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Cryptocurrency News

Ellis Amoako-Agyei by Aug 28, 2018

Blockchain Decentralisation, IOT And Ethereum Classic’s Persuasiveness

In the wake of the immutability and decentralisation of blockchain many people begun to develop tokens and systems that could incorporate blockchain or could be incorporated into blockchain platforms. One of such was the Ethereum Classic (ETC) token which was forked from the main Ethereum token by some to be a good proponent for IOT.

Kaia by Aug 28, 2018

Jubiter Lets Anyone with a Credit Card Easily Step into the World of Crypto

Jubiter is proud to announce the launch of a free and secure cryptocurrency exchange. Following extensive research, investors can now buy crypto with just a credit card, put their crypto to daily use with Jubiter’s native debit card, and enjoy an enhanced sense of security every step of the way.

Peio Purlev by Aug 28, 2018

How many illegal Bitcoin transactions occur on Darknet Marketplaces?

An expert research to the question whether in mid-2018 Bitcoin transactions can be considered the payment method of hackers, drug dealers or weapon traders?

Ian Karamanov by Aug 28, 2018

The Last Bitcoin? What Will Happen to Mining When We Reach The Cap

Knowing that we have mined nearly 80% of the total BTC in existance for about 10 years, people are starting to wonder about the last bitcoin

Steve Kaaru by Aug 27, 2018

eToro Signs Sponsorship Deals With Seven Premier League Clubs Using Bitcoin

eToro signs a marketing deal with seven premier league clubs. For the first time in football history, the clubs will receive payment in bitcoins

Kaia by Aug 27, 2018

8 Learning Points from the Fundraising ICO Project in 2018

Currently, there are many ICOs established in the ever-growing cryptocurrency market. Some of the projects become very successful while some of the projects are merely a fraud.

Ellis Amoako-Agyei by Aug 27, 2018

UK Government Begins Storage Of Digital Evidences On Blockchain

With the use of such evidence, it’s possible to generate precise and successive renovations of trials to study actions and define by what means the present state of digital evidence came to be. In isolation, the blockchain efficiently has the supremacy to offer a serious protection framework for digital evidence by giving a promise of evidence chain truthfulness.

Ian Karamanov by Aug 27, 2018

Aviation Industry will Save Billions Thanks to Blockchain Adaptations

The aviation industry has a big need for modernization. Blockchain provided all the essential solutions for cost-efficiency, security and time spending

Peio Purlev by Aug 24, 2018

Token Destruction: A new Strategy that counters Token Inflation

Over the course of time, many governments and banks were forced to destroy their own currency. Token destruction is now happening in some ICO’s

Ian Karamanov by Aug 24, 2018

Piracy in the TV and Music Industry: Billions to be lost

Piracy is quite common these days. Many companies and governments are struggling with the huge losses, which are bound to increase if left unchecked

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