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Cryptocurrency News

Kaia by Nov 23, 2017

ICO: CREDITS – the Initial Coin Offering

CREDITS is a platform with completely new technical network capabilities, speed, cost of transactions and total number of operations per second which offers a solution to low speeds and high transaction costs.

Peter Fedchenkov by Nov 23, 2017

Why Does Grocery Retail Need Blockchain?

Expert opinion by Peter Fedchenkov, INS Ecosystem Co-founder and CEO.   The global consumable goods market is growing quickly, but is also facing serious efficiency problems. Proper development in grocery retail is hindered by an excessively complex goods delivery system, the large number of middlemen, excess production, and the unreliability of existing solutions. We are […]

Carlos Terenzi by Nov 23, 2017

Institutional Investors Ready to Invest in Bitcoin

Different groups of people have shown support for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Now is time for investors to show whether they are ready or not to invest on it. A recently released survey clarified what big investors think about this cryptocurrency.

Zoe Jacobs by Nov 22, 2017

Why Ethereum is the Blockchain that Could Change the Music Industry

Since torrenting gained popularity in the late 1990s into the 2000s, musicians and others in the entertainment industry have been up in arms. Instead of buying music from music stores, customers were sharing copies of whole albums, feature length movies and other media. Instead of paying the artists and production companies for the rights to […]

Kaia by Nov 20, 2017

ICO: Native Video Box – the Initial Coin Offering

Native Video Box ecosystem resembles YouTube like cryptocurrencies resemble traditional banks. It is a cutting-edge native video platform which shares 75% of ad views revenue with videos bloggers (15%) and webmasters (60%): with those who actually create video content and those who bring it to the audience.

Carlos Terenzi by Nov 19, 2017

Fiat Currencies Will Evolve into State Cryptocurrencies

Nowadays, cryptocurrencies pose a threat to state fiat currencies. If countries will not take action, for sure, these fiat currencies will disappear in the long term. Cryptocurrencies, with Bitcoin as the first and most known cryptocurrency in the world, are growing. Citigroup CEO, Michael Corbat believes that nations will react against them.

Gabriela by Nov 19, 2017

Cointed Bitcoin ATMs: from zero to a hundred

 Reading any financial news source, we are bound to encounter an article on bitcoin – the exciting new instrument investors flock to buy. However, as Bitcoin is still largely unregulated it is quite a hassle to decide where to buy from.   At least that was until the appearance of Bitcoin ATMs – a simple […]

Carlos Terenzi by Nov 19, 2017

Japan Clarifies its Policy Towards Cryptocurrencies and ICOs

Japan is known worldwide as one of the Bitcoin-friendly countries. It has not taken hard measures against ICOs or Bitcoin itself or other cryptocurrencies. Now, the Financial Services Agency published a document clarifying the policies towards ICOs and cryptocurrencies in general.

Sergei Nosikov by Nov 18, 2017

What Are Smart Contracts?

History of Smart Contracts The principle of smart contracts was described by American cryptographer and programmer Nick Szabo back in 1996, long before the appearance of blockchain technology. According to Szabo’s conception, smart contracts are digital protocols for information transfer that use mathematical algorithms to automatically execute a transaction once the established conditions are met […]

Carlos Terenzi by Nov 18, 2017

Coinbase Custody: Ready to Attract Hedge Funds with its New Platform

Coinbase is building a platform for big investors that do not feel safe investing in cryptocurrencies. In general, hedge funds, and individuals with big portfolios, do not want to invest in cryptocurrencies. The problem is that they feel that their investment is not safe in normal cryptocurrency websites.

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