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Bitcoin News

Carlos Terenzi by Mar 20, 2018

Could BitGrail Refund Investors Affected by the Hack With a Self-Issued Token?

The Italy-based cryptocurrency exchange BitGrail, has been hacked more than a month ago. 17 Million Nano (XRB) have been stolen (ex RaiBlocks). At the time of the hack, the equivalent amount of dollars was $195 million. Since then, BitGrail has been working with Nano and local authorities to find a solution to the problem. How to refund investors? Apparently, the solution may be to issue a token.

Andrew Ancheta by Mar 20, 2018

Sh*t Coin of the Week: Sky

It was another tense editorial meeting in the CoinStaker newsroom, and we were brainstorming article titles that would take everyone’s minds off the plummeting markets. “I’ve got an idea,” someone said. “What if we have a weekly column, where we pick out a good cryptocurrency and introduce it to the readers in a short profile?” […]

Kaia by Mar 20, 2018

C³, Germany’s Largest Crypto Conference

Germany’s first and largest conference for cryptocurrencies and blockchain offering keynotes, workshops and exhibitions to embrace the ecosystem of decentralization and cryptocurrencies.

Peio Purlev by Mar 19, 2018

Once you start an avalance there is no way to stop it. Price Analysis March

Last week we saw huge volumes of selling and major support levels breaking. Most cryptocurrencies reached record lows with massive selling taking place. Price analysis shows that the huge amounts of selling overwhelmed the markets and key support levels were broken. The prices of cryptocurrencies quickly plummeted but have managed to recover a bit since then.

Carlos Terenzi by Mar 19, 2018

Gifcoin – The Cryptocurrency for The Online Gambling Industry

The online gambling industry is one of the top three most profitable industries online and it has a bright future ahead. It is expected to reach 1 trillion dollars’ market capitalization in 2021. But the industry is not fully integrated with cryptocurrencies.

Kaia by Mar 19, 2018

SBTech’s Tom Light to establish new blockchain and gambling venture

Tom Light, Senior Vice-President of Business Development at SBTech, is to leave the group to establish a new business venture that will unite blockchain and gambling and leverage the power of the crypto-currency in a gaming and betting environment.

Tony Oreso by Mar 19, 2018

Keep a Level Eye: Top 5 Characteristics of Scam ICOs

Much as crowdfunding can enable project owners to put their dreams into reality, these projects have become so common that a week barely passes without launching a new ICO. It becomes increasingly difficult to separate genuine projects from scam ICOs.

Ellis Amoako-Agyei by Mar 19, 2018

Ethereum is getting a new scaling Platform with increased Security – Plasma

Plasma Cash which was first propsosed seven months ago in August of 2017 has been approved and will now be introduced somewhere next year to help solve the issue of scaling on the network…Ethereum to represent its decentralised applications…