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Nodeala.com is the first collaborative platform to invest in blockchain technology. At the moment, there are not several options in the market, but the tendency around the world is to start opening these kinds of businesses.

Nodeala Integrates Individuals Without Bank Accounts

In general, but mostly in Argentina, there is very little financial information and how to operate in different markets, even for easy task such as send or receive funds using a bank account. This is why, a group of friends from San Miguel and from San martín (Argentina), decided to start this platform.

The intention is to help all the interested individuals to have access to loans in Argentine pesos (ARS) backed by crypto assets. In this way, the service is accessible to people that do not have access to bank account and that want to enter the financial world and virtual currencies.

The founders of the platform are Cristian Rosso, Christopher Atanasopulo, Luciano Casagrande and Diego Moreyra. Two of the founders are lawyers, one of them is an accountant, and the last one is an computer engineer.

Moreyra explained:

“When they asked me to participate and think about this proposal, that would work building a cryptocurrency market, we had a prospect for these firs months that, if we analyze that, was greatly exceeded.” 

The system works through rewards in which people can create an account in the official nodeala.com site, complete a form and operate and install masternodes that would provide rentability.

As the site is relatively new, it is always being modified so as to offer better services and maintain it actualized at all times.

Moreyra explained on the matter:

“We are adapting the site at all times due to the fact that everything is very modern and we have to make constant changes. Some time ago we added the informative service.”

Interested individuals, will have the possibility to invest in different masternodes. It is important to know that the company could provide access to the Financial Investigation Unit (UIF) in case an auditory is required.

Blockchain to Improve Finance

Blockchain technology has been used by different companies and governments all over the world, with the intention to increase its efficiency and transparency. With this technology is possible to process immediate transactions between individuals or companies without a third party.

Nodeala is participating in a contest that is sponsored by the Argentinian Central Bank (BCRA). The intention is to learn about the new technologies applied to finances and money.

The main problem that nodeala presents is related to the lack of access that citizens have to the Argentinian financial market.

Nodeala is positioning itself as a new investment system that would develop a relationship between citizens and virtual currencies in order to be profitable in Argentine pesos (ARS).


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