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Bitcoin Cash

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Bitcoin News

Philip by Sep 8, 2017

IOTA: No Transaction Fees and Infinite Scalability, How Does it Work?

Easily get the basics about IOTA and its blockchain ‘Tangle’. See what it offers and in which aspects it beats Bitcoin and Ethereum

Philip by Sep 6, 2017

ICO: Tokenza – the Initial Coin Offering

The Tokenza ICO will be used to help people fund creative ideas and bring new inspiring projects to life. Find out more info about their token sale and idea.

Philip by Sep 6, 2017

ICO: Swarm Fund – the Initial Coin Offering

Swarm Fund ICO – Cooperative Ownership Platform for Real Assets. They will create a decentralized marketplace built on Blockchain Technology.

Philip by Sep 6, 2017

ICO: FinShi Capital – the Initial Coin Offering

FinShi Capital is a venture fund formed on Blockchain technology and founded by professional investors. The FinShi Capital ICO looks to have a bright future.

Philip by Sep 5, 2017

ICO: HydroMiner – the Initial Coin Offering

HydroMiner is an Austrian eco-friendly mining operation that uses hydro power stations as the energy source. The HydroMiner ICO looks very promising.

Philip by Aug 30, 2017

Blockchain startup BitClave Announces Crowdsale for its Decentralized Search Ecosystem

BitClave is working on solving a problem of Decentralized Search. BitClave allows for a direct link between businesses and consumers. Check their Crowdsale!

Philip by Aug 29, 2017

ATLANT – Using the Blockchain for Real Estates

Thanks to Blockchain Now Anyone Can Participate in the Global Real Estate Market Why Blockchain Matters and Why You Should Care There’s a lot of hype surrounding Blockchain these days. Yet underneath all that hype is a technology that is actually changing the world far more than any technology has since the creation of the […]

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