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by Sep 2, 2019

North Korea Denies Government Agents Stealing $2 Billion in Crypto

A reply against accusations is a rare sight when it comes to some countries. This time however, North Korea denies any involvement of its government agents

by Sep 2, 2019

The Trade Wars and Their Effect on Cryptocurrencies

The trade wars between the United States and China are a conflict that could extend for quite a while. The world’s economy is bound to suffer some violent

by Aug 30, 2019

Bitcoin Facts: Altcoins, Opinions and the Way Towards Progress

Bitcoin has now existed for a little more than a decade. There are countless bitcoin facts, but most of them seem to be common knowledge.

by Aug 29, 2019

Investments and Speculation: 90% of Bitcoin’s Total Use

According to Luno’s CEO, Marcus Swanepoel, investments and speculation are in reality, 90% of the total current uses of bitcoin.

by Aug 29, 2019

Legal Battle of Craig Wright vs Kleiman Is Heavily Against Wright

The legal battle between Craig Wright and the deceased computer scientist David Kleiman is not going in the Satoshi Nakamoto-wannabe’s favor.

by Aug 28, 2019

Blockchain Education is Absolutely Necessary According to Ken Weber

According to Ken Weber, there is great demand for blockchain specialists and there simply aren’t enough blockchain education programs available

by Aug 28, 2019

Tipping Option for Reddit and Vimeo Introduced by Brave

A new tipping option was introduced by the Brave browser. The option allows donations via the platform’s native BAT tokens on both Vimeo and Reddit

by Aug 27, 2019

Transaction Alerts are Now Available for 15 Cryptocurrencies

Chainalysis has launched the long-expected transaction alerts for 15 cryptocurrencies. These real-time alerts will offer much more than just simple

by Aug 27, 2019

Cryptocurrencies and Narcotics Formed a Multi-Million Dollar Bussiness

While cryptocurrencies and narcotics are usually tied together in political speeches and dark web market places, this time the link has resulted in an

by Aug 26, 2019

Fiat Tokenization Revealed to be Developed by Circle CEO

In his most recent interview, the CEO of Circle Jeremy Allaire, revealed that the company has been working on fiat tokenization from quite a while now and

by Aug 26, 2019

PR Nightmare For BitPay After A $100K Donation Was Rejected

BitPay is dealing with a real PR Nightmare after a donation of $100K which was directed towards the Amazon Rainforest Charity was denied by the company.

by Aug 23, 2019

Yuan-backed Stablecoin Soon to be Issued by Tether

Tether is reporedly working on a yuan-backed stablecoin. This project will reportedly be launched in the very near future under the CHT ticker.

by Aug 23, 2019

Indian Supreme Court Slams the Reserve Bank of India Over Crypto Ban

The Indian Supreme Court has surprisingly went after the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on the account of the absolutely unprofessional way in which many

by Aug 22, 2019

PBoC and its New Currency Can Take Business From Chinese Giants

The PBoC and it’s newly state-issued digital currency could potentially take business away from local giants. Currently, Alipay and WeChat Pay have an

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