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Cryptocurrency News

Ian Karamanov by May 13, 2019

Exodus 1s Setting the Stage for Blockchain Smartphones

The HTC Exodus 1s will be available at the end of 2019. Numerous issues from the Exodus are improved and the affordability problem has been taken care of

Ian Karamanov by May 10, 2019

Travala and Litecoin Partnership Showing Great Promise

A very interesting partnership between Litecoin and Travala offers a many great options for Travala’s clients to use Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies

Ian Karamanov by May 9, 2019

Bitcoin XT Will NOT Follow Bitcoin Cash in Another Hard Fork

The decision of the developers behind Bitcoin XT to take distance their project from Bitcoin Cash can be a surprise to some. The developers fear that

Ian Karamanov by May 8, 2019

Bitcoin Fees Are Skyrocketing: Lightning Network is Growing

Bitcoin fees have seen a steady increase which has reached 250%. While bitcoin’s price isn’t remotely close to its 2017 bull run levels, there are

Ian Karamanov by May 7, 2019

Heisenberg Capital: Bitcoin is in a League of its Own

According to Heisenberg Capital, the market will completely favor Bitcoin from here on out. The difference between Bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies

Ian Karamanov by May 3, 2019

Cash App by Square Shows Huge Investor Interest in Bitcoin

If the performance by Cash App has told us anything is that statistics often paint a good picture, but they never seem to tell the whole story.

Avatar by May 2, 2019

Tap n Go brings cryptocurrency to the high street

With Tap n Go (Tap) users will now be able to get instant access to crypto trading and banking. All assets can be instantly converted to

Ian Karamanov by May 2, 2019

Shellbot Malware Reborn: A New Upgrade Destroys Competition

The prospect about new malware is always frightening. The Shellbot malware however, took a step towards the past in order to pose a thread in the future.

Ian Karamanov by May 1, 2019

Killing Bitcoin Will Backfire Against the Governments

Killing bitcoin will definitely not have the result most governments would want. The more corrupt and dysfunctional a monetary policy is, the more

Ian Karamanov by Apr 30, 2019

BYD Auto Great Q1: Tesla’s Rivals are Growing in Strength and Numbers

Electric car manufacturers are starting to pop up everywhere, especially in China. BYD Auto is one of the main contenders to take a large piece of

Ian Karamanov by Apr 30, 2019

Crypto Credit Card: Another Interesting Promise by McAfee

In the last few years, many banks slowly but surely began offering services related to crypto. A crypto credit card however, was not promised by

Ian Karamanov by Apr 28, 2019

The Growth in Crypto Betting

The Growth In Crypto Betting Since they were first introduced into the world, cryptocurrencies have become very popular in the online payment world. While some sites allow for cryptocurrencies to be used to purchase items from their stores, online casinos and betting sites have started allowing people to deposit funds using these currencies. Here, we […]

Ian Karamanov by Apr 25, 2019

Samsung Coin Developed in Secret: South Korean Regulations

Regulations can be an obstacle even for global mega corporations. If the rumors that a Samsung Coin is being developed turn out to be true, the

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