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Bitcoin News

Carlos Terenzi by Jan 29, 2018

Cryptojacking: Crypto Mining Malware Affected YouTube and 55% of Worldwide Businesses

‘Cryptojacking’, the term used to describe an invasive method to mine cryptocurrencies. The hacker uses a software hidden in different webpages and it consumes CPU power from the victims. The CPU power of all the victims together can be used to mine cryptocurrencies like Monero.

Peio Purlev by Jan 29, 2018

Ripple signes new international partners and payment providers

Ripple is the first cryptocurrency with a concrete purpose of its existence. They are designed for the banks and other financial institutions to help them lower transaction fees for fiat currencies. Ripple aims to achieve this with the (XRP) token and Ripple’s network. During the last few months Ripple is actively achieving its purpose.

Carlos Terenzi by Jan 29, 2018

Coincheck Will Refund Investors That Lost Their NEM During the Hack

Coincheck, the cryptocurrency exchange hacked on January the 26th announced that it will refund the investors that lost their NEM. The company has been hacked and lost 523 million NEM coins, worth around $500 million dollars. On January the 27th, the company has released a statement explaining how it will refund investors. 

Ellis Amoako-Agyei by Jan 29, 2018

Blockchain Firm Enters Partnership To Revolutionise Oil And Gas Industry

With blockchain becoming an everyday part of businesses, many sectors are beginning to realise its full potential and how they can integrate it into their lines of work. Data management company Amalto has announced to the general public it’s partnership with blockchain technology firm ConsenSys. This joint venture, it states, is for the development a […]

Ellis Amoako-Agyei by Jan 29, 2018

Ethereum On Track For Record High

Many people over the course of this month have been watching the progress of Ethereum very closely, I must say that personally I think the coin has performed better than ever expected. Considering the bearish run of cryptocurrencies in 2018 coupled with Ethereum’s own internal issues like skating and all, its ability to have stayed […]

Carlos Terenzi by Jan 28, 2018

Russia Is Ready to Introduce the Cryptoruble as Legal Tender

At CoinStaker we have written several times how Russia was planning to issue a national cryptocurrency. They have decided to call it ‘the Cryptoruble’, due to the fact that it will be the digital version of the Russian ruble. A draft law has been submitted to the Russian parliament to introduce the national cryptocurrency as a means of payment.

Carlos Terenzi by Jan 27, 2018

Japanese Crypto Exchange Coincheck Stolen – The New MtGox?

It seems that the advice to store cryptocurrencies in cold storage wallets was not enough. Coincheck, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the country got hacked. The massive hack resulted in a loss of 523 million NEM coins something around $500 million dollars. In order to explain the situation, Coincheck gave a press conference where more information was given.

Carlos Terenzi by Jan 27, 2018

Zero-Free Online Brokerage Robinhood to Offer Bitcoin and Ethereum Trading

Several investors have been entering to the cryptocurrency world during the last year. Most of the cryptocurrency trading sites have been experiencing difficulties and problems. But it did not mean that they were not taking fees when users were operating in the platform. Robinhood wants to change that.