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Ian Karamanov by Feb 15, 2019

BitTorrent: Can the Purchase by TRON be Considered a Mistake

The purchase of BitTorrent by TRON was a huge move. Many people however, have recently started to question if the purchase is in fact a liability due to the

Peio Purlev by Feb 15, 2019

Ripple offered millions of dollars in XRP to attract the best Technology Talent

According to the Ripple LinkedIn profile, the company is looking to hire a small army of engineers, technical developers and experts. This will include a new head of engineering for xCurrent, the biggest competitor for the center of the global payments infrastructure – SWIFT.

Ian Karamanov by Feb 14, 2019

Global Recession: Experts Say Odds are Going Increasingly Up

The global recession is mentioned often lately. Despite the Dow’s last year performance, most experts remain positive that a scenario worse than the 2008 financial crisis is on its way.

Ian Karamanov by Feb 13, 2019

BNB: How did this Cryptocurrency Rise During the Bear Market

For the first time in its history, Binance Coin became one of the top 10 cryptocurrencies. Thanks to the increasingly popular strategy of burning tokens

Peio Purlev by Feb 13, 2019

Crypto ATM is a clear sign of Cryptocurrency adoption in the Philippines

Local Philippines media reported recently that one of the largest commercial banks in the country, Union Bank has launched the first nationwide Crypto ATM. Union Bank released an official statement in which they clarified the purpose of the Crypto ATM.

Nikola Krastev by Feb 13, 2019

UK Exchange Rates after Brexit Vote Aftermath

In June 2016, Britons voted to end their country’s four-decade-long membership of the EU. Back then, they had no way of knowing how Britain or her economy would fare after the vote. They could only guess, but not for long. Shortly after the referendum, the pound fell sharply against the US Dollar and the Euro and […]

Ian Karamanov by Feb 12, 2019

Universal Income: The Positives and Negatives from Finland

The potential benefits of the universal income system have been discussed by many countries. Finland however, is the only country which attempted to use this system for designed to aid low-income individuals.

Peio Purlev by Feb 11, 2019

Will the Chinese New Year mark a new Bull Run for Cryptocurrencies?

The 2019 Chinese New Year was on February 5th and it marked the start of the year of the pig, bringing good fortune and prosperity to all. The Chinese New Year of the pig can bring good fortune to the Cryptocurrency world, as it may be the start of a new Crypto Bull run.

Ian Karamanov by Feb 11, 2019

Crypto Bandwagon: This is Only the Beginning of the Beginning

With the current market state, a lot of people believe they missed the best opportunities to hop on the crypto bandwagon. Changpeng Zhao however, believes

Nikola Krastev by Feb 11, 2019

MobileGo receives MetaMask gateway for boosted efficiency and utility.

Over the course of the last few weeks, MobileGo (MGO) has been steadily rising in value and business adoption around the globe. The token is currently experiencing greater business utility than ever before as game developers and producers alike are beginning to flock to it for transactional purposes over traditional fiat currencies on the Xsolla […]

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