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Ian Karamanov by Oct 11, 2019

Bitcoin Futures on the Bakkt Platform Soar 796% in One Day

The bitcoin futures on the ICE Bakkt platform broke all records when on October 9th, there were a total of 224 contracts, which is a 796% growth from the

Ian Karamanov by Oct 11, 2019

Bitcoin and Crypto Transactions Banned by Alipay

Alipay has revealed its anti-crypto stance and officially banned all bitcoin and crypto transactions. The statement comes shortly after Binance revealed

Ian Karamanov by Oct 10, 2019

Alipay and WeChat Now Used by Binance to Accept Fiat

Alipay and WeChat are now used by Binance to accept fiat. The last few months have been very wild for Binance as the exchange keeps revealing new and

Ian Karamanov by Oct 10, 2019

BCause Mining Ordered to Liquidate Its Assets Immediately

It turns out that large promises in the crypto world can lead to large disappointments. BCause Mining made a very large promise to the city of

Ian Karamanov by Oct 9, 2019

51% Attack Solutions Lead to More Centralization According to Core Dev

According to a bitcoin core developer, all the currently proposed solutions to a potential 51% attack on the bitcoin blockchain will result in

Ian Karamanov by Oct 9, 2019

Biggest HODLers in Crypto Revealed: Crypto Exchanges

It should come as no surprise to anyone that the biggest HODLers in the crypto world are the crypto exchanges. Slowly, over time, many of the top crypto

Ian Karamanov by Oct 8, 2019

QuadrigaCX Saga: CEO’s Widow Handing Over $9 Million to Clients

The saga which enfolds QuadrigaCX seems to be far from finished. Many of the crypto exchange’s creditors are voicing out their concerns that the

Ian Karamanov by Oct 8, 2019

TipJar: The Reddit Ethereum Tipping Service Was Just Shut Down

Reddit’s Ethereum tipping service TipJar was officialy shut down this week. According to the developer, there was little to no interest and users have until

Avatar by Oct 7, 2019

Bitcoin Blenders Are Enforcers of Decentralization

In recent times, the decentralized economy has had to contend with the fact that centralized authorities would want to bring cryptocurrencies under

Ian Karamanov by Oct 7, 2019

PayPal Libra Partnership Has Concluded: Future Cooperation Possible

The PayPal Libra partnership has officially came to an end. Even though PayPal is still considering Facebook as a reliable partner for the future, it seems

Ian Karamanov by Oct 7, 2019

Best Performing Asset of 2019: Surprise, It’s Bitcoin

It will come to as a shock to most experts, especially with the recent crypto market woes, but bitcoin is easily, the best performing asset of 2019.

Ian Karamanov by Oct 4, 2019

Altcoin Facts: How Many are There and What is the End Goal

Altcoins are slowly becoming more and more popular. That being said, there are many altcoin facts which the everyday person doesn’t really know and even

Ian Karamanov by Oct 4, 2019

Latin American Banking Trojan Targeting Crypto in Latin America

ESET has recently discovered a banking trojan which mainly operates in Latin America. The trojan named “Casbainero” shares many traits with the typical

Ian Karamanov by Oct 3, 2019

Offline Transactions Will be Pivotal For Mass Adoption

Offline transactions have always been a heated topic ever since cryptocurrencies were created. It was obvious to everyone that cold wallets would always be

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