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Cryptocurrency News

Avatar by May 30, 2016

Bitcoin Block Halving – July 2016 – What will happen?!

Bitcoin Block Halving 2016 – our assumptions and predictions on the Bitcoin Market, Difficulty, Price and Mining Operations.

Avatar by May 23, 2016


Avatar by May 23, 2016


Avatar by May 18, 2016


Bitcoin investment testing on Magnr, Bitcoin Savings Monitor and Rankings at CoinStaker.com. View payment status. Read the latest comments.

Avatar by May 16, 2016

Bitcoin to Amazon via Coinimal

Step-by-Step guide on how to convert Bitcoin into PayPal money. Works quickly, safe and easy with exchange fees under 3%.

Avatar by May 5, 2016

The Know Your Vendor (KYV) Initiative – Status and Query to You

Know-Your-Vendor-Idea tries to reduce risk and make your (our) money safer.

Avatar by Apr 18, 2016

Bitcoin to PayPal

Step-by-Step guide on how to convert Bitcoin into PayPal money. Works quickly, safe and easy with exchange fees under 3%.

Avatar by Apr 12, 2016

New Guide: What to Buy with Bitcoin | We are hiring

New Guide on spending Bitcoin After working on the article for several weeks, we finally managed to finish it! Yeaaha!! Here you can find the Guide: What to Buy with Bitcoin. We also added some eye candy for the people who like to look at infographics more than reading a long text. The Infographic is […]

Avatar by Feb 29, 2016

Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) Trading!

We answer questions like: ‘What is Cryptotrading?’, ‘How to get started into trading bitcoin?’, ‘Why trade bitcoin?’ and show you what the most important crpyto-trading rules are

Avatar by Feb 26, 2016

Cryptocurrency Trading

Trading Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin explained! Questions like ‘Why trade bitcoin?’ or ‘What are crypto trading bots?’ are answered. Check out our List of most important bitcoin trading rules to safe yourself…

Avatar by Feb 20, 2016

Bitera & HourlyCoins – Review

Bitera and HourlyCoins are pretty new in the bitcoin investment scene. And as you probably know, the only way to earn more or less secure money from hyips is to invest in the …

Avatar by Feb 8, 2016

Bitcoin Cloud Mining

Bitcoin Cloud Mining Bitcoin Cloud Mining: Explained We from CoinStaker.com have just released a detailed guide about Bitcoin Cloud Mining in which we try answer following cm-related questions: What is Cloud Mining? What types of Cloud Mining are there? What are the pros and cons of Cloud Mining? Which Cloud Mining provider is the best? […]

Avatar by Jan 31, 2016

Bitknock Review

Bitknock ist one of the top 5 cloud-mining Provides! Check out their review, to be sure that Bitknock is the right Cloud Miner for your needs…

Avatar by Jan 24, 2016

Bitcoin Faucet Guide

Our Bitcoin Faucet Guide is out! Check it out to find the most important info about bitcoin faucets!

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