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OneChain DApps
Have you heard of DApps? DApps are decentralized applications. They are applications that run on a peer to peer network of computers rather than a single computer. DApps have been in existence since the days of peer to peer networks. They are a type of software programs which are designed in such a way that it is not controlled by a single person.
The idea of the pioneer inventor “Satoshi Nakamoto” is to create a digital asset for everyone has total control over assets and wealth. However, this idea has encountered a lot of challenges which needs solution in other to bring this innovation to everyone at every corner of the world. These problems are mainly;

  1. Privacy of communication
  2. Trading performance
  3. Wallet ease of use
  4. Safety

OneChain is on a mission to solve these problems. Based on blockchain technology, OneChain will develop a decentralized application. This DApp will be all in one blockchain mobile application which will a decentralized exchange, transfers, wallet and a chat.
OneChain DApps

What is OneChain?

OneChain is an innovation. It is an Ethereum blockchain built decentralized application (mobile). One DApp is integrated with a universal wallet, P2P chat, blockchain exchange and a lightning transfer with priorities giving to iOS and Android users.
OneChain DApps

Features of OneChain

OneChain prides on this for features;

OneChain Decentralized Exchange:

The current exchanges in the cryptocurrency market are mainly centralized which are vulnerable to hack, theft, attack etc. OneChain is going to build a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) which is believed to be the future trend as bitshares DEX is on the rise. OneChain DEX exchange can make up thousands of TPS. OneChain DEX functions include;

  1. Easy exchange
  2. Easy deposit and withdraw
  3. Stable assets
  4. Safe and transparent


OneChain Supper Wallet:

According to coinmarketcap, the total number of digital asset is over 1500. This various kinds of digital assets can be stored in different wallets which includes; web wallet, hardware wallet, off-chain wallet, app wallet and PC/Desktop wallet. 
OneChain will develop a super mobile app wallet which will support virtually all Ethereum-based tokens and other mainstream digital assets.
OneChain DApps
The user has his/her own private key and its user friendly. The mobile app will be available of Android and iOS devices.

OneChain Thunder Transfer:

With the growth in digital asset and its usage, there need to develop a scheme in which digital currencies can be transferred and received with seconds. OneChain Thunder Transfer connects many blockchains via high-performance graphene technology which provides a high performance and fast transfer solutions for all digital assets. Coins and tokens are sent and delivered within 5 seconds.

OneChain Decentralized Chat: 

OneChain Decentralized Chat will provide a private and secure chat for users. The application is free and has an end to end encryption that protects users’ reputation, wonderful chat experience and safe them from any kind of censorship. 
Core functions include;

  1. Small device circle
  2. Powerful
  3. Digital gift
  4. Blacklist
  5. Globalization
  6. Reputation system
  7. Safety



The One token will be an Ethereum blockchain based (ERC 20) which will be the official token of the OneChain network.
ICO details
Token symbol: ONE 
Total tokens: 10 billion tokens 
ICO supply (private & public): 200 million tokens 
Soft cap: 50 million tokens 
Price/Conversion rate: 1 ETH = 5,100 ONE, 1 BTC = 80,000 ONE, 1 EOS = 80 ONE 
Projected crowd sale date: April 16th to April 26th.


Going by the features and the goal of OneChain, it looks like a worthy investment. The Mobile App integrates ONE Chat, ONE Wallet and ONE Exchange for free and secure communication for both iOS and Android mobile devices, supports mainstream digital assets where users have full control over private keys and can send, receive and trade digital assets anytime, anywhere.
OneChain future plan includes;

  • Forking BTC to SBC (SmartBitcoin)
  • Support more currencies
  • Plan to upgrade to EOS
  • Create similar goods and services market like taobao
  • To create a decent social ecology.

So, for everyone seeking for an all-in-one solution for blockchain related task, then OneChain is for you. 
Learn more at 
Website: http://onechain.one


The only investment adviser of OneChain institution is Spectra Advisory.

Aaron Chen, Founding partner of Spectra Ventures & Advisory
Spectra is an investment bank focused on the blockchain service project. It has successfully hosted many excellent projects to issue tokens such as MyToken.
Spectra Advisory is a digital currency advisory service under the Spectra Ventures & Advisory (www.spectragroup.io), which is dedicated to provide cryptocurrency advisory services and blockchain consulting services. The Spectra Advisory team consists of early cryptocurrency adopters and experienced investment managers from top-tier venture capitals. It has a rich experience in the field of digital currency operation, covering the range of services in China, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Southeast Asia, Europe, and the United States.
Interested subscribers can add official WeChat or official telegram of Spectra for more information.
Official WeChat: spectravc (full), spectra001, spectra002, vincent-Spectra, Cand-Spectra

Official Telegram: spectratele


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