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Ian Karamanov by Dec 6, 2019

Steps to Mass Adoption: Crypto PoS Terminals by 2020

When it comes to mass adoption, there are endless requirements before the phase is finally reached. Next year however, we could see the beginning of

Ian Karamanov by Dec 2, 2019

Insurance Industry Being Changed by Blockchain Technology

The insurance industry is undergoing rapid changes and at the center of everything, is blockchain technology. In the near future, blockchain tech will

Ian Karamanov by Nov 26, 2019

Canadian Gambling Industry is Working Towards Crypto Adoption

The Canadian Gambling Industry is making substantial efforts in the development and popularization of bitcoin. Via numerous initiatives,

Ian Karamanov by Nov 20, 2019

Crypto Whales Are Getting Bigger: Bigger Cashouts on the Horizon

Crypto whales have always been treated as a mystery. Most experts agree that over 90% of the whale wallets belong to crypto exchanges, but those few which

Ian Karamanov by Nov 8, 2019

Riot Games Owner Identity Theft: $5 Million Worth of Crypto Mined

The co-founder and developer behind one of the word’s most popular games – League of Legends, Marc Merill, was revealed to have been the victim of the

Ian Karamanov by Oct 28, 2019

Rapid Recovery for Bitcoin: Volatile Week with Good Ending

The week did not start very promising for bitcoin but a very rapid recovery followed the announcement of Chinese President Xi Jingping, which ultimately

Ian Karamanov by Oct 15, 2019

IOCTA Report by Europol Shows Troubling Cyber Attack Data

Last week, Europol released it’s newest IOCTA report and the data shows that cyber crimes, especially ransomware is still a very large threat.

Ian Karamanov by Oct 11, 2019

Bitcoin Futures on the Bakkt Platform Soar 796% in One Day

The bitcoin futures on the ICE Bakkt platform broke all records when on October 9th, there were a total of 224 contracts, which is a 796% growth from the

Avatar by Oct 7, 2019

Bitcoin Blenders Are Enforcers of Decentralization

In recent times, the decentralized economy has had to contend with the fact that centralized authorities would want to bring cryptocurrencies under

Ian Karamanov by Oct 4, 2019

Altcoin Facts: How Many are There and What is the End Goal

Altcoins are slowly becoming more and more popular. That being said, there are many altcoin facts which the everyday person doesn’t really know and even