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Cryptocurrency News

Avatar by Oct 30, 2018

The Tether Richlist shows that Binance is the most active trading community

The last month was very rocky for Tether (USDT) and a lot of spotlight was thrown on the Tether Richlist. The Tether Richlist allows for anyone to see, the wealthiest Tether wallets holding the most USDT…

Avatar by Oct 29, 2018

Brexit effects on online bingo. Will the online game survive?

The United Kingdom has been known for long to be a hotbed of online gambling. Half of the UK population engages in betting, and it’s estimated that the UK gambling industry rakes £14bn a year from players.

Avatar by Oct 29, 2018

Bounty Hunts And “All About Freedom” – October’s IOTA In Retrospect

IOTA explains that Bugcrowd is primarily being used to assess how functional critical information on the wallet is. It also explains that the rewards ranged from $100 – $1,500. The regular rewards given are around $900 however, the payout is dependent on the severity of the kind of bug found.

Avatar by Oct 27, 2018

Spanish Government Expects Crypto Users To Identify Themselves for Taxing Purposes

The Spanish government is searching for different ways to regulate virtual currencies and tax users. According to some reports, the Spanish government has approved a draft law that would obligate crypto holders to identify themselves and inform their exact holdings.

Avatar by Oct 26, 2018

Shenzhen Court Rules For Bitcoin Transactions In China

Contrary to previous notions held by many, a court in Shenzen has ruled that Bitcoin transactions can go on – seemingly – which means that we can expect to see Bitcoin transactions take an upward graph plotting and a reflection in prices in the coming weeks.

Avatar by Oct 26, 2018

Crowd Machine Token lost 87% value after large amounts were stolen

Last Saturday, the Crypto wallet of Crowd Machine was hacked. The hacker managed to acquire a large number of the app’s Crowd Machine Compute Tokens (CMCT).

Ian Karamanov by Oct 26, 2018

Bisq: What Does a Decentralized Crypto Exchange Really Mean?

We hear the term decentralized exchange or DEX all the time. In reality, the only exchange, which can be classified as decentralized is Bisq

Avatar by Oct 26, 2018

Binance Launches Platform in Uganda and Changpeng Zhao Donates $500k to Charities

Binance has decided to expand its trading platform to the African continent. This time, the selected country has been Uganda. It will be possible for users in the country to purchase and sell virtual currencies for Ugandan shilling.

Avatar by Oct 25, 2018

Indian Police Begin Operations To Restrict Cryptocurrency Trading In The Country

Essentially, blockchain is the underlying technology that powers cryptocurrencies and records every single cryptocurrency transaction on the market. This attitude of “blockchain, not crypto” has been condemned by some, like Coinbase’s CTO, Balaji Srinivasan, saying it’s overrated.

Avatar by Oct 25, 2018

Kraken has been flooded with Tether tokens, despite the downtrend

There is a huge flood of Tether (USDT) tokens into 1 particular wallet address. The address belongs to the Kraken exchange. Kraken remains one of the few places in the world…

Ian Karamanov by Oct 25, 2018

Geocold51: How Easy it is to Execute the 51% Attack

A young security researcher nicknamed geocold51, just went in front of the entire world and livestreamed a 51% attack. This has to take the attention of developers and companies

Avatar by Oct 25, 2018

IBM Integrates Blockchain And A.I To Revolutionise How You Travel

IBM has for several years been very much interested with travel and wants to use artificial intelligence and Blockchain technology to make that easier. Elizabeth Pollock, IBM’s Travel & Transportation Industry Client Lead reiterated IBM’s commitment to developing travel innovation at Travelport.

Avatar by Oct 24, 2018

Bitcoin ETF Advocates Hold Closed-Door Meeting With SEC

A number of documents released by the SEC indicate that it met with some official representatives from SolidX, VanEck, and CBOE Global Markets to have closed-door discussions on how to push further with a Bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund. It wasn’t until two weeks later when the SEC released a memo of the meeting that the public had a glimpse of what ensued in secret.

Ian Karamanov by Oct 24, 2018

HTC Exodus: The New Blockchain Phone Can Now Be Pre-Ordered

The HTC Exodus is the latest blockchain innovation to hit the markets. The new phone by HTC can pave the way for a whole generation of blockchain phones

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