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The cryptocurrency market is surrounded by a bearish sentiment that most of the cryptocurrencies are feeling. But NEO Gas token is one of the currencies that is experiencing the biggest increase. At the moment of writing this article, GAS is registering an increase of 23.29% and NEO 1,09%.

Can GAS Be Part of the ERC20 Ecosystem?

According to some reports, GAS could soon start to participate in the ERC20 ecosystem in the same way that Ethereum is currently used. It will be an important step for NEO and its community. This will allow investors to easily buy tokens launched on the NEO network.

In the last seven days, NEO has increased 37%. There is no top 10 cryptocurrency that has increased in price as much as NEO in the same period of time. But this increase is linked to good news coming from the NEO ecosystem.

NEOnewstoday commented in Twitter:

“We’re pleased to present the $NEO TALK @ DevCon web show, feat. Inverviews with over 20 speakers by CryptoBud, Chico Crypto, Crypto Love and YLGV and simulcast across all their YouTube channels and our Twitter.”

Neo Exchange Launched on the NEO Platform

Furthermore, the good news does not stop arriving to the NEO environment. A cryptocurrency exchange known as Neon Exchange (NEX) will be launched on the NEO platform. There is no specific date about this ICO and the information has just been released. Apparently, the ICO will start this first quarter.

The official website of this cryptocurrency exchange reads as follows:

“NEX combines the NEO blockchain with an off-chain matching engine to enable much faster and more complex trades than existing decentralized exchanges.”

The exchange says that it will handle an important amount of trade volume through the off-chain matching engine. In addition to it, NEX will be able to handle complex order types that are not currently available on other decentralized exchanges. NEO GAS PRICE

The Neon Exchange will be present at the NEO DevCon in San Francisco with several important speakers. This platform is expected to support NEX, NEO, GAS and ETH and ERC20 coins. In addition to it, the NEX exchange will also feature an API that allows individuals to buy NEP5 tokens using NEO or GAS coin supply.

This is why NEO and GAS are having important gains even when the cryptocurrency market is down. Furthermore, NEO has surpassed Litecoin as the 7th cryptocurrency by market capitalization. Some time ago, the NEO community itself didn’t imagine such an incredible and brighter future ahead.

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