From left to right: the Head of the G-Global Business Portal Denis Tsyro, the Nobel laureate in economics Eric Maskin, the Deputy Chairman of the Eurasian Economic Club of Scientists Hanon Barabaner.

На фото (слева направо): руководитель G-Global Business Portal Денис Цыро, Нобелевский лауреат по экономике Эрик Маскин, председатель Евразийского экономического клуба учёных Ханон Барабанер.

Harvard University in Cambridge hosted a meeting between the head of the international project G-Global Busines Portal, Denis Tsyro and the Deputy Chairman of the Eurasian Economic Club of Scientists, Professor Hanon Barabaner with Eric S. Maskin, Nobel laureate in economics.
The meeting was lively, the parties touched upon themes of robotization of the real sector of the economy. During the discussion the statements of another Nobel laureate, Daniel McFadden were remembered. Daniel McFadden considers the growing digitalization as a proof of the success of the economy – the world filled with robots doesn’t cause any concern and is rather an indication of how well are things in the field of innovation potential.
Eric S. Maskin, the specialist in the game theory, started cooperation with the Head of the G-Global Business Portal, Denis Tsyro and the project’s Scientific Director, Professor Hanon Barabaner in development of a program for modernization of enterprises in the real sector of the Estonian economy. Professor Hanon Barabaner sees the future of Estonian enterprises in the emergence of modern tools for the development of the economy and society, and therefore highly appreciates the forthcoming cooperation with Eric S. Maskin.
“Eric Maskin developed a theory for achieving particular social and economic goals. Our goal is to create a platform that will offer solutions to international economic problems”, said Professor Barabaner.
G-Global Business Portal is a consulting marketplace designed to bring together experts from over the world – scientists, technologists, politicians, to create projects to restructure enterprises into a new digital format.
The head of G-Global Business Portal, Denis Tsyro agreed to cooperate with the ChronoBank’s owner, Sergey Sergienko (Australia) in the direction of human resources management during the digitalization of the real sector of the economy. The ChronoBank provides the most sustainable and stable TIME token, the use of which at enterprises will ensure an objective assessment of the productivity of a person during his working hours. The ChronoBank system can measure a real employee efficiency and informs the employer about the utility of the employee in the enterprise.
The attraction of investments and innovations to the real sector of the Estonian economy is planned in cooperation of the G-Global Business Portal with the Chinese cryptofund AngelVest. The co-founder of the cryptofund, David Chen, also sees the future of the economy in the transition to a digital format.
The Nobel laureate Eric Maskin may take part in the compilation of algorithms for the artificial intelligence integrated into the G-Global Business Portal. Consulting marketplace is blockchain-based, all interactions are regulated by smart contracts and the application of the artificial intelligence technologies will help to optimize communications.
The project received approval of a Member of Parliament and the Secretary-General of the Centre party of Estonia, Mikhail Korb. After the implementation in a test mode of operation G-Global Business Portal in Estonia, the platform will be scaled to other countries.


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