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next bitcoin goal

This summer is hot, but there doesn’t seem to be anything hotter than bitcoin at the moment. Last week, the $11K line was crossed for the first time since March 2018. As of today, June 25th, Bitcoin is now steadily rising above $11K. The next bitcoin goal seems to be $12K and at the current rate, we might just see it surpassed by the end of the week.

A few months ago, saying that $12K was the next bitcoin goal would be looked at with a huge dose of skepticism. However, we’re well within bull territory now and the bears from last year seem to be long gone. Only 7 days ago, BTC was priced at $9.1K and a week later at press time, it’s worth $11.266.

Bitcoin is definitely not the only cool kid on the block as many altcoins are recording steady gains. Just a week ago, ETH was worth $269.3 against today’s $309.11.

Everything seems to be sunshine and flowers in this crypto summer, but some analysts state that the good times are just beginning. The best is yet to come according to Peter Brandt as last week, he tweeted out his very optimistic crypto forecast:

According to some of the information in his chain-posts, between 2012 and 2018, Bitcoin increased in value 9765 times.

Please be advised, that since the tweet and analysis is incredibly popular, a lot of scam attempts are posted in response. There are a lot fake BTC and ETH giveaways which should be blocked and reported instantly. DO NOT trust anyone offering BTC and ETH even if they have a verified profile mark, because they can be easily acquired nowadays.

The next bitcoin goal that matters is to beat the $20K record

As Coinstaker reported earlier, a lot of optimistic crypto forecasts are coming in one after the other. Just a few months ago, Jehan Chu from Kenetic Capital was interviewed by Bloomberg Markets: Asia and he stated that the next bitcoin goal for the year is $30K.

There seems to be no stopping bitcoin now according to a recent Kaspersky Labs report. The report shockingly reveals that 19% of the world’s population, have now purchased a form of digital currency. This crypto summer will be a wild one, but ironically enough, the winter could be even wilder.

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