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Kaia by Feb 8, 2018

FLOGmall Intertwines Blockchain and E-commerce, Outpacing EBay

What do the e-commerce industry and the cryptocurrency market have in common? Their impressive growth. Granted, for now their rates differ significantly. The volume of the global online retail market stood at 1.55 trillion dollars in 2017, with an annual growth rate of 25.5%. At the same time, in its daily transaction volumes the cryptocurrency […]

Gabriela by Feb 8, 2018

Cointed Bitcoin ATMs: Better Product More Growth

  We already told you the story of how Cointed became Europe’s leading provider of Bitcoin ATMs. Yet, getting to the top and staying there are two separate battles. The CEO Wolfgang Thaler and assistant manager Jimi Aho shared with us how they plan to maintain the company’s competitive advantage and stay at the top. […]

Ellis Amoako-Agyei by Feb 8, 2018

Ethereum Scammers Are Milking “Naive” Cryptocurrency Users

With the present state of cryptocurrencies combined with the emotional and psychological state it has plunged people into, anything is now believable. Right from “bitcoin would trade at $100,000” to “oh hey dogecoin is the coin of the future”. What surprises most is the fact that, people’s desperation is making them even more vulnerable than […]

Carlos Terenzi by Feb 7, 2018

Coinbase adds Segregated Witness Support to its Cryptocurrency Platform

Coinbase is one of the most important and famous cryptocurrency platforms in the market. As of November it had more than 13 million users. According to a blog post written by Dan Romero, Vice President and GM of Coinbase, the platform will be adding Segregated Witness (SegWit). The intention is to help Bitcoin scale and give the community an upgrade that was asking for since long time.

Peio Purlev by Feb 7, 2018

Blockchain is entering the Airline industry

Lately many industries found out about the many benefits that blockchain technology can bring to their business. Security and loyalty programs are just a part of these benefits. Last week FedEx announced plans to integrate blockchain technology into its daily operations. They want to secure data exchange between customers and thus increasing efficiency.

Kofi Ansah by Feb 7, 2018

Bitcoin price will hit Zero, Dr. Doom predicts again

Bitcoin hasn’t been doing well for quite some time now as the cryptocurrency world in general. It has been experiencing so many setbacks off late, leading to prices of cryptocurrencies plunging. The price of the biggest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, is now something of a moving target. It has become super volatile that investors do not know […]

John Kumi by Feb 7, 2018

Banks ‘Responsible’ For Bursting Crypto Bubble But ‘Hold Liquidity Key’

Bitcoin has been “crashed” and banks “may have been accountable” for blasting the digital money rise after qualities dove in the most recent week, the chair of the Bureau of economics at Long Island University has asserted. The initial reason for the recession in the crypto market was linked to the unfavorable regulations imposed on […]

John Kumi by Feb 7, 2018

European Royal Family Is Set To Invest In Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin may have gotten another value boost after it was uncovered that a European royal family may invest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain innovations. However, Bitcoin has turned into a specific focal point of the Crown Prince of Liechtenstein, Prince Alois, who demands digital currency “is something to glimpse into most in the near future”. Bitcoin […]

Carlos Terenzi by Feb 7, 2018

Nexus and SingularityNET Announced Partnership to Explore AI with 3D Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology and AI are moving towards the future together. Nexus and SingularityNET announced a new partnership in order to explore blockchain and AI technologies.

Ellis Amoako-Agyei by Feb 7, 2018

Unicef Recruits Gamers To Mine Ethereum As It Adopts Blockchain Technology

The UN has also decided to adopt the blockchain technology in order to revolutionise its aid supply methods, a step toward creating transparency in its financial system. So far its World Food Program has used the Ethereum network to deliver food vouchers worth 1.4 million US dollars. Unicef, the children’s agency of the UN, has […]

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