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Bitcoin News

Carlos Terenzi by Dec 16, 2017

Bitcoin Price Touches a New All Time High $19,000

Bitcoin has been growing in the last weeks exponentially. Before the CME bitcoin futures launch, is price lost $5,000 dollars in three days. Now it has reached new all time highs when it arrived at $19,000 in exchanges like GDAX. At the moment of writing this article, the markets are not following any specific trend. Some currencies are operating negative, like Litecoin (-3,69%), Ripple (-4,93%) or IOTA (-6,69%).

Tony Oreso by Dec 16, 2017

Follow These Tips to Invest in Bitcoin without Breaking a Sweat

  Since its release to the public in 2009, Bitcoin’s value keeps rising, with almost 2000% growth in 2017 alone. At the time of writing, the value of the digital currency is slightly above $18000 according to Cointelegraph price index. With the spurted growth of Bitcoin, perhaps you wonder why you did not invest in […]

Carlos Terenzi by Dec 16, 2017

Deutsche Börse Stock Exchange Could Soon Introduce Bitcoin Futures

German stock exchange, Detsche Börse, is considering the possibility to launch Bitcoin Futures contracts. If it achieves that, Germany will be the first country to issue bitcoin futures in the European Continent.

Kaia by Dec 16, 2017

Can Blockchain Revolutionize the Tutoring Industry?

Technavio’s latest market research report the emergence of virtual learning is a key trend in the global K-12 online tutoring market through 2021.

Carlos Terenzi by Dec 15, 2017

Ripple Surges as Banks and Markets Support the Cryptocurrency

Ripple, one of the most important cryptocurrencies in the market, has surged after some good news for the network. It has increased from $0.239 up to $0.89 in just 48 hours

Pascal Huegli by Dec 15, 2017

Bubble talk is cheap talk

Referencing “Greater fool theory” and uttering terms like irrational, bubble or tulipmania in the context of Bitcoin’s amazing run is not entirely wrong. Nevertheless it might be a great example of shallow criticism missing the broader picture.

Kofi Ansah by Dec 15, 2017

Fed Chief Yellen says Bitcoin is Highly Speculative

Bitcoin’s value has surged over 17 times this year, which had raised many concerns for central bankers across the world leading to subsequent caution to the bitcoin world. The latest person to weigh in on this issue is Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen. In the latter parts of her final meeting as Federal Reserve chair, […]

Carlos Terenzi by Dec 15, 2017

Trezor’s Last Firmware Update, Ledger Cryptosteel and Electrum Wallet

One of the most famous hardware wallets available, Trezor, announced a new firmware upgrade. The New 1.6.0 version offers support for new cryptocurrencies like NEM and it will support Bitcoin Gold fork. Segregated Witness addresses will be also supported using the format Bech32 instead of P2SH. Bech32 take less space than P2SH addresses and would potentially allow smaller transactions.