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Cryptocurrency News

Svetla Zap by Jun 22, 2018

Coinbar Group invests in ARXUM shortly after ICO announcement

Shortly after ARXUM’s ICO announcement, the Singaporean blockchain advisory and private investment group Coinbar invested in the ARXUM project. 

Ian Karamanov by Jun 22, 2018

Application turning Bank. The Evolution of Banking

There is an application for everything. Some platforms with favourable crypto views are beginning to look towards banking as their next step.

Steve Kaaru by Jun 21, 2018

News Startup To Be Modeled Around Blockchain Technology

According to a report in the Washington Post on June 20, a few Colorado editors are on a mission to free news outlets from mounting corporate interest and advertisement pressure. For this, the editors have turned to blockchain technology. Larry Ryckman, the editor of the Sun and a few senior editors for Denver Post are the […]

Peio Purlev by Jun 21, 2018

Indian University partners with IBM on Indian blockchain education program

The latest blockchain education program was launched this week in India. With the help of IBM, the Indian Blockchain Education program will…

Steve Kaaru by Jun 21, 2018

Akon Launching A Cryptocurrency In 2 Weeks

Aliaume Thiam A.K.A Akon has announced that he will be launching a new cryptocurrency. The popular singer made this announcement during the Cannes Lions 2018 summit. The artist has over the years taken different roles, from singer/rapper, producer, entrepreneur, philanthropist to a potential 2020 presidential candidate. In all this, he has not forgotten his deep […]

Ian Karamanov by Jun 21, 2018

Ownership in Online Gaming will be Redefined by Blockchain

The ownership some players feel after the hours and or money they have spent in online games is a delicate question. Blockchain provides an easy answer.

Carlos Terenzi by Jun 21, 2018

The Number of Blockchain and Crypto Courses Expands All Over Ibero-America

The truth is that cryptocurrencies have been expanding all over the world. They were able to reach an important amount of people. But most of them do not really understand how these digital assets work. This is one of the reasons why, the number of crypto- and blockchain-related courses are starting to appear in several universities. 

Kaia by Jun 21, 2018

HIVE Blockchain Releases VR Footage of Their Swedish Mining Farm

HIVE Blockchain is seeking to advance general awareness of not only the blockchain, but also of how mining plays a central role in ensuring the technology’s longevity, optimization, and security.

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