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CoinStaker Guest Post by Jan 9, 2018

Ethereum/Bitcoin broke multiple resistance levels

Ethereum/Bitcoin broke multiple resistance levels Next buy targets – 0.0850 and 0.0900 Ethereum/Bitcoin continues to rise inside the sharp minor impulse wave 3  – which previously broke though the multiple resistance levels: 0.7000 (which stopped the previous minor impulse wave 1 at the start of January, as can be seen from the daily ETH/BTC chart […]

Peio Purlev by Jan 9, 2018

TRON hold its place in the top 10 cryptocurrencies

The beginning of 2018 was pretty good for some cryptocurrencies and bad for others. One of the big winners was definitely TRON (TRX). At the start of the year the currency was traded at just over 4 cents and had bellow three billion in market capitalization. The morning of Jan 4th TRON blew up and […]

Carlos Terenzi by Jan 9, 2018

Tether Releases EURTs Amid Controversy Over its Funds

Most of us know Tether because of being involved in a controversy over its funds during the last months. Tether (USDT) is a digital token that is backed by fiat currency, in this case by US dollars. But now, this project is starting a new token: EURT. The main difference is the EURTs will be backed by Euros and not by dollars.

Kaia by Jan 9, 2018

The Nobel laureate in economics, Eric S. Maskin will take part in the modernization of Estonian enterprises

From left to right: the Head of the G-Global Business Portal Denis Tsyro, the Nobel laureate in economics Eric Maskin, the Deputy Chairman of the Eurasian Economic Club of Scientists Hanon Barabaner. На фото (слева направо): руководитель G-Global Business Portal Денис Цыро, Нобелевский лауреат по экономике Эрик Маскин, председатель Евразийского экономического клуба учёных Ханон Барабанер. […]

Ellis Amoako-Agyei by Jan 9, 2018

Brazil May Be Introducing Blockchain Into Its Electoral System

Cryptocurrencies not only introduced a new way of online trading, but also opened the door for even better technologies that would cut across several platforms and for multiple uses. Blockchain technology became increasingly popular with the advent of cryptocurrencies. As this particular technology is still improving, its popularity keeps increasing and drawing even more attention […]

Carlos Terenzi by Jan 8, 2018

Cryptocurrency Market Review – Ethereum Hits New All Time High Amid Correction

The markets are operating negatively on January the 8th. Some days ago, the market capitalization of the total cryptocurrency market reached new all time highs $830 billion dollars. Now it seems that investors are taking some profits. Since the beginning of the year that the market grows without stopping. This is the first correction of the year, and Ethereum is the only survivor, at least until now. 

Gabriela by Jan 8, 2018

Cointed: PayCo the Future of Payments

Making digital currency part of everyday lives is any crypto enthusiast’s dream. However, implementing cryptocurrency into the current payment systems is often turns infeasible or too costly. PayCo is a payment solution interface that allows clients to pay with crypto and the merchant to receive the payment in fiat. The problem Although some vendors and […]

Carlos Terenzi by Jan 8, 2018

Ripple Rises in Value Amid Rumours that Western Union Could Adopt its Platform

Ripple has been increasing its price since the lasts months of the last year. Now in 2018, it keeps this ascending pattern that does could keep its positive direction. Several rumours have been circulating about the possibility of Western Union to start using Ripple’s platform. In the last hours, Ripple has increased its value around 20 percent and Western Union’s stock closed 5 percent up.  

Kofi Ansah by Jan 7, 2018

Bitcoin is Blowing Up in Japan

Although many people and countries can’t seem to get over the bitcoin fever, one country, in particular, is head over heels for the hottest coin in the crypto world and that country happens to be Japan. Japanese’s have embraced this cryptocurrency and have been very passionate about it for quite some time now. Talking about […]

Carlos Terenzi by Jan 7, 2018

Cryptocurrency Market Ready to Reach $1 Trillion Dollars

We are in 2018 and the cryptocurrency market is heading towards the $1 trillion dollars’ mark. The last year the cryptocurrency market experienced an incredible growth, passing from $17 billion dollars and reaching $643 billion dollars. At the moment of writing this article, the cryptocurrency market could soon cross $850 billion dollars.

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