money printing machines into overdrive and has quietly printed more than $150 billion dollars in less than

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