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There are many blockchain solutions out there in the market, but just few of them can save your life. Noxbox was able to help a family that had a car accident in Belarus some days ago. Using the smartphone app, a lucky father was able to help his family by contacting a rescue service.

The story reads as follows:

“There was a big snowfall and on a slippery country road a car with a couple and two children skidded into a ditch. While the mother calmed the crying children, the father tried to call a rescue service. Regular services answered that all of their cars are now occupied and they can arrive not earlier than in an hour due to the bad weather conditions. Considering that the temperature was 20 degrees below zero, all that together had put the lives of the family at risk. Having failed to get help from traditional services, the father decided to open newly installed prototype of “Noxboxio” application, fortunately, only 20 minutes away there was an evacuator. It arrived on time at the exact location of the car and the evacuator driver invited all passengers into his car, gave them hot tea, and began to evacuate the stuck car. One hour later the family safely arrived home. This is the first known case of using crypto service to save lives! Many thanks to the evacuator driver Alexander who was at that time online and provided this urgent assistance.”

Noxbox is a decentralized services platform that allows individuals to obtain the services they need in the right moment and place. Noxbox offers a market for different services including: massages, hair cuts, manicure, repair, and more.

As the application does not only work in one country or city, it allows people from all over the world to receive the services they have always wanted at a fair price. Using a rating system that is based on blockchain technology, the services providers will be securely rated.

The platform works with an internal cryptocurrency known as NBX token. It works among the different Noxbox applications and will be used to pay for the different services required.

“At any time which is convenient to you, open the Noxbox application installed on your mobile phone (tablet, PC) and click on the Service Order button, the nearest performer with high rating arrives at your place within 5-15 minutes and provides the service on a high quality level,” reads Noxbox webpage.


The roadmap presented by the company is not so professional as other roadmaps that we have analysed before. It mentions some developments before 2018, and then from March 2018 until March 2019, it explains that the company will develop several features.

The problem is that there is not a specific time for these developments to take place. In this way is a little bit difficult to track the progress of the company and to see whether they were able to work in what they have planned.

For example, between March 2019 and March 2020, the only development available is: “Development and serial launch of a number of diverse services.”

Token Distribution and Budget Allocation

This is an important point to discuss about the Initial Coin Offering.

20% of the tokens will be available for the Noxbox team after August 2019. That’s one year with locked funds but with an important amount of tokens for the team. Other ICOs are distributing to the core team between 12 and 15 percent of the tokens available.

The rest of the tokens will be sold during the year in three different ICO rounds. The first will take place in March 2018 and will last 4 weeks. 1 NBX = 0.1 USD. The second round of the ICO will take place in September 2018 with a price per 1 NBX of 0.6 USD. Between these two rounds 40% of the tokens will be distributed.

Finally, the last 40% of tokens will be sold in January 2019 in the final round of the ICO. Each NBX will be worth 1 USD.

The funds will be distributed as follows:

50% will be used for development,

10% will be used for special offers and bonuses and,

40% will be used for marketing and promotions.

Should I Invest in Noxbox ICO?

  • Team

Nicolay Lipnevich:

Nicolay Lipnevich is the CEO and founder of Noxbox. He has 5 years of experience as a system architect.

Nicolay Lipnevich

Nicolay Lipnevich

LinkedIn Profile

Marina Lipnevich:

Marina Lipnevich is also the Founder of Noxbox. She has three years of experience as a team leader and now she leads the testing area.

Marina Lipnevich

Marina Lipnevich

Facebook Profile

Dmitry Markevich:

Dmitry Markevich is the CMO of Noxbox and Founder. He owns Royal Hall and TechElectroCt.

Dmitry Markevich

Dmitry Markevich

LinkedIn Profile 

Alexander Karpovich:

Alexander Karpovich has 4 years of experience as a Smart Contracts developer.

Alexander Karpovich

Alexander Karpovich

LinkedIn Profile

Lubov Yatskevich:

Lubov Yatskevich is in charge of the investor relations area.

Lubov Yatskevich

Lubov Yatskevich

Facebook Profile

Tatiana Shamak:

Tatiana Shamak is a SEO specialist and Social Media and PR manager.

Tatiana Shamak

Tatiana Shamak

Facebook Profile

Sergey Leviy:

Sergey Leviy has two years of experience as Waves platform functional specialist.

Sergey Leviy

Sergey Leviy

Twitter Profile

Noxbox has some advisors that are helping in the development of the company. We can mention Victor Scherb, Stanislav Lozichny and Vladmir Ninov.

  • Whitepaper

This is one of the most important aspects to take into account when investing in an Initial Coin Offering. In his case, we see that the white paper seems a little bit oversimplified.

The white paper has less than three pages of real written content. Most of the pages show images and simple graphics about the goal of the ICO, which is not the most convenient way of explaining investors which are the plans of the Initial Coin Offering.

Compared with other ICOs in the market, the way paper lacks important things like, technical aspects of the ICO, legal information about the tokens and business, information about the team members and more.

  • Business

It could be an interesting platform for helping people find the services they need at an acceptable price. If you live in an area with inefficient public services, the application could perfectly work in some specific cases.

Besides that, it allows several individuals to have a new work place where they could earn an extra income per month.

Currently there are some platforms that work in a similar way and they are being successful. What makes Noxbox is that it is based on blockchain technology and it uses a native cryptocurrency for payments. That could make things a little bit more complicated for people that is not used to cryptocurrencies.

  • Website

Maybe, the strongest point of the Initial Coin Offering. The website has the same information as the white paper, and it is very intuitive for investors. There is a link to the white paper, information about the roadmap, the token, the ICO, and more.

  • Token Evaluation

The Token may be used as a token for paying services in the platform. There are no bigger users than this. The price of 1 dollar per token may seem higher for an ongoing Initial Coin Offering, and the total market cap at the end of the ICO will be very overvalued. That could end in the price of the token plummeting once it will be traded in different cryptocurrency exchanges.

If the platform works and it is a success, the price could keep increasing in the future. There is an important relation between ICO success and token prize.


The Initial Coin Offering that we just analyzed does not seem very professional. The team has very little experience in what they are trying to offer. The white paper is very short and does not provide the information investors are searching for. The token has very limited use cases, meaning that the price will be strongly linked to the development of the platform per se.

The best point of this ICO is the webpage. Very user-friendly and with the same information as the white paper.


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