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Cryptocurrency News

Avatar by Nov 9, 2018

Atomic Swap Guide: What are Cross-Chain Atomic Swaps?

In this guide, I will try to explain to you as quickly and as easily as possible why atomic swap is a feature that is here to stay. Cross-Chain Atomic swaps give the ability to exchange digital assets across multiple different blockchain networks without central parties.

Ian Karamanov by Nov 9, 2018

Cinnober to Crypto Exchanges: Adapt or Dissapear!

Cinnober is on a mission to turn crypto exchanges into something, which can withstand the cruel tests of the financial market

Ian Karamanov by Nov 9, 2018

Craig Wright vs Bitcoin ABC and the Bitcoin Cash Community

Craig Wright is one of the most controversial figures in the crypto scene. He always seems to bring disputes with him but this time, things look more serious than ever before.

Avatar by Nov 9, 2018

MetaMask and Joseph Lubin revealed a MetaMask mobile app version

MetaMask is the most downloaded Ethereum browser extention and a great way to store cryptocurrency. During Ethereum’s annual Devcon conference on October 31st, MetaMask revealed a mobile app version by Joseph Lubin, CEO of ConsenSys.

Avatar by Nov 8, 2018

Proyecto Oyster Pearl Se Transforma en Opacity Luego de Irregularidades

El protocolo de Oyster Pearl, una plataforma de contratos inteligentes que combina características de IOTA y Ethereum anunció que el proyecto se ha transformado en Opacity. La decisión se ha tomado días después de que la plataforma experimentara un esquema de ‘pump and dump’ empezado por el fundador de la plataforma. William Cordes, el CEO de Opacity, anunció la transformación a Oyster Pearl en un post el 6 de Noviembre. 

Avatar by Nov 8, 2018

Only 25% of all Bitcoin changed Wallet Addresses in 2018

In 2018, during a 69% correction, as little as 25% of all Bitcoin were moved between wallet addresses. This would suggest that roughly around 75% of bitcoins haven’t changed owners…

Ian Karamanov by Nov 8, 2018

Sistema de Beneficios de Coinbase: Invirtiendo en el Talento del Futuro

Un nuevo sistema de beneficio, a pesar de ser costoso, se asegurará que empresas como Coinbase, Apple y Facebook tengan acceso primario a potenciales talentos futuros.

Ian Karamanov by Nov 8, 2018

Blockchain Steps in the Right Direction for Bulgaria

A very important blockchain step was done in order to emphasise Bulgaria’s intentions to adapt to new and developing technology.

Avatar by Nov 7, 2018

Oyster Pearl Project Forks Into Opacity After Issues with its Funds

The Oyster Protocol, a smart contract platform that combines IOTA and Ethereum features announced that it has forked into Opacity. The decision has been taken days after the platform experienced a pump and dump scheme started by Oyster’s founder. William Cordes, the CEO of the platform, announced the hard fork in a blog post on November 6.

Avatar by Nov 7, 2018

Ledger Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet integrates IOTA

The Ledger Cryptocurrency hardware wallets are the most well known and probably the best in the business. Recently the IOTA Foundation, shared the news that they will integrade IOTA tokens with the Ledger Hardware Crypto wallets.

Ian Karamanov by Nov 7, 2018

Benefits System from Coinbase: Investing into Future Talent

A new benefits system, even though costly, will make sure companies like Coinbase, Apple and Facebook have first access to potential future talents.

Avatar by Nov 7, 2018

Ethereum’s co-founder, Vitalik Buterin: Ethereum 2.0 is coming soon!

Vitalik Buterin revealed the path forward for “Ethereum 2.0” as he called it. Others may know it as Serenity and the project is in the workshop since 2014. Serenity should bring harmony, new features and solutions to Ethereum’s ecosystem.

Avatar by Nov 6, 2018

BitMEX Lanza una Web para Monitorear Mejoras en Bitcoin y Bitcoin Cash

BitMEX Research anunció el lanzamiento de una nueva web que buscará monitorear mejoras en las redes de Bitcoin (BTC) y Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

Ian Karamanov by Nov 6, 2018

Tech Upgrade for Bitstamp Will Provide Massive Improvements

The new tech upgrade will increase the exchange’s match speed by the collossal amount of 1250 times. No matter how big a market rally is, Bitstamp will be able to

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