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Cryptocurrency News

Ian Karamanov by Aug 9, 2019

Gold and Bitcoin Correlation Increased Dramatically In Recent Times

Gold and Bitcoin have been called gold and digital gold countless times. The correlation between these 2 assets did not seem like

Ian Karamanov by Aug 8, 2019

Max Keiser: Very Optimistic on Bitcoin Dominance and Bitcoin in General

Max Keiser has recently stated that he has very big faith placed in Bitcoin dominance. He also mentioned that altcoins are not doing to well and if things

Ian Karamanov by Aug 8, 2019

IRS Scam Letters Are Being Sent To Crypto Users in United States

Many crypto users in the United States have reported receiving IRS scam letters. These letters often threaten with legal action if the recipients

Ian Karamanov by Aug 7, 2019

Macroeconomic Factors are Key Behind Bitcoin’s Recent Price Surge

Macroeconomic factors seems to be the main reason behind Bitcoin’s sudden price surge. Many experts have noticed that

Ian Karamanov by Aug 7, 2019

Total Computing Power Record Was Broken Earlier This Month

The total computing power record was recently broken. Many specialists have pointed out that in order for this to happen, a huge influx of brand new miners

Ian Karamanov by Aug 6, 2019

Grayscale Investments Transferred Nearly $3 Billion to Coinbase

One of the biggest crypto moves so far happened at the beginning of the month. Grayscale Investments confirmed the huge transfer of nearly $3 billion worth

Avatar by Aug 6, 2019

Chinese ASIC Manufacturer Bitmain Lost $625 Million

The Chinese ASIC manufacturer Bitmain certainly did not think that the year would start in such a way. The sales of the outdated ASICs seem to have caused

Ian Karamanov by Aug 5, 2019

Massive 210MB Block Reponsible for BSV Split Into 3 Different Chains

A massive 210MB block was responsible for the recent Bitcoin SV split into 3 entirely different chains. For the first time in history, a hard fork was

Avatar by Aug 5, 2019

Bitcoin Officially has 85% of its Total Supply in Circulation

Bitcoin officially has 85% of its total supply in circulation. This means that a lot of investors would be eyeing next year’s halving that will occur on

Avatar by Aug 3, 2019

Cryptoscam Casinos Across Australia

Some of the first companies to adopt cryptocurrency use were online casinos. These companies enjoyed the cheap transfer of currency between sides which was much quicker than some of the services that are offered currently, and the users found the fact that the funds could not be traced to one source or another quite attractive. […]

Ian Karamanov by Aug 2, 2019

Bitcoin Suisse Conducted a BTC Transaction at Record Altitude

Crypto Enthusiasts from Bitcoin Suisse set out to test their nerves and break some records when they decided to conduct the highest so far

Avatar by Aug 2, 2019

Pundi X and Samsung Collaboration: Integration of the XWallet

The recently announced XWallet integration will happen effortlessly thanks to the partnership between Pundi X and Samsung

Ian Karamanov by Aug 1, 2019

Chainlock Storage Device Launched by Austrian Printing Organization

Chainlock is meant to address the weakness of “hot” or online wallets to hacking, which OeSD said in a declaration earlier this week “are an incredible security hazard

Avatar by Aug 1, 2019

Dark Web Drug Dealer Must Relinquish $4 Million in Crypto

A dark web drug dealer must relinquish $4 million in assets including bitcoin after he confessed to charges of illegal tax avoidance and involvement in a scheme used to distribute controlled substances

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