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Nebula Genomics will soon begin DNA sequencing via blockchain technology.

The system will completely eliminate the need for customers to reveal any personal information. According to the company’s blog post, anonymous genetic testing is already underway.

Clients are therefore able to purchase whole-genome sequencing and freely provide saliva samples without the need to share any personal information such as a name, address or even a credit card number.

Nebula managed to achieve this by developing and implementing a blockchain-based product, which enables transparent and controlled data sharing. The system of course allows the option of paying via cryptocurrencies.

Nebula puts privacy first

For clients who still wish to keep their privacy, but do not have access to digital currencies, Nebula has recommended that a prepaid credit card can be used.

Back in June, Nebula partnered up with EMD Serono. EMD Serono is the North American biopharmaceutical business of Merck KGaA, which is the oldest pharmaceutical firm in the world.

Nebula’s partnership with EMD Serono sees the company provide the firm with access to its vast network of anonymized genomic data. This is done to support and aid the research and development of new medicines. This has been one of Nebula’s first attempts to realize a model of sponsored genome sequencing.

As Coinstaker reported earlier this year, the blockchain healthcare market seems to be growing at an incredible pace. By the estimated projections, the blockchain healthcare market will ramp up to more than $1.7 billion just by 2026.

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