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Different enterprises and governments are using blockchain technology in various fields to improve products and services. Now, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has announced that they are developing an autonomous spacecraft that uses blockchain technology.

NASA Works with Blockchain

According to Space.com, NASA is working in a new autonomous spacecraft that could use blockchain in order to reduce human intervention. NASA is working side by side with a research project from the University of Akron’s (UA) Dr. Jin Wei Kocsis. The new development would create spacecraft that will have improved space communications and navigations. NASA

Wei Kocsis commented about the project:

“In this project, the Ethereum blockchain technology will be exploited to develop a decentralized, secure, and cognitive networking and computing infrastructure for deep space exploration. The blockchain consensus protocols will be further explored to improve the resilience of the infrastructure.”

With the technology, scientist believe that they will have more time to analyse the information received from the spacecraft which will be completing and processing more tasks.

“It is expected that the potential is high to contribute to the next generation space networks,” says Thomas Kacpura, advanced communications program manager at NASA’s Glenn Research Center. “And also allow tech transition of these algorithms for commercial systems.”

An interesting fact about the program is that they will be using smart contracts in order to build a more advanced spacecraft. At the moment, there is no specific date to launch the spacecraft, but developments are being done in this area.

Blockchain Technology in Different Industries

As mentioned before, blockchain technology is expanding in different industries al over the world. The logistic and supply industries are two of the most benefited sectors. Blockchain allows to reduce times, bureaucracy, and simplify the whole shipment process.

At the same time, by using distributed ledger technology, food safety, customer satisfaction, and tracking systems are improved.

The most important enterprises in the sector working with this technology are IBM, JM Baxi, Maersk, and APL. All of them have implemented different blockchain systems in order to improve efficiency in their businesses. According to some research, in the future, an important part of the total world GDP will be dependent on blockchain technology.

If enterprises want to keep evolving and improving their products, it could be almost necessary to include this new technology. Of course, that does not apply to every single enterprise or company.

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