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Cryptocurrency News

Peio Purlev by Feb 8, 2019

Developers should encourage the use of Decentralized Applications (dapps)

Centralized Applications and Exchanges are ruling over the Crypto industry, Decentralized Applications (dApps) and Decentralized Exchanges (DEX). As we wrote before, Developers have been pretty vocal on encouraging users of centralized systems…

Ian Karamanov by Feb 8, 2019

Netflix Acquisition Possible by Apple: The Possibilities

Rumors have begun to circulate that a Netflix acquisition is being planned by Apple. After data came out that the iPhone is not performing according to

Ian Karamanov by Feb 7, 2019

QuadrigaCX: A Tragedy Worth $150 Million in Cryptocurrencies

The untimely death of the Gerald Cotten, the CEO of QuadrigaCX was a tragedy for many people. After the owner passed away, more than $150 million in crypto

Peio Purlev by Feb 6, 2019

Cannabis Stocks are a great investment, thanks to a new $867 billion Farm Bill

There is a clear reason for Cannabis Stocks analysts to be excited about the industry’s future. Many believe that the CBD industry is on the verge of explosion because of the new $867 billion Farm Bill, signed into law by the US President Donald Trump back in December…

Ian Karamanov by Feb 6, 2019

Raptor Rocket Engine: SpaceX and the Road to Mars

Elon Musk showed the world what the new Raptor rocket engine is capable of. In a series of tweets, the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla shared his excitement

Peio Purlev by Feb 5, 2019

Apple is launching a “Netflix for Gamers” subscription platform

Apple seems ready to make a grand entrance into the gaming industry. There is a new service in development resembling “Netflix for games”. Users will basically pay a monthly fee and receive a bundle of games…

Ian Karamanov by Feb 5, 2019

FIO and the Quest to Improve Blockchain User Experience

David Gold hopes that FIO will be able to solve the long-lasting problem of unfriendly blockchain user experience. The FIO protocol will aim to solve

Peio Purlev by Feb 4, 2019

Iran has officially launched their gold-backed Digital Currency – the Peyman

Iran has officially launched their own Gold-backed Cryptocurrency. Four banks have cooperated with the Ghoghnoos Company and they came up with the Cryptocurrency now known as Peyman. Peyman is the Persian…

Ian Karamanov by Feb 4, 2019

Oil Industry: Adapting to Change and Growing Against the Odds

Despite some sharp price declines last year, the oil industry is staying strong and is off to a good start for 2019. In fact, the industry is probably

Peio Purlev by Feb 1, 2019

Apple’s iPhone is losing popularity and market share in Asia

A lot of investors were right on their money to predict that the company wouldn’t have the same success in China and Asia, as it did in Europe and North America. What investors didn’t predict however, was exactly how unsuccessful the iphone would…

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