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NWP, a blockchain-based healthcare solution that integrates big data with IoT and AI, has just launched its ICO presale with the help of ICOBox, the premier provider of SaaS solutions for blockchain growth promotion. The NWP Solution enables users to track their own medical and health information, and to share the data for clinical research.
NWP gives users easy 24/7 access to all their medical data through one secure app. Users who adopt the platform can opt to have their health and nutrition activities tracked within the app, helping them to optimize their diet and exercise regimens by wearing IoT-enabled bracelets that gather information and deploy deep machine learning to deliver results. Travelers can go anywhere in the world, and should the need arise, they have the ability to give healthcare providers crucial personal health data. The app allows pharmacists to ensure that there are no prescription contraindications, and can even record and trace a user’s entire medical history all in one place. The platform rewards NWP tokens to users who securely share their data for research, as well as for simply uploading data to the app. The tokens can be exchanged for items like vitamins through the app’s online drugstore. NWP co-founder, Charlie Schick, who is a former director of IBM digital healthcare and BigData, argues, “By integrating smart devices and databases into a single network, NWP provides greater access to existing healthcare and quality of life services, while the platform itself is built on advanced artificial intelligence and data security technologies. Our platform gives users control over their individual information while improving overall information security.”
The NWP project is a timely one as healthcare research is now part of a huge digital data market. Deloitte is projecting that spending on global healthcare will exceed USD 8.7 trillion by 2020. While much of the new spending growth in the industry will happen in emerging economies, digital technologies globally will drive new avenues of research and development. Quality, up-to-date data will be crucial for this growing sector, and NWP’s capacity to allow users to share their encrypted information will play a role in delivering quality, deep data sets along with wider study participation. Users maintain control of their own data and decide when and with whom they will share it. The platform’s blockchain technology ensures that information is not vulnerable to hacking and attacks.
The NWP team is also working on its first affordable tracker natively integrated into the NWP ecosystem – the NiteWell bracelet, designed to give parents of newborns greater peace of mind. It’s a system that monitors a baby’s vitals based on ongoing collected data. If the system notes a sharp or prolonged change in a baby’s vitals, the system recommends action to caregivers who may also choose to transfer this information to authorized emergency personnel. According to NWP founder, Alex Frolov, NiteWell’s technology will push forward medical knowledge about SIDS. “The bracelet collects data on the state of the oxygen level, heart rhythm, patterns of motion, body temperature and the environment,” he says. “And that will form the basis for an active child care system in the first year of his life. It’s a breakthrough synergy of two technologies that will help improve researchers’ understanding of SIDS.”
NWP’s ICO presale will run from April 30 until June 15, 2018. They will be announcing their public sale in late summer, which will run until December 2018. One NWP token costs USD 0.01 during the presale, with an increase in price to USD 0.05 once the public sale begins.
Find out more about NWP and its ICO at www.nwpsolution.com



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