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Cryptocurrency News

Carlos Terenzi by Oct 10, 2018

Argentina, Colombia and Uruguay Will Host the Blockchain Accelerator Event

Argentina, Colombia and Uruguay will be hosting the Blockchain Accelerator event between October 22 and November 7. The interesting thing about this event is the fact that it will be held in three different countries, which have been very involved in the crypto market.

Steve Kaaru by Oct 9, 2018

Crypto Philanthropy Takes Roots As WeTrust Launches Spring

Buy crypto, sell it three days later, make millions, buy a Lamborghini. This was the cryptocurrency industry in a nutshell a year ago. Many got into the industry purely to make a quick profit as the prices of most cryptocurrencies skyrocketed. However, a lot has changed since then and the industry is slowly transforming into […]

Peio Purlev by Oct 9, 2018

GMO are embracing GPU mining instead of ASIC miners

Companies and governments are eyeing the mining business. GMO, the Japanese IT company shared news that they are embracing GPU mining…

Ian Karamanov by Oct 9, 2018

Seoul Mayor Announced $100 Million Investment: Transforming Seoul into a Smart City

The Seoul Mayor hopes to turn the South-Korean capital into a futuristic smart city. Over the course of 5-years, the mayor’s administration

Ellis Amoako-Agyei by Oct 9, 2018

Tron New Update Is Already Sparking Interest In The TRON Token

A token can shoot up by about 100% overnight just because of some little news heard or media uproar. It’s therefore no shocking news that most people believe(d) Bitcoin’s price was regulated by the media. Tron (TRX) was the latest to benefit of this price valuation over the weekend after its CEO, Justin Sun announced the release of an update for the network.

Ellis Amoako-Agyei by Oct 9, 2018

IOTA Is Bringing Car Insurance To Its Immense Network

In a recent event held in Canada, IOTA made the public understand that they were in full capacity to actually start insuring cars – in fact, they could get your car to insure itself with the IOTA blockchain (its distributed ledger technology and Internet of Things). Its blockchain is quite different from those of networks like Ethereum even though they are both running on crypto tokens on their system.

Ian Karamanov by Oct 8, 2018

Good Money: A Project with a Unique Marketing Strategy

Good Money is a project that will use the people’s shared mistrust of mass media, banks and governments, to try a new, innovative marketing approach

Peio Purlev by Oct 8, 2018

Google Chrome will enforce stricter rules for extensions to increase safety

Google has decided to enforce stricter rules for Google Chrome extension developers. This move will reduce the risk of cryptocurrency mining malware and…

Ellis Amoako-Agyei by Oct 8, 2018

Coinbase CTO Believes “Blockchain Not Crypto” Is Overrated

It is no news that people like to distance themselves from cryptocurrencies but claim strong affiliations with blockchain technology. Not that this is not possible, it happens to be the case that people and some institutions just want to be distanced from anything cryptocurrency. To some of them it’s the fly in the ointment of their reputation, even though they still hail the underlying technology of cryptocurrencies – blockchain.

Ellis Amoako-Agyei by Oct 7, 2018

Ethereum Lighthouse Project To Receive Update In Coming Weeks

The Ethereum Lighthouse project will be receiving an update much sooner than we even thought. The developer team at SigP (Sigma Prime) recently posted on their Twitter platform that an update to the Ethereum open source was very imminent. Reports also indicate that the developers have discussed in detail the Lighthouse project and have come up with a thought out plan as a way forward for the project to thrive.

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