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Bitcoin News

Kaia by Jun 18, 2018

Musicians have always been ripped off – here’s how to fix it

The music industry’s business model has always been broken. For over 100 years artists have been paid a fraction of the earnings their music makes.

Kaia by Jun 18, 2018

Giveaway: 2x Blockchain Expo Europe, RAI, Amsterdam Tickets

CoinStaker is giving away TWO tickets for the Blockchain Expo Europe, RAI, Amsterdam. The event will take place in Amsterdam between 27-28 June, 2018.

Ian Karamanov by Jun 18, 2018

Blockchain Innovations Against Fake News

Fake News are everywhere. Most people have begun to hear about this just recently. What can be done to combat the mass spread of disinformation?

Kaia by Jun 18, 2018

ONECHAIN: One for All Blockchain DApp

Have you heard of DApps? DApps are decentralized applications. They are applications that run on a peer to peer network of computers rather than a single computer.

Steve Kaaru by Jun 18, 2018

Researchers Say The Bitcoin Boom Of 2017 Was Manipulated

Last year’s bitcoin run was nothing short of phenomenal; in just under one year the currency came from just under $1000 to a record-setting $20,000. Now what the world believed was legit trading and an incredible run from the currency might just have been manipulated by cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex and digital currency Tether. A 66-page […]

Steve Kaaru by Jun 17, 2018

The Bahamas To Host First Blockchain Conference

The Bahamas is set to host the country’s first cryptocurrencies and blockchain conference to be held on June 20-22 at the Grand Lucayan resort. The island country has shown much interest in the industry with the Minister of State for Grand Bahama, Senator Kwasi Thompson, confirming the event. He has also encouraged Bahamians to sign […]

Svetla Zap by Jun 17, 2018

Ticket Giveaway: 2xF50 Synergy Blockchain Summit 2018

CoinStaker is giving away TWO tickets for the F50 Synergy Blockchain Summit, Palo Alto, CA. The event will take place in Palo Alto on June 25th, 2018.

Peio Purlev by Jun 15, 2018

It’s a Bears Market. What is a Bears Market? Cryptocurrency Price Analysis

The market turns into a Bears Market when prices fall, due to fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD), also pessimism and extreme hold of assets. When a market…