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Carlos Terenzi by Dec 10, 2017

Ethereum Hits All Time High Before Bitcoin Futures Launching

Ethereum has seen a price increase in the last days. It has reached $535 dollars in GDAX exchange on December the 9th.  This represents a price of about 28 percent in less than 48 hours. At the moment of writing the article Ethereum’s currency, Ether, is being traded around $460 dollars.

Carlos Terenzi by Dec 10, 2017

South Korea Creates a Task Force to Regulate Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

The South Korean government has decided to create a task force so as to regulate Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, the Ministry of Justice is now in charge to implement cryptocurrency regulations. Earlier this year, South Korea has decided to follow China and ban ICOs in the country.

Pascal Huegli by Dec 10, 2017

Initial Coin Offering – for rebels

A new financing option for start-ups is making the rounds: The Initial Coin Offering. Everything you need: an idea, a token and good marketing.

Tony Oreso by Dec 10, 2017

Apple Headed for Blockchain Technology: A new patent filing reveals

The US electronics giant Apple might be slanting toward the blockchain technology if its recent patent application is anything to go by. Timestamps verification According to the details of the application available from the US Department of Patent and Trademark, Apple is considering adopting the blockchain network to create and verify timestamps. The tech giant seeks […]

Carlos Terenzi by Dec 9, 2017

Why Did IOTA Became So Popular and its Price Surged?

In the last days, IOTA became really popular when its price passed from $1.4 up to $5.48 dollars. Its market capitalization has also grown exponentially. At the moment of writing this article, IOTA is the fourth cryptocurrency by market cap with $12.4 billion dollars. Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash are the only cryptocurrencies with a higher market share than IOTA.

Carlos Terenzi by Dec 9, 2017

Steam Will not Accept Bitcoin Payments Anymore Due To High Volatility and Fees

When investors are looking how Bitcoin increases its value day after day and how it gets legitimized, other platforms stop accepting it. Due to high volatility and its high fees, the gaming platform Steam will not accept Bitcoin payments anymore.

CoinStaker Guest Post by Dec 9, 2017

Midterm Core Blocksize Increases are a Possibility

In response to Bitmain Co-Founder, Jihan Wu’s statement that there was a need for size increases in order to reduce inevitable blockchain congestion; Adam Back, (HashCash Inventor and Blockstream CEO), explained that Bitcoin could increase block sizes midterm, (but only after thorough testing). Open to the Idea of On-Chain Scaling After what appeared to be […]

Kaia by Dec 9, 2017

Bitcoin ICO Explained

Have you recently felt a noticeable wave of change in the investment landscape? Not very long ago, Bitcoin was shrugged off as ignoble.

Ellis Amoako-Agyei by Dec 9, 2017

Bitcoin Could Play Second Fiddle to Ethereum, Experts Say

It definitely is no news that other cryptocurrencies have been trying their very best to get the better hand of bitcoin ever since we saw it rise from about $8,000 to almost $16,000 – about double its value, within the past three to four weeks. Lead amongst these rival currencies is Ethereum. Ether has been heralded […]

Ellis Amoako-Agyei by Dec 9, 2017

The World in Cryptocurrency: Besting JPMorgan, & The Colonial Currency Allegory

The total market value of cryptocurrencies on Wednesday hit an all-time high today. And oh not just that, but it also surpassed the value of United States’ largest bank. Yeah you read that right, it surpassed JPMorgan – the US’s largest bank when it hit a record $370 billion at 6:50 am London time Wednesday […]

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