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Cryptocurrency News

Ian Karamanov by Oct 2, 2019

Shadow Banking Can be Created by Facebook’s Libra

Facebook’s Libra is a real threat according to some of the biggest banks in the United States. The possibility of shadow banking is quite real and banks are

Ian Karamanov by Oct 2, 2019

Blockchain Gambling: The Inevitable Progression

When it comes to online gambling, the overwhelming majority of it is still done in fiat. Blockchain gambling on the other hand, will take some

Ian Karamanov by Oct 1, 2019

Speculating on Cryptocurrencies: Derivatives Will Help Reduce Liquidity

Speculating on cryptocurrencies wasn’t always profitable. Over the last decade, things have certainly changed a lot a now many exhhanges offer a reliable

Ian Karamanov by Oct 1, 2019

Bitcoin Bounce Back During the First Day: Rough Week Ahead

The bitcoin bounce back during the first day of the trading week left a lot to be desired. Yes, the overal gain was around 3.5% but many traders look

Ian Karamanov by Sep 30, 2019

North Korean Cryptocurrency Rumored to be In Initial Stages

According to the most recent information, a North Korean cryptocurrency is very likely to surface in the near future. Reportedly, the Asian country already

Ian Karamanov by Sep 30, 2019

Zcash Bug Leaking Metadata Containing Full Nodes With Zaddrs

The Zcash bug which leaks metadata certainly not only restricted to Zcash like many people think. According to the Komodo (KMD) Developer Duke Leto, the bug

Ian Karamanov by Sep 27, 2019

Chainalysis Tool Incorporated by Bittrex to ID High-Risk Transactions

Bittrex has just announced the incorporation of the Chainalysis tool KYT for the purpose of monitoring high-risk transactions

Ian Karamanov by Sep 27, 2019

NEO is the First Member of the Microsoft .NET Foundation

NEO is now officially the first-ever member of Microsoft’s .NET Foundation. The news came out yesterday as the announcement revealed both sides are very

Ian Karamanov by Sep 26, 2019

Investment in China: Bitmain’s Return Sparks Questions

Bitmain’s long awaited return in China has sparked many questions. The giants investment in China can only mean that the company has already decided which

Ian Karamanov by Sep 25, 2019

Coincover Has Just Introduced the World’s First Crypto Insurance Policy

Coincover has recently introduced the world’s first, non-stop crypto insurance policy against theft and loss. The unique service is focused on the

Ian Karamanov by Sep 25, 2019

Crypto Crash Happening Fast and There is No One to Blame

This crypto crash is definitely happening and most experts are still confused as to the reasons behind it. Bitcoin and all outcoins are heavily in the red

Ian Karamanov by Sep 24, 2019

First Hard Fork for EOS: Many Upgrades on the Horizon

The first hard fork for EOS is now a fact. With many upgrades coming in the near future, crypto enthusiasts have much to be excited for as the new

Ian Karamanov by Sep 24, 2019

Full Shutdown for Kik: Legal Battle with the SEC Over ICO

The legal dispute between Kik and the SEC has resulted in the Canadian startup’s full shutdown. The chat app will be closing down and just a few employees

Ian Karamanov by Sep 23, 2019

Accept Bitcoin: How Quickly the World Changed in 10 Years

10 years ago it was almost impossible to find a person, let alone a bussiness, which would accept bitcoin as payment. Today, the situation is very different

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