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no deal brexit

Many analysts agree that the looming possibility of a no-deal Brexit, could propel Bitcoin’s price to unexpected heights.

A rather bold prediction comes from the CEO of Commerce Block, Nicholas Gregory. He goes as far out as to state that an eventual no-deal Brexit could fundamentally change Bitcoin’s position in the entire global economy.

The ever-increasing prospect of a no-deal Brexit, recently caused the UK pound to lose value against many other major currencies. As the newly-appointed Brexiteer Boris Johnson stated:

“The United Kingdom will do or die and eventually leave the European Union on the 31st of October 2019.”

An eventual no-deal departure would without a doubt cause a lot of chaos on the global markets. Turmoil and volatility across many major currencies should be expected in most cases. There is also the eventual possibility that an identity crisis for the global system is triggered as many other major global fiat currencies are “exposed”.

Most crypto experts believe that this will even further increase bitcoin’s value as digital gold. The crypto safe haven will become the undisputed favorite among investors who are looking to weather the storm and its prices will spike dramatically.

The safe haven status of bitcoin will without a doubt be cemented after 2019. With the United States elections and the increasing tensions in the China US trade wars, many investors will without a doubt look to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

It’s also interesting to note that a lot of experts believe central banks money printing could finally be stopped in its tracks.

This is mainly due to the fact that cryptocurrencies have now grown to a state that they have become a viable alternative to the endless debt-fueled, money-priting slavery banking system designed to destabilize the global economy and prevent real growth.

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