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by Nov 13, 2019

Facebook Pay is Official: Libra’s Regulatory Struggles Are Irrelevant

Facebook Pay will soon allow clients across all Facebook platforms to easily make in-game purchases, support fundraisers and exchange funds between

by Nov 12, 2019

Dutch Court: Fake Bitcoin Ads Must be Removed from Facebook

A Dutch court has recently ruled that Facebook should now remove all of the fake bitcoin ads which feature celebrities and have already caused

by Nov 11, 2019

Flippening Predicted by Bobby Lee: Bitcoin Will Replace Gold

According to Bobby Lee, a “flippening” will occur within the next 9 years and Bitcoin will surpass gold by market cap. Currently, the precious metal’s

by Nov 8, 2019

Riot Games Owner Identity Theft: $5 Million Worth of Crypto Mined

The co-founder and developer behind one of the word’s most popular games – League of Legends, Marc Merill, was revealed to have been the victim of the

by Nov 7, 2019

Sophia The Robot Asked About Crypto: No Skynet References This Time

Sophia the robot became an overnight sensation a few years ago when it stated that it would destroy all of humanity and that machines are vastly superior

by Nov 7, 2019

Cointipping and Why It’s on Its Way Out

Cointipping is most definitely one of the most popular forms of using cryptocurrencies nowadays. Sure, it will never surpass the popularity of trading these coins on an exchange

by Nov 5, 2019

Blockchain ID System to be Introduced in Chinese Smart Cities

A new blockchain ID system is being launched in Chinese smart cities. The system, will be tasked with improving the data exchange and overal connectivity

by Nov 5, 2019

Smart City. China’s Futuristic Concepts for the Future of Urban Life

China’s Smart City design will pave the way for other countries when it comes to urban innovation. The futuristic concepts promise a bright future.

by Nov 4, 2019

United States National Debt: 23 Trillion Reasons to Buy Bitcoin

The United States national debt has been growing rapidly. It doesn’t take a mathematical genius to figure out that the current quantitative easing strategy

by Nov 4, 2019

Coinbase Reveals Bitcoin Has Been Outperforming Stocks Since 2013

Coinbase reveals that bitcoin is not only outperforming stocks this year. The virtual asset has been causing an upset among tech stocks as early as 2013

by Nov 1, 2019

Bitcoin Future Scam in Malta is an Alternate Version of Bitcoin Revolution

According to the MFSA, the scam known as “Bitcoin Future” is displaying the majority of characteristics seen in a previous scam known as Bitcoin Revolution.

by Nov 1, 2019

Returning to China: Binance Office Rumored to be Opening in Beijing

According to unconfirmed information, Binance is returning to China and opening a new office in Beijing. Many Binance employees have been noticed to

by Oct 31, 2019

Bitcoin Transaction Fees Officially Hit the $1 Billion Milestone

Bitcoin transaction fees have officilally surpassed the $1 billion cumulative milestone. If the data takes into account the actual bitcoin price, that

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