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Carlos Terenzi by Oct 31, 2017

Vladivostok, the Home of the Next Two Cryptocurrency Agencies in Russia

Every week new information comes from Russia regarding the cryptocurrency world. Russia has selected Vladivostok as a pilot city to host two cryptocurrency agencies. After Moscow presented the possibility of issuing the Moscowcoin, the crypto-city will be Vladivostok.

Kaia by Oct 31, 2017

ICO: LiveTree ADEPT – the Initial Coin Offering

LiveTree is an established, revenue positive, socially responsible crowdfunding company based in London, UK. Over the last two years, has captured 5% of the UK crowdfunding market (in the film and content category) and forged partnerships with several leading names in entertainment, including the British Film Institute Future Film, the Screen Arts Institute, Kent Film Office, Film London and 20 organizations.

Carlos Terenzi by Oct 30, 2017

Vietnam Ready to Regulate Cryptocurrencies

The Central Bank of Vietnam has presented to the government a document to regulate cryptocurrencies. The intention is to ban some activities related to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Carlos Terenzi by Oct 30, 2017

ICOs: More Marketing Than Reality?

It is surprising that Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) moved this year more than 3 billion dollars. But it is not the limit that ICOs will reach. In 2018, they are expected to grow even further, multiplying this year’s record.

Carlos Terenzi by Oct 30, 2017

Bitcoin Record: The Virtual Currency Reaches a New High Price: $6300

After weeks of being traded between $5000 and $6000 dollars, we have arrived to a new Bitcoin record: $6300 Dollars.

Carlos Terenzi by Oct 29, 2017

Venezuela Adopts Bitcoin Amid Bolivar’s High Inflation

In a country where the currency (Bolívar) loses its value every single day, is not possible to use cash anymore. A standard family only arrives to eat at the end of the month. Lets not talk about tooth paste or toilet paper rolls, they do not exist anymore in the country. If one is lucky enough to be able to earn a decent salary, it would be impossible to pay everything with cash.

Kaia by Oct 29, 2017

ICO: SelfKey – the Initial Coin Offering

SelfKey is a blockchain based digital identity system with an integrated financial services marketplace, designed to put identity owners in control of their personal data, and to allow them to request identity claims attestations and instantly apply for passports, residency and financial services in a safe, secure manner.

Carlos Terenzi by Oct 28, 2017

Blockchain Technology is Revolutionizing the System

If you believe that blockchain technology can only be used for cryptocurrency and banking operations, then you are wrong. Blockchain technology is growing in many different aspects in life. Business, Education, Health or Financial Services are some of the fields in which Blockchain technology can grow and develop solutions.

Carlos Terenzi by Oct 28, 2017

Kazakhstan Proposes Restrictions on Exchanges and Mining of Cryptocurrencies

Kazakhstan’s Central Bank has proposed the government to restrict some cryptocurrency activities.  Furthermore, as some experts believe, the intention is to ban mining factories in the country. The restrictions on exchanges and mining would be analyzed by the government in the next weeks.

Carlos Terenzi by Oct 27, 2017

Singapore Has no Plans to Regulate Cryptocurrencies

The Central Bank of Singapore does not have a reason to regulate cryptocurrencies. The head of the Monetary Authority of Singapore confirmed it.

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