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Virtual currencies have been expanding everywhere. Several countries, institutions and governments are embracing the technology behind them. At the same time, there are some wealthy investors that would like to participate in the market and are not able. But Nasdaq Inc, an American company that owns and operates NASDAQ and some European stock exchanges, is considering opening a virtual currency exchange.

NASDAQ Crypto Exchange

The time arrived when traditional financial institutions started to see the benefits of the crypto market. But if it can generate returns, why not to give it a try? 

Adena Friedman, CEO of Nasdaq Inc., said that he company would like to invest in the crypto sphere once it gets more mature. The intention is to move from the traditional stock market to a virtual currency exchange. According to some international exchanges explained that the company is already working with Gemini, an important cryptocurrency exchange.

Adena Friedman commented to CNBC:

“Nasdaq will definitely consider becoming a crypto-exchange… If we do look at it and say ‘it’s time, people are ready for a more regulated market’ for something that provides a fair experience for the investors.”

Moreover, she explained that ICOs need to be regulated in the future. According to Adena Friedman, the moves that are being taken by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), are correct.

This information arrives in a moment in which cryptocurrencies are recovering from their lowest point in 2018. Now, the market has almost doubled its value since the last month, and it is expected to keep growing, or at least remain stable for some time. Some experts predicted that the price of Bitcoin and other virtual currencies could reach this year a new all time high.

Institutional Investors Moving To Cryptocurrencies

Different institutional investors are starting to pay attention to the crypto market. But there is a problem. These wealthy individuals and institutions are not able to find a regulated and trustworthy crypto exchange to place their investments. This is delaying the entrance of these agents to the market.

Nasdaq is moving forward to create a crypto exchange that will allow those investors that need more confidence in institutions to invest in virtual currencies.

At the same time, the increased price of cryptocurrencies during 2017, has attracted many institutions that are investing in the market. For example, there are some hedge funds that are operating solely with cryptocurrencies.

Investors are searching for ways to diversify their portfolios in a bid to search for more volatility and returns.

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Image Courtesy of CNBC


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