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Ian Karamanov by Feb 20, 2019

BBVA Freeze 5000 Chinese Clients Accounts Without Warning

BBVA, the second-largest Spanish bank, froze 5000 Chinese clients accounts without warnings. Whether or not the reasons were justified remains to be

Avatar by Jan 22, 2019

Financial Injection by China: $83 Billion to Counter Economic Decline

The People’s Bank of China is taking drastic measures to counter the economic decline. A financial injection worth $83 billion has been shot into the market

Avatar by Nov 7, 2018

Ledger Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet integrates IOTA

The Ledger Cryptocurrency hardware wallets are the most well known and probably the best in the business. Recently the IOTA Foundation, shared the news that they will integrade IOTA tokens with the Ledger Hardware Crypto wallets.

Avatar by Oct 11, 2018

Divan.TV – Blockchain Video Streaming Open Platform

Different blockchain companies have entered the market in the last few months. But there is one on our radar that aims to disrupt over-the-top (OTT) video streaming platforms. Divan.TV wants to move away from outdated models of video services to a new blockchain video streaming platform that benefits everybody in the ecosystem, and for the first time will offer Real-Time Bidding (RTB) for Smart TV.

Avatar by Sep 1, 2018

Emerging Markets Accelerate Cryptocurrency Adoption Around the World

There are different emerging economies around the world that have experienced turbulence in the last months. Their currencies depreciated and inflation rates substantially increased. However, this could be positive for Bitcoin adoption around the world. Let’s see what happened in Argentina, Venezuela, Turkey and Ukraine.

Avatar by Aug 15, 2018

IOTA Foundation: There was tension, but there isn’t a scandal

Since IOTA blew up in December, there were multiple scandals with the IOTA Foundation and founders that directly correlated with IOTA’s price. The IOTA…

Ian Karamanov by Aug 7, 2018

World Governments and How They Defined Cryptocurrencies

Governments have defined cryptocurrencies in many different ways. Their many and unique qualities make them nearly impossible to define.

Avatar by Jul 28, 2018

Joseph Lubin On Berlin’s Role In Blockchain Development

Joseph Lubin, co-creator of Ethereum, believes that Berlin could be a revolutionary ground for blockchain technology. Joe Lubin, stated that the abundance of massive infrastructure, programmers, and raw talent in the German capital could be a great driving force for the technology.

Avatar by Jul 13, 2018

New Blockchain Platform from Innoplexus Will Bring Us Better, Cheaper Drugs

Founded in 2011, Innoplexus has since become the premier AI and Big Data innovator for pharmaceutical companies. Innoplexus has offices in Germany, India, the United States, and over 20 clients globally, many of whom constitute Big Pharma.

Avatar by Jun 26, 2018

How to Control Cryptocurrencies and Avoid Money Laundering?

Experts believe that it is necessary to start controlling cryptocurrencies, which have been expanding all over the world. Virtual currencies are anonymous – some of them – and they are difficult to track in several cases.

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