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Ian Karamanov by Jul 31, 2018

These Crypto Giants are a Bright Example of Progress

Many people saw only an opportunity for profit when cryptocurrencies started to become popular. Some crypto giants used this opportunity to help everyone

Avatar by Jul 28, 2018

Joseph Lubin On Berlin’s Role In Blockchain Development

Joseph Lubin, co-creator of Ethereum, believes that Berlin could be a revolutionary ground for blockchain technology. Joe Lubin, stated that the abundance of massive infrastructure, programmers, and raw talent in the German capital could be a great driving force for the technology.

Avatar by Jul 28, 2018

IOTA Grounds Extra Foot In Germany With Audi Partnership

Both companies in the beginning partnered to discover any possible Tangle-based cases, which was forthcoming earlier in the year with a preliminary prototype

Avatar by Jul 26, 2018

Binance Begins Charity Project In Island Of Refuge, Malta

After finding refuge on the island of Malta during its exile from China, Binance seems to have found its rooting really quick in foreign territory.

Avatar by Jul 26, 2018

The crypto exchange that gives you $100k to learn trading; you also earn by teaching others.

It’s no doubt that cryptocurrency trading has made many people rich overnight and at the same time, turned some into despots. Their difference? The ability to identify the right investment at the right time – when to buy, when to hold, and when to sell. The high risks of cryptocurrency trading, the cumbersome charts, and […]

Avatar by Jul 25, 2018

¡Stellar fue la gran ganadora la semana pasada! ¿Qué dicen los números?

Si seguiste los mercados de las Criptomonedas la semana pasada, sabes que Stellar Lumens surgió en precio. Si te lo perdiste, Stellar registró grandes ganancias en fiat.

Avatar by Jul 24, 2018

Stellar was the big winner last week! What do the numbers say?

If you followed the Cryptocurrency markets last week, you know that Stellar Lumens surged in Price. If you missed it, Stellar recorded great gains in fiat..

Avatar by Jul 24, 2018

Proyectos Relacionados a las Criptomonedas se Expanden en el Mercado Mexicano

Hay distintas empresas alrededor del mundo que están logrando juntar una cantidad importante de fondos a través de las llamadas Ofertas Iniciales de Monedas (ICO). Mexico es, a su vez, un país donde se han desarrollado varios proyectos relacionados al mundo de las criptomonedas. 

Ian Karamanov by Jul 24, 2018

PeruCoin: un Proyecto Innovador e Inspirador para las Personas del Perú

PeruCoin es un proyecto de la compañía Bits2u. El proyecto abordará la falta de conocimiento y la poca confianza general hacia las criptomonedas en Perú.

Ian Karamanov by Jul 24, 2018

PeruCoin: An innovative and bright Project for the People of Peru

PeruCoin is a project by the company Bits2u. The project will tackle the lack of knowledge and general mistrust of cryptocurrencies in Peru.