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Bitcoin News

Ellis Amoako-Agyei by Jun 7, 2018

Second Layers Could See Ethereum Hit 1 Million Transactions

After months of scaling issues and proposed means of solving them, Ethereum may have just found the solution it needs. Vitalik Buterin of Ethereum fame has recently stated that Ethereum blockchain could hit a record high 1 million transactions per second. The platform intends to do this with it’s second layers

Carlos Terenzi by Jun 6, 2018

What is FanX – Investing and Trading Game Platform

Virtual currency and crypto related platforms have expanded during the last years. But nobody has ever built a platform exclusively for football fans. This time, FanX is the first cryptocurrency-based sports investment and gaming platform available.

Peio Purlev by Jun 6, 2018

Will Binance investment in tokenizing Esports bring widespread adoption

The largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, Binance will invest in a chiliZ, a sports and Esports organization Mediarex Group. The Binance investment will go towards developing Esports blockchain applications. Binance will collaborate with chiliZ to create a token ecosystem for sports and Esports teams…

Ian Karamanov by Jun 6, 2018

Everipedia. A bastion of freedom and hope for development

Everipedia is in a way a government’s worst enemy. Truth, Freedom, transparency and evolutionary thinking are all essential in this project.

Kaia by Jun 6, 2018

What Bitcoin Needs To Become Completely Mainstream

Bitcoin is the original and most popular cryptocurrency on the market still to this day. It has received mainstream media attention in the past, the first time back in 2013 and then again in 2017, but questions still remain as to whether it can ever become a truly mainstream product.

Peio Purlev by Jun 5, 2018

Just how rich are the richest EOS addresses and EOS wallets

After a year in its earliest Initial Coin Offering stage, EOS concluded their ICO raising around 4$ Billion. Private EOS Addresses will start pulling tokens from exchanges. The company behind EOS, has promised to release the first and only version of EOS’ mainnet software – EOSIO 1.0. The company…

Peio Purlev by Jun 5, 2018

IOTA Guide: A closer look into the future and the Internet Of Things

This IOTA guide will be a bit technical and I will try to explain every terminology as smooth as possible. The IOTA project is pretty ambitious. It is one of the most innovative projects in the crypto world and it is focused towards another innovative future industry, the Internet of Things. In this IOTA Guide…

Ian Karamanov by Jun 5, 2018

The inside war on Bitcoin

The banks and globalists see Bitcoin and cryptocurrency as a form of profit, but mainly as an enemy. Free market and anything related to freedom has always been an enemy of the bankers and globalists. Their endless war on freedom in all its forms continues without rest.