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Avatar by Jun 25, 2018

Technology Experts Debate About the Future of Cryptocurrencies

In the Spanish city of León, a Congress on Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies known as non central conf is discussing about the future of blockchain technology and virtual currencies.

Ian Karamanov by May 31, 2018

Cryptocurrencies and Esports, Changing the World of Finance and Gaming

eSports and Cryptocurrencies are redefining what it means to work, play and grow in today’s world. The possibilities offered for young people are endless

Avatar by May 14, 2018

German Bank Bitbond Uses Bitcoin Over SWIFT For International Transfers

Virtual currencies have been expanding all over the world and the society is adopting them every single day. Indeed, they have the power to change traditional financial systems and make them work better. Bitbond, a German online bank will be replacing the SWIFT system for Bitcoin.

Avatar by Apr 14, 2018

German Stock Exchange Related Company Ready to Release its Own Cryptocurrency Trading App

A subsidiary company of one of the most important stock exchanges in Germany, Börse Stuttgart, will be releasing a crypto trading application during 2018. The company is known as Sowa Labs, and the information has been released on its website.

Avatar by Apr 3, 2018

Cryptocurrency News Recap #13, 2018

Latest Cryptocurrency news. This is the 13th weekly recap of 2018. We summarize the most important happenings and developments in the crypto world. Save yourself time by reading only the most important news and never again miss any important news.

Avatar by Mar 10, 2018

European Union Releases its Position Regarding FinTech and Blockchain Technology

The European Commission has shown support for FinTech and Blockchain technology in a press release unveiled on Thursday. The title of the release is: “FinTech: Commission takes action for a more competitive and innovative financial market,” and exposes an action plan for technology developments to move forward.

Avatar by Mar 9, 2018

Crypto Trading Platforms Must Be Registered with the US Securities and Exchange Commission

Important news regarding regulations are starting to take shape. The US Securities and Exchange Commission, also known as SEC, informed that cryptocurrency exchanges and platforms must be registered with the agency.

Avatar by Mar 7, 2018

ICO: Genesis – the Initial Coin Offering

This is an international real estate foundation and multifunctional operating platform created on the basis of blockchain and digital technologies.

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