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Bitcoin News

Carlos Terenzi by May 6, 2018

BitGrail Cryptocurrency Exchange Hacked Re-Opens and It’s Shut Down Three Hours Later

BitGrail, the Italian Cryptocurrency Exchange hacked back in February, re-opens trading activities but gets shut down immediately after. The virtual currency exchange wanted to offer its trading service once again to its customers. Due to a court order the exchange had to close just three hours after the opening.

John Kumi by May 6, 2018

Is Bitcoin Really a Scam? (Revisiting the Expert Opinions)

There have been many reports and news that tries to paint Bitcoin black. Critics portray it as a scam that has come to defraud people.

Peio Purlev by May 5, 2018

Vertcoin Twitter account hacked. Fail of the week #1

We are starting a weekly series called Fail of the week, where we will feature big or small fails and the lessons that can be learned from them. Our first week we will feature a fail that happened earlier this week. I am talking about Vertcoin’s official Twitter account getting hacked. If you don’t know, Vertcoin is…

Carlos Terenzi by May 5, 2018

Telegram’s Initial Coin Offering Suspended After Raising $1.7 Billon Dollars

One of the most important messaging platforms in the world was ready to start the ‘biggest’ Initial Coin Offering (ICO) ever. But according to The Wall Street Journal, the company created by Pavel Durov has decided to cancel the ICO.

Tony Oreso by May 5, 2018

7 Little-known Facts About Ripple Network—More on the Cryptocurrency

Ripple is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies, currently in the third rank based on overall crypto market capitalization. The digital currency has held the third position for quite a while, especially in the first quarter of 2018. Besides, it is the only cryptocurrency that utilizes an indigenous protocol—the Ripple Transaction Protocol (RTP), which is […]

Steve Kaaru by May 5, 2018

Swiss Startup Develops Physical Bitcoin Notes To Drive Uptake

They are finally here! Physical bitcoin notes sound like a far-fetched fantasy, but one company in Singapore is making this a reality with the first-ever smart bitcoin notes being on sale in a major shopping mall in Singapore. Tangem, the company behind the notes says in its press release that the notes will improve the […]

Steve Kaaru by May 4, 2018

Lawsuit Against Roger Ver And Dropped

The Bitcoin (BTC) vs. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) rivalry has been heated for quite some time now. Bitcoin proponents have termed the BCH community as one that’s out to mislead people by using the Bitcoin name. The BCH community has in return termed Bitcoin as slow and more costly to transact in. This rivalry culminated in […]

Peio Purlev by May 4, 2018

Funny Bitcoin stories that will teach you a lesson or two, Part 2

There are still many neigh sayers and sceptics out there that will say whatever they want or warn you that doomsday is coming. Educating yourself on the subject and the industry will be your strongest weapon, as listening to other people’s opinions is the worst losing strategy that you can have. Bitcoin stories are…