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Blockchain technology and AI are moving towards the future together. Nexus and SingularityNET announced a new partnership in order to explore blockchain and AI technologies. SingularityNET is a protocol that has been created to reduce AI development costs. Furthermore, it has created a marketplace exclusively for AI technologies to spread.  Nexus has created a new blockchain known as 3 dimensional chain that is scalable, efficient and more secure than other blockchains.

Nexus and SingularityNET Partnership

With the new partnership, these two companies will try to create the most secure, scalable and censorship-resistant AI Blockchain infrastructure in the world. Both companies will have tangible benefits with this partnership. SingularityNET will have scalability, accessibility and security for the AI network that it has created. Nexus SingularityNet

The partnership means that Nexus 3D Chain architecture would be tested in a valuable use-case. This could be one of the first steps into implementing new blockchain technology protected against quantum attacks. Working together, these two enterprises will see their products enhanced and further developed.

Nexus could help the entire blockchain industry to scale and encrypt networks against quantum attacks. At the same time, SingularityNET will be able to keep working in the AI project it has knowing that Nexus will give support for the network allowing it to easily scale. Besides that SingularityNET will se strengthen the mission of creating a censorship resistant AI network, democratizing access as no other project could.

Colin Cantrell, Chief Architect of Nexus, commented about this partnership:

“Nexus wants to resist the centralization of AI and believes partnering with SingularityNET can contribute to AI safety. In a truly decentralized AI network, having rules contracted into AI decision making helps assure it will be used for good. Nexus and SingularityNET are exploring new systems together in order to create a reliable means of self-regulating trust and reputation in a trust-less system. This can make AI’s safer and more resilient when some of their decisions have to be routed through an immutable contract, ‘such as protect this human.’”

Quantum Computers – Are They a Threat to Cryptocurrencies?

According to Divesh Aggarwal from the National University of Singapore, Quantum Computers are an imminent and real threat to Bitcoin. Quantum computers may grow in the coming years and leave ASIC miners outdated.

“We find that the proof-of-work used by Bitcoin is relatively resistant to substantial speedup by quantum computers in the next 10 years, mainly because specialized ASIC miners are extremely fast compared to the estimated clock speed of near-term quantum computers,” said Aggrawal.

Another threat is that quantum computers can calculate the private keys just by reading the public key. That means that Bitcoin would be vulnerable to quantum computers as soon as they get developed.

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