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Carlos Terenzi by Dec 21, 2018

Joseph Lubin Believes the Bear Market is Over

Joseph Lubin, one of the most important individuals in the crypto market, said that the bear market is already over. In a recent tweet, he said that he is calling the ‘cryptobottom of 2018,’ that is marked by an ‘epic amount of fear.’

Peio Purlev by Dec 21, 2018

Cash App thinks that Bitcoin will be the Official Currency of the Internet

2018 has been a wild ride for Cash App. The Cash App by Square has recently became the most popular app in the United States’ Google Play Store surpassing even PayPal…

Ian Karamanov by Dec 21, 2018

Nym Technologies: Complete Online Anonymity is Possible

The concept of total anonymity has crossed everyone’s mind at one point or another. Nym technologies is taking things one step further and is on its way to provide total online anonymity.

Peio Purlev by Dec 20, 2018

Beware of Scams! Scammers are targeting Bitcoin SV Miners and Investors

Scammers are now using very old methods in order to pray on Bitcoin SV miners and investors. Scammers are making use of a domain registered with almost the same spelling as the original…

Ian Karamanov by Dec 20, 2018

Blockstream Satellite Service Expanding to Asian Pacific Region

Blockstream is expanding its satelite service to cover the Asian Pacific region. The original satellite became available back in August 2017 and now users

CoinStaker Guest Post by Dec 20, 2018

How to Use Your Crypto Losses

Last Thanksgiving, Bitcoin was in the middle of a bull run that would result in a record high of $19,511 just before Christmas. Now, Bitcoin is worth just $3,752.

Carlos Terenzi by Dec 19, 2018

Western Union Says that It is Ready to Start Working with Cryptocurrencies

The worldwide known remittance platform Western Union released a video in which it says that it is ready to work with virtual currencies. This is very important since there were several rumours linking Western Union with XRP, the second largest virtual currency in the market.

Peio Purlev by Dec 19, 2018

UNICEF: 6 Blockchain Venture Startups that will help Humanity

UNICEF is doubling down on blockchain technology. After the recent call to action, UNICEF’s Innovation Fund is already hard at work implementing the new technology.

Ian Karamanov by Dec 19, 2018

AI Influence on Blockchain Technology: Consequences

AI influence has been discussed for the longest time. From skynet scenarios to technological advancements. Recently however, AI and blockchain have become partners in the spotlight.

Peio Purlev by Dec 18, 2018

Each Day that Bitcoin lives, it’s closer in becoming Digital Gold

Alex Gurevich is a Mathematics Professor who used to be an executive at J.P. Morgan. He strongly believes that Bitcoin is slowly becoming Digital Gold with every single day it remains alive…

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