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Bitcoin News

Carlos Terenzi by Nov 9, 2017

Björk Sells its New Album With Cryptocurrencies

Björk, the famous Icelandic singer will accept cryptocurrencies for her new album Utopia. This is one of the first singers accepting different cryptocurrencies for their material. Blockpool, a British blockchain start-up, is in charge of the technical requirements.

Carlos Terenzi by Nov 9, 2017

Should Ether Have a Limited Supply?

Does Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum’s Blockchain creator, regret about not limiting Ether’s supply? Accordig to Bloomberg, “he may have created too much of a good thing.”

John Kumi by Nov 9, 2017

Two Men Arrested In Nepal for Operating In Bitcoin Following Bitsewa Shutdown

Bitcoin has spread its winks across the continents and most of the countries have amended their laws whiles others are still in the process of providing flexible law atmosphere for the cryptocurrency to reign.

John Kumi by Nov 9, 2017

Bitcoin Gains Ground As A School in New York Accept Its Payment

Bitcoin has overtaken credit cards and other technologically advanced methods of transacting money in some of the institutions, as their love and faith towards the digital currency has been clear.

Gene by Nov 8, 2017

BREAKING NEWS: Segwit2x Canceled

According to a post by Mike Belshe, the CEO of the BitGo Inc., the Segwit2x hard fork has been canceled.
This comes as complete shock and surprise to everybody in the Bitcoin community and within the financial sector as a whole.

Carlos Terenzi by Nov 8, 2017

Is India Thinking About Banning Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies?

The Central Bank of India, Reserve Bank of India (RBI), is analysing the possibility of banning Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies. But the bank remarked the intentions to work with Blockchain technology. The RBI did not explain whether it is planning to issue a recommendation to the government or if they will present a draft.

Kaia by Nov 8, 2017

MDK: The Largest European Community on the Vkontakte Social Network Launching ICO

The entertainment platform MDK, represented by popular communities on Vkontakte, Telegram, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram, will be conducting the first phase of its ICO November 7–28, 2017.

Carlos Terenzi by Nov 7, 2017

Parity, Etehreum’s Exclusive Client, has Been Hacked

Nobody is safe. Not even Etehreum’s second most popular client, Parity. The company announced that they have been hacked by this address on November the 6th. 500,000 ETH are compromised.