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Bitcoin News

John Kumi by Nov 24, 2017

The Philippines Plans to Consider Bitcoin regulation for Security Reasons

The nature of bitcoin has attracted different countries in recent times to consider its legalization in the late economic system. Recently, it was Iran which weighed it’s positive and negative to accept it as an option for their economic breakthrough following the sanctions imposed against them by the US government. Today, the latest country to […]

Carlos Terenzi by Nov 24, 2017

Are Cryptocurrencies in Danger with Quantum Computers?

Some experts believe that blockchain technology and quantum computing could shape the future. Blockchain technology provides decentralized transactions, but quantum computers could be potentially harmful for it.

Ellis Amoako-Agyei by Nov 24, 2017

Cryptocurrencies in the Eastern World

Cryptocurrencies continue to grow daily, easily breaking boundaries of possibilities that we know, like a hot knife cuts through butter. Just this past week we saw bitcoin, probably the most popular of them all, rise above a record $8,000 despite hacks, and high uncertainties about its safety that were expressed by many industry analysts from […]

Ellis Amoako-Agyei by Nov 24, 2017

Zimbabwe’s Central Bank on Bitcoin; “Not Actually Legal”

As bitcoin struggles to find its place as a legal tender for business transactions in many countries, director and registrar of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe’s Central Bank, Norman Mataruka has raised more doubts about the cryptocurrency’s authenticity in the country by an official statement released earlier this week. The statement according to Chronicle, […]

Kaia by Nov 24, 2017

Experty Announces Proof of Care

Today, Experty announced they are implementing Proof-of-Care during their pre contribution phase. Experty decided to use the concept developed by their advisor Richard Ma of Quantstamp. Richard Ma, CEO of Quantstamp, noticed there was a glaring problem with ICO’s token distribution.

Carlos Terenzi by Nov 24, 2017

Ethereum Hits New All Time Highs Surpassing $400

The second most important cryptocurrency by market capitalization breaks the $400 psychological barrier. According to Bitfinex exchange, Ethereum arrived at $426 dollars just some hours ago.

Gene by Nov 23, 2017

Cryptotrader/Poloniex Cryptocurrency Trading

If you ask the question, “what is the goal of cryptocurrency trading?”, The answer is pretty simple: to sell one currency for another in the hopes of making a profit on the sale. Seems pretty cut and dry, and using that blanket statement, it actually is.

Saibu Baba by Nov 23, 2017

The trouble with cryptocurrency in Africa – the truth behind the hypes

Africa is adopting cryptocurrencies faster than expected. But with such a technology, the troubles are evident: a high illiteracy rate, low government and institutional involvement, and lack of constant power are just a few of the stumbling blocks to this new tech. Find out how these issues affect the cryptocurrency ecosystem on the African continent.