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Bitcoin News

Philip by Sep 29, 2017

Mining Ether in the Ethereum Ice Age

The EIP #186 addresses the decrease of the mining reward in the Ethereum network as a result of the switch from the POW to POS called the Ethereum Ice Age.

Philip by Sep 26, 2017

Leave It to Women to Solve Problems Men Can’t Even When Mining Cryptocurrency

The Achille’s Heel of Digital Currencies It is no secret that Bitcoin mining, as well as all cryptocurrency mining, is very power dependent. From the earliest days of bitcoin mining, reports, speculation and talk has been made in regard to the cost of the electricity used in digital currency mining operations. While you may find […]

Philip by Sep 26, 2017

Banana Coin Private Sale Is On

Bananacoin is a new cryptocurrency that is tied to the price of 1 kg of bananas on the international market. Mission is to grow organic bananas.

Leslie by Sep 25, 2017

How to avoid getting pulled into a bad ICO

There are four main downsides to ICOs: they’re unregulated, they’re hard to research, they clog the blockchains, and they can devalue other cryptocurrencies. At the same time, ICOs bring new development ideas to blockchain technology quickly.

Philip by Sep 23, 2017

Cryptocurrency Mining & Usage: the legal and tax perspective

Overview: The legal side of cryptos in Europe Cryptocurrency mining is the process of adding new transactions to the blockchain that results in adding the new units of digital currency into existence and circulation. Due to the high innovativeness of this process, the status of cryptocurrencies as well as their mining in jurisdictions may vary […]

Aditya Sunkara by Sep 22, 2017

The New Banks

A new generation of banks is being formed. One that is based on blockchain technology. These new companies are forging ahead to take the role of banks to an even higher level.

Aditya Sunkara by Sep 21, 2017

Daily Briefing, 21. September 2017

While their fearless CEO keeps bashing bitcoin, it seems JPMorgan Chase traders have been busy making money off selling bitcoin. According to some sources, it seems Chase traders have been bragging about the amount of wealth they have mad off bitcoin in bars.

Philip by Sep 21, 2017

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