Cloud Mining

Bitcoin Cloud Mining Overview

Everything you need to know about Bitcoin Cloud Mining, the smart alternative of solo (hardware) mining!

Cloud Mining Monitor

In our Cloud Mining Monitor we provide you perdiodical information about the most profitable cloud mining services based on our real contracts with these service providers.

Cloud Mining Guides

With our guides everyone can learn the basics of cloud mining and become a cloud mining expert.

Cryptocurrency Trading

Cryptocurrency Trading Overview

Cryptocurrency Trading is the Forex (Foreign Exchange) of cryptocurrencies. This means, you are able to trade different bitcoin and altcoin normally for USD and BTC.

CryptoTrader Review

We will try to showcase our testing on a day to day basis. The review contains general info about trading coins! And now let us start!

Our Blog

Weekly Summary #4

Weekly News (No Fee Exchanges, Buying Weed with Bitcoin, Xapo, IRS Tries to Block Coinbase) The past week in Bitcoin was much like any other week during recent months. The one difference that we have seen is with the names of news worthy organizations that have...

Weekly Summary #3

Weekly news (China, UAE, WA: Around The Globe) America has a New President, The UAE moves to prohibit digital currencies, a 7% Bitcoin value rebound, Monero Market movements are mimicking Bitcoin’s and that is just the tip of the news this week. One thing is certain,...

Weekly Summary #2

Weekly news (Bitcoin High Point, Bitcoin Conference, Bitcoin in Russia) The first two weeks of 2017 have proven to be very calm in the Bitcoin world. The price of our beloved cryptocurrency has been relatively stable, opening the year with a value of just under...

Weekly Summary #1

Weekly news (Bitcoin, Blockchain and FinTech) This past week, the Bitcoin world has seen a lot of activity that has the entire community abuzz with talk and speculation. Everything from closed door meetings in China, surprise investments and governmental agencies... looks like a scam Scam alert! is a website that offers 4% daily forever! Yet, we got information from a friend of our site that are a fraud! Here is the info we've got: They have not support now. Even if we asked many times about how to link Telegram with web...

True Earning Scam!

True Earning - Review We have not invested into, but a CoinStaker-User has! Here is his experience on this Bitcoin Investment Fraud called True Earnings: True-earning is a lot, so just like a scam because I asked this company to withdraw the profit...

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