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Ian Karamanov by Jul 19, 2019

Trading Signals Now Available for Traders’ Convenience on Coinbase

The new trading signals which became available on Coinbase earlier this week, will give traders even more information in order to craft out more detailed trading strategies

Ian Karamanov by Jul 18, 2019

Carsharing is Being Looked Into For Future Blockchain Tech Implementation

It’s only a matter of time before blockchain implementations find their way into the majority of industries. Siemens however, is already exploring possibilities for carsharing and

Avatar by Jul 18, 2019

Blockchain-Healthcare Market Will Experience Huge Growth

The blockchain-healthcare market will see immense growth in the next few years. In some corners of the world, this growth will be pivotal towards the mainstream adoption of blockchain tech into

Ian Karamanov by Jul 17, 2019

Bitcoin Dip: What Caused it and What Will Change it Back

A week ago, bitcoin was worth $13.2K and 7 days later at press time, it’s worth exactly $9524. The bitcoin dip in price is also joined by Coinbase.

Avatar by Jul 17, 2019

Galileo: The Newest Upgrade by Binance Chain Is Now Live

Galileo will introduce several key changes, which will be instantly felt by all users. Some of the introduced changes are aimed at new users and

Avatar by Jul 16, 2019

Bitvavo: Making Cryptocurrency Easy For Everyone

Money is an important factor in the way the world economy operates. It has always been a focal point in negotiations and trade relations. Over time, every aspect of trade has changed. And so has the money. From gold and silver standards, we came over to paper currency and then to plastic money. Now, it […]

Ian Karamanov by Jul 16, 2019

VeriBlock and the Accusations About False Spam Transactions

Some data about recent bitcoin on-chain transactions, has lead many people to believe that VeriBlock is flooding the network with spam transactions

Avatar by Jul 16, 2019

Blockchain ID System to be Launched in South Korea by 2020

South Korea will be able to use the currently developed blockchain ID system by 2020. Initial plans about the project were revealed in

Ian Karamanov by Jul 15, 2019

Whale Alert Revealed a Huge Tether Mistake: What Really Happened

Thanks to Whale Alert a lot of people got a glimpse of what was initially thought to be money laundering going on in plain sight

Avatar by Jul 15, 2019

BITPoint Hack Seems to be More Serious Than Originally Thought

Initial suspicions about the BITPoint hack have turned out to be slightly worse as time goes on. It appears that additional funds were

Ian Karamanov by Jul 12, 2019

Top 20 US Cities for Blockchain Jobs: Top Centers of Innovation

An in-depth research attempted to accurately pinpoint the Top 20 US Cities for blockchain jobs. The research takes very specific data into account as

Avatar by Jul 12, 2019

eToro CEO on Selling Crypto: Selling Now is Like Selling Apple in 2001

The eToro CEO Yoni Assia believes that no matter how volatile the crypto market is, people should almost never consider selling as an option, especially

Avatar by Jul 11, 2019

Bithoven Exchange Announces New Margin Trading Services For Users After Several Requests

Due to several requests made by users, the cryptocurrency exchange Bithoven decided to launch new margin trading services for traders. This is expected to help individuals to improve their performance in the market with a wide range of tools and by using leverage. There are 14 trading pairs to trade with margin and a 1:20 […]

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