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Bitcoin News

Kaia by Apr 6, 2018

ExpertOption to Release One Coin for Three Investment Platforms Which Will Change the Cryptomarket as We Know it

Global leading broker ExpertOption is introducing the first ever ecosystem designed for bridging traditional online trading with blockchain investments. The revolutionary project will begin with the release the EO coin for trading on its award-winning platform.

Nikita Kosmin by Apr 6, 2018

The Egyptian Government Under Fire For Secretly Mining Citizens’ Crypto

You’d never believe anything bad could come out of a country that was smart enough to help the humankind evolve by inventing writing, The Pyramids, irrigation, clocks, and lots of other stuff, but it looks like the Egyptian government is secretly using their citizens’ PCs to mine cryptocurrency. An interesting idea, and certainly the number […]

Carlos Terenzi by Apr 5, 2018

Japanese Government May Be Ready to Legalize Initial Coin Offerings

It is clear that Japan is one of the most active cryptocurrency countries on earth. With the United States and South Korea, Japan integrates the top three podium of countries with the most activity in the crypto market. Now, local legislators have unveiled some guidelines that Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) should follow.

Carlos Terenzi by Apr 5, 2018

Zebpay India’s Biggest Bitcoin Exchange Cuts Intraday Trade Fees

During the last months we have seen how different cryptocurrency exchanges and platforms started to reduce trading and withdrawal fees. At the same time, another important virtual currency trading platform, Robinhood, offers crypto trading services without fees. Now, Zebpay, the largest bitcoin exchange in India, has decided to reduce fees for intraday transactions.

Peio Purlev by Apr 5, 2018

Google removes malicious Cryptocurrency Mining Extensions from Chrome

Google has announced in a blog post on Monday April 2nd that they are pulling cryptocurrency mining extensions from the Chrome Web Store. The U.S. tech giant made their decision to ban cryptocurrency mining browser extensions after 90% failed to comply with Google’s rules and policies. One in ten extensions involved in mining

Steve Kaaru by Apr 5, 2018

Top US Exchanges Declined Money From Ripple To List XRP

Two of the top US cryptocurrency exchanges declined to list Ripple’s digital asset last year even after the San Francisco-based company offered them money to persuade them. This is according to a report by Bloomberg which quotes four people who were privy to the matter. While XRP is currently the third-most valuable cryptocurrency after Ether […]

Nikita Kosmin by Apr 5, 2018

A Chinese Luxury Car Dealership Offers Bitcoin Payments: People’s Republic of Bitcoin

You may be looking at the latest news about Bitcoin’s drastic price drops and thinking something that has been on some people’s minds since the beginning, which is: Bitcoins are a hoax, it was only matter of time until this fad was over, and so on and so on. While we always maintained it was […]

Steve Kaaru by Apr 5, 2018

The Telegram Debate: Iran Officials Can’t Agree On Whether To Ban It Or Not

The messaging app’s popularity has however come under scrutiny from a faction of government officials who are now pushing for its ban in Iran to strengthen other locally developed messaging apps.