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Carlos Terenzi by Mar 21, 2018

Zug Cryptocurrency Valley Does Not Convince Swiss Authorities

Cryptocurrency regulations are expanding all over the world, but at the same time, some countries are trying to allow cryptocurrencies to spread in their territories. The Zug region in Switzerland is one of these places where virtual currencies have found a place were to settle. But some officials are concerned about this Crypto Valley in the long term.

Peio Purlev by Mar 21, 2018

Is Telegram Initial Coin Offering overvalued or a Great Investment

Telegram’s Initial Coin Offering is much anticipated and is the biggest ICO for 2018 so far. Many analysts have reported that Telegram’s cryptocurrency TON can achieve a 200$ billion market cap in five years. 200$ billion market cap could mean that TON will be in the top 5 in the next years.

Andrew Ancheta by Mar 21, 2018

Fire Sale on Monero Miners! You’ve got a Week to Use Them

Monero Miners for Sale! If you’ve ever thought about getting into the mining game, then Bitmain has got a great deal for you: the China-based circuit maker is has a new mining rig for for Cryptonight, the mining algorithm used by Monero and other privacy coins. Originally priced at $12,000, the miner is now available […]

Nikita Kosmin by Mar 21, 2018

Amir Taaki, Brazil’s Perfect Democracy, And Bitcoin’s Core Values Of Empowerment And Freedom

Didn’t we say blockchain was the future? Now, after Dubai famously declared they are building a whole economy on the blockchain, Brazil is to use Etherium in order to create an ultimately fair voting system, which you will know if you’re reading our site on a regular basis. Ever since its inception, digital currency was […]

Nikita Kosmin by Mar 20, 2018

Will Thailand’s New Crypto Laws Crumble Under Bitcoin’s Pressure?

Thailand is soon to introduce a special law that will regulate the purchases and sales of cryptocurrencies and ICOs in order to avoid market manipulation, money laundering, tax evasion, and multi-level marketing schemes. Actually, Thailand has a 1+1 offer this month, meaning there is not one but two new laws (one law and one amendment […]

Carlos Terenzi by Mar 20, 2018

Leaked G-20 Summit Document on Cryptocurrency Regulations

After two intensive days of negotiations and debates, G-20 finance ministers have reached an agreement on cryptocurrency regulations. In a leaked document, the G-20 expresses its concerns about the risks related to cryptocurrencies, but it also knows that the industry must be developed.

Nikita Kosmin by Mar 20, 2018

Russian Government Officials Are Not Required To Declare Crypto

The Russian officials, may we remind you, are required by law to also declare the goods, gifts and monetary presents from friends. The regulation in place currently is quite strict. Since 2009 Russian government workers are required by law to declare all the income they have.

Nikita Kosmin by Mar 20, 2018

Amir Taaki is going to save Bitcoin using 5 Female ‘Monk Hackers’

Amir Taaki is a Bitcoin developer with a past in Syria where he has recently spent a few months countering terrorists. The situation in Syria has famously been escalating for a period, attracting attention not only of the Western media but also of people trying to help.