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Carlos Terenzi by Mar 2, 2018

Kraken and Binance Reduce Bitcoin Withdrawal Rates Up to 50%

Two of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in the market, Binance and Kraken have announced an important Bitcoin withdrawal rate reduction. The market is trying to move towards lower services fees in order to keep competitive and gain clients.

CoinStaker Guest Post by Mar 2, 2018

Crypto dreams: My Journey to the Blockchain shores

Fabio Zoffi, the CEO and Chairman of ORS Group had a few things to say about his journey to the blockchain shores. My journey towards the blockchain shores is revealing itself like a musical composition of what I have been reasoning and partially acting upon in the last few years — the true nature of […]

CoinStaker Guest Post by Mar 1, 2018

Coinrace: The best anonymous race game built on Ethereum

As the blockchain progresses in use cases, the gaming industry is leveraging the technology to build decentralized games that give participants the freedom to play without prying eyes and coinrace has the technology to provide such freedom. Why do we use VPNs? Why do many of us like the Tor project? That’s because we value […]

Nikita Kosmin by Mar 1, 2018

We Told You So: The Bitcoin Is Making A Comeback: From $6914 To $10,784

The world is becoming more and more aware of Bitcoin. In the same way that shortly after its appearance The Internet has taken over our lives, Bitcoin’s first beta versions are now beginning to appear anywhere you look. A recent study by the German Federal Association for Information Technology has proven that in Germany the […]

John Kumi by Mar 1, 2018

Hackers Surprisingly Return Stolen Ethereum

CoinDash encountered a major difficulty in July a year ago, after 43,000 Ethereum were stolen days before the formal launch of its digital currency social exchanging platform.

Carlos Terenzi by Mar 1, 2018

Two Indian Cryptocurrency Exchanges Halt Trading and Blame the Government

It seems that two cryptocurrency exchanges in India, BTCXIndia and ETHEXIndia are having troubles. They have informed to their customers via email that they are stopping trading activities. The main reason alleged is that the government is discouraging cryptocurrencies and the business is suffering from a stressful situation.

John Kumi by Mar 1, 2018

Tom Lee Says Bitcoin Will Hit Record High in Mid 2018

In the wake of giving out signs that the digital currency (Bitcoin) market could have recouped from the significant plunge all through January, prices failed to balance out and the most recent days were not that endearing for any crypto-fanatic.

Andrew Ancheta by Mar 1, 2018

Did WaltonChain Rig Their Own Contest?

Ever made up a fake girlfriend so you wouldn’t be the only single person on Valentine’s Day? If so, you may not be alone. WaltonChain(WTC), a China-based platform for smart logistics, was accused of faking its own social media following after an accidental tweet sent out Wednesday morning.

John Kumi by Mar 1, 2018

American Rapper, 50 Cents Takes a U-Turn Denying His “Bitcoin Fortune”

It was all joy and surprising in the Bitcoin community especially the fans of 50 Cents hearing about his fortune in Bitcoin.
It was recently reported that 50 Cents had made millions in Bitcoin, and the news spread like fire across the various platforms.

Carlos Terenzi by Mar 1, 2018

United States to Analyse Potential Cryptocurrency Regulations

Different countries are trying to regulate cryptocurrencies and ICOs, but this is not an easy task. The United States Justice Department is working in a “comprehensive strategy,” a specific approach towards regulation cryptocurrencies. It is important for governments not to kill the market by imposing very strict regulations but neither leave it unregulated. That’s a difficult equilibrium to find.

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