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Avatar by Mar 26, 2019

New Apartment, New Responsibilities and New Ways to Make Money

There is much hassle in having your own new apartment. After all the partying is over, you find yourself worrying over the increasing financial troubles

Avatar by Mar 26, 2019

Little Money to Invest can Turn into Large Wealth with Modern Technology

Having little money to invest can sometimes be all you need to make a large amount of wealth. With today’s technology, applications can make money for you

Ian Karamanov by Mar 26, 2019

Rakuten Wallet to be Launched by the End of March

As many companies are lining up to create their own digital wallets, Rakuten Inc. is ahead of the curve. The new Rakuten Wallet will not only be

Avatar by Mar 25, 2019

A Break Down of Ripple Potential, Price Prediction

The world’s top cryptocurrency excanges generate $3 million of daily profit. Annual revenue of the exchanges reach billions of dollars based on daily trading volume and fees listed. While the sustained profitability of the current top ten exchanges remains unknown, cryptocurrency’s price volatility certainly affects trading volumes and revenues for the exchange platforms. Increases in […]

Ian Karamanov by Mar 25, 2019

Western Union Quickly Moving Towards Mobile Wallets

Almost everyone in the world has heard about or used Western Union. The company has been patiently waiting for quite a while to enter the crypto world

Ian Karamanov by Mar 22, 2019

Mega Grants: Tell Someone 20-years ago and They Wouldn’t Believe You

Epic Games want to make sure they reserve their spot on the top of the food chain. Epic Mega Grants is an initiative which can be used to secure

Ian Karamanov by Mar 21, 2019

Huobi Prime Aims to Significantly Improve the Trading Experience

For quite some time, there has been a serious lack of development in most crypto exchanges. Huobi Prime however, will aim to improve the trading experience

Ian Karamanov by Mar 20, 2019

Bitcoin ATM: The First of Many in Dubai

The Amhora company has given Dubai its first bitcoin ATM. The kiosk is the first of hopefully many bitcoin ATMs located in the Rixos Premium

Ian Karamanov by Mar 19, 2019

KakaoTalk to Integrate Cryptocurrencies Following Samsung Success

Following the incredible hype of Samsung’s new crypto wallet, the Kakao conglomerate are quit to make a move. KakaoTalk will be used to integrate crypto

Ian Karamanov by Mar 18, 2019

BoatPilot Aiming to Dominate the Growing Yacht Market

The yacht market is finally opening its doors towards buyers with less resources. BoatPilot will use this opportunity to try and establish dominance in

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