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Cryptocurrency News

Ian Karamanov by Jul 31, 2019

Utopia: A Platform Which Aims to Remove Total Global Surveillance

Utopia has one very clear and simple goal in mind: remove total global surveillance and allow privacy for each and every one of us.

Avatar by Jul 31, 2019

Oranco is Seeking a Blockchain Solution for Product Authenticity

Oranco, a Chinese liquor distributer and advertiser that specializes in Fenjiu alcohol and imported wines, is currently looking for a blockchain solution which will ensure the authenticity of its products.

Ian Karamanov by Jul 30, 2019

Mainstream Sports Tokenization: What’s Currently Happening

When it comes to mainstream sports, it’s all about money. Contracts, players, merchandise, all of it is centered towards reaching more people and thus

Avatar by Jul 30, 2019

Bitpanda Global Exchange Going Live Soon: Huge Growth for Bitpanda

Bitpanda has shown insane growth potential in the last few years. Now, with the Bitpanda Global Exchange on the horizon, things are looking pretty

Ian Karamanov by Jul 29, 2019

Bill Miller Hedge Fund Sees 46% Growth Thanks to Crypto Investments

The Bill Miller hedge fund recorded massive gains during the first quarter of 2019. According to the document, timely bitcoin investments were

Avatar by Jul 29, 2019

Digital Currency PhD Program Now Available in Curtin University

The Curtin University in Australia is now offering a very unique digital currency PhD program. According to the university, the entirety of

Ian Karamanov by Jul 26, 2019

American Financial Specialists Largely Consider Crypto Investments

American financial specialists seem to be overwhelmingly interested in the opportunities offered by digital assets. According to a new research by

Avatar by Jul 26, 2019

BAT Tokens Can Now be Redeemed on the Brave Browser

After the ID is confirmed, clients will have the option to purchase extra BAT token. If clients however, express the desire to support content creators

Avatar by Jul 25, 2019

Real Estate Investing: All You Possibly Need to Know

Real Estate investing has until recently, been something considered exclusively for the rich. Until the last 20 or so years, real estate investing has

Avatar by Jul 24, 2019

Crypto-Related Crimes Have Caused $2.3 Billion in Financial Damage

The reputation of cryptocurrencies precedes them. It was recently revealed, that in the last 2 years alone, crypto-related crimes have been responsible

Avatar by Jul 24, 2019

QuickBit Data Leak: Warnings Were Ignored and The Rest is History

The Swedish crypto exchange QuickBit ignored warnings of a potential firewall problem. After the reports were overlooked, the exchange quickly reported

Avatar by Jul 23, 2019

Car Hardware Wallet Developed by Mercedes-Benz and Riddle&Code

The new car hardware wallet is a project that is interestingly enough, more aimed at tomorrow than today. The exciting partnership

Avatar by Jul 23, 2019

Bitcoin Futures by Bakkt has Begun Official Testing

The official testing of the bitcoin futures delivery by Bakkt is now undergoing official testing. The general outlook from experts remains positive as

Avatar by Jul 22, 2019

CoinJoin Implementation of Wasabi’s Privacy Issues

According to experts from Samourai Wallet, CoinJoin, the implementation from Wasabi, has serious security issues which

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