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Avatar by Dec 6, 2018

Abu Dhabi Bank completed a $500 Million Bond transaction on Blockchain

Al Hilal Bank which is based in Abu Dhabi has just completed a record transaction on Blockchain. The Blockchain transaction was for an Islamic bond and it was worth around $500 million…

Avatar by Dec 5, 2018

Large Financial Institutions Are Still Placing their Funds in Cryptocurrencies

There are several companies in the market such as Sequoia, Baidu or Nasdaq, among others, that are placing their bets in the cryptocurrency market. Although Bitcoin has fallen 80% from its all-time high in December 2017, these firms show their interest for the most valuable virtual currency in the market.

Avatar by Dec 5, 2018

Bitcoin Google Searches just hit their highest Level since Mid-April

Google Trends explorer reveals that the keyword “Bitcoin” has dropped by more than 90% throughout 2018. But at the end of November, Bitcoin searches increased to the search levels recorded back in April…

Ian Karamanov by Dec 5, 2018

Quantumcloud: Gamers Can Earn a Passive Income with New App

Quantumcloud can help gamers earn a passive income while their GPUs aren’t occupied. Everyone has probably thought how they could use their modern PC to make some money on the side.

Avatar by Dec 5, 2018

Bitcoin SV gained ground quickly, cementing their spot in top 10

With things calming down between Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin SV, there are a few surprises after the so called hash war and team split. Bitcoin SV has taken a slow, but steady rise in the past month. Backed by CoinGeek and…

Ian Karamanov by Dec 4, 2018

Silvergate Became the Biggest Crypto Bank in the World in Record Time

Silvergate wasn’t always the biggest crypto bank. In fact, a few years ago, Alan Lane never thought that he would reach the top so quickly thanks to crypto

Avatar by Dec 4, 2018

Digital Currencies like the Fortnite V-Bucks will replace Gift Cards

People are gifting more and more V-Bucks and cryptocurrencies than the usual cash or gift cards. V-Bucks is the virtual currency used for cosmetic and in-game purchases in one of the most popular games in the world – Fortnite.

Avatar by Dec 3, 2018

Brad Garlinghouse Says Banks Will Hold Crypto Assets on Behalf of Customers in 2019

Brad Garlinghouse seems to be very positive about the future of the cryptocurrency space. The CEO of Ripple believes that banks will soon start to hold virtual currencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) or XRP on behalf of their customers as early as 2019. Mr. Garlinghouse said this during the Singapore FinTech Festival 2018.

Avatar by Dec 3, 2018 – the most innovative Sportsbook in the industry has quickly emerged as the world’s largest Bitcoin-led sportsbook since it was founded in 2016. It offers players around the world the chance to wager on more than 420,000 pre-match events per year, as well as…

Ian Karamanov by Dec 3, 2018

KingMiner: The New Adaptive Mining Malware With Endless Possibilities

Kingminer is a new and very unique form of malware. After being studied by researchers, the malware seems to be adapting to the methods used against it.

Avatar by Dec 3, 2018

Binance Labs invests in a US Over-the-Counter (OTC) crypto trading desk

The venture wing of Binance announced a major investment in a United States over-the-counter (OTC) crypto trading desk. Binance Labs revealed they made a $3 million venture investment into Koi Trading.

Avatar by Dec 1, 2018

Dan Larimer Works on Another Project; Denies Leaving EOS

Dan Larimer, the cryptocurrency and blockchain developer and the founder of EOS, might be leaving EOS, or at least, he will be focusing on a new project. On Twitter, the cybersecurity expert @cyber_hokie, uploaded an image in which it is possible to see a few messages of Dan Larimer. Larimer says that he is working on another project.

Avatar by Nov 30, 2018

North Korea Blockchain Conference: Even North Korea wants Blockchain

Now, at a rather strange time, the country is showing support for Blockchain technology. The country has announced its plans to host a North Korea Blockchain and Crypto conference, much like the one which was hosted…

Ian Karamanov by Nov 30, 2018

Canaan Creative Putting Up Huge Flash Sale for All Miners

A huge flash sale was initiated by Canaan Creative. The Bitcoin mining firm decided to help miners, which were obviously struggling during the last few weeks.

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