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Monaize ICO

Monaize is a m-banking platform that provides a mobile-first current account and Business Mastercard for freelancers and small businesses. The platform has an extensive range of third party services integrated in to it including professional insurance, payment solutions, cryptocurrency wallets, blockchain-based lending and factoring; empowering entrepreneurs to focus on their business.

ICO Status: Running

In partnership with Komodo Platform, an open source project that thrives on solving existing socio-economical problems through decentralised technologies, our joint vision is to bridge banking and blockchain. Monaize Token holders are rewarded through reward distribution API in the form of KMD (Komodo Coin) based on the number of monthly sign ups to Monaize Business Account. Blockchain is yet to make significant breakthroughs in finance and grow beyond the early-adopter phase due to regulatory and technical limitations. Monaize, a leading banking platform that functions within the legacy banking infrastructure and has formed a deep partnership with Komodo Platform in order to bridge the worlds of banking and blockchain, and help cryptocurrencies achieve mainstream adoption. Monaize already has a working product which is in final beta testing and will be launched on the French and UK markets in the final quarter of 2017. An aggressive international expansion strategy will take Monaize to Germany in mid 2018 before launching the US, Asia and Africa in the coming years. Monaize has huge plans to push the boundaries in blockchain innovation by setting up a blockchain research and development team to explore the different ways in which blockchain technology can be integrated into its services including global payments, KYC on the blockchain, decentralised storage and in app crypto currency wallets to encourage adoption by small businesses and freelancers. This will be the first ever dICO (decentralised Initial Coin Offering) via Atomic Cross Chain Coin Swap.

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Raised Capital:
Funding to date has been private + a small 1% pre-ICO with core members of Komodo Platform.

Venture Round:
Round 1 Venture Round

1 BTC = 15,000 MNZ.
ICO token Distribution:

10% Team
9% Bounty and ICO promotion
1% Pre-sale Komodo team

Monaize ICO

The asset chain contains 257,142,857 MNZ tokens. This is the maximum amount that could possibly be needed taking into account maximum raise and bonuses. Tokens that are not allocated following sale will be burned.

Loyalty Reward Distribution Based on Monaize Business User Growth. An automatic Loyalty Reward Distribution API has been developed by Komodo Platform to allow simple yet efficient decentralised reward distribution through the MNZ blockchain. This API crawls through the blockchain and creates a list with all MNZ public keys and their current holdings. The loyalty reward distribution API takes a predefined amount in Komodo Coin and distributes it accordingly (based on the percentage of tokens held) to public key holders. The amount distributed is calculated taking into account the year, the price of Komodo and the number of new users signed up in the given month.

Monaize is often compared to N26, Revolut and other smaller players like Tide.co (UK) and Qonto (France). These players function more like a bank. Whereas Monaize functions as an open technology platform into which different financial service providers plug-in, in order to serve business users.
Initial Coin Offering

Initial Coin Offering Monaize
ICO Launch:
1st of October 2018

ICO Finish:
31st of October 2019

ICO Tradable on Exchanges since:
still not tradable

Platform: Komodo Platform

Offices and Locations of the Monaize

Team behind Monaize

Vincent Rajoo Monaize


Vincent Rajoo


1994: Co-founded first start-up, Megadrive Inc. (USA) and raised 1.8M$. 1999: Sold easytransfer.com, an airport shuttle services to a large UK group. 2001: Sold yellowsolutions.com, a parcel-tracking software solution to Yellow Freight Inc. (USA) 2004: Helped to raise 1.5M€ for Siriona SA (availpro.com), a hotel booking engine thru Siparex as a shareholder & CMO Has been investing and playing key roles in multiple projects since 2006. Vincent is a visionary – capable of constantly pushing the thought process in terms of how Monaize can do things differently. He is behind the “collaborative, innovative, ethical banking” slogan, a message he drives home constantly. He also has a unique ability to quickly identify the perfect people and opportunities to work with, something which is paramount in Fintech.


Guillaume Derivery Monaize


Guillaume Derivery


Guillaume graduated from both EPITECH (one of France’s top programming schools) and CSUSM (California State University of San Marcos) majoring in computer science & software engineering. He spent the last few years building platforms (as services) as a software architect & lead developer, from the sports industry to Fintech through gaming. Guillaume acquired his knowledge and sharpened his coding skills through different successful global projects involving end to end solutions. That’s how he has been involved in major events to build the future of second screen services e.g Fox Sports One App (Australia), UEFA 2016 European Championship, FIFA 2014 football world cup mobile Apps… For Guillaume, software architecture comes with elegant solutions devoted to innovation. Having breakfast rhymes with a few lines of C after coffee, followed by its progeny…C++ Obj-c C#. Javascript for lunch, Java @ tea time, but never CSS before going to bed, it gives him some nightmares. He definitely lives to code, or maybe he codes to live. However, as a recent hobby he is doing some permaculture that brings human beings closer to understanding nature mechanisms which is way more efficient than any human process. Indeed, nature might be the best carbage collector conception!


Guilain Denisselle Monaize


Guilain Denisselle

Chief ICO Officer

Guilain has been playing key roles in hotel technology and hotel distribution for more than 20 years. Together with Vincent, he co-founded and/or managed several customer centric projects. SInce he was a toddler, Guilain has always been very curious and this is how he’s been involved in the early days of many multidisciplinary projects. He is recognized for his technology toughts leadership in the global hospitality world and is a big advocate of free & open code, free software, free APIs and believes these are the keys to technology’s human emancipation.

Trécy Azérot Monaize


Trécy Azérot

Art Director

Trécy’s qualities speak for themselves through the beautiful design work visible in this White Paper, on the Monaize website, and in other places on the web and in social media where the Monaize brand is present. Trécy followed 2 years at design school with 4 years working at Netco Sports which specializes in designing and developing multi platform applications for sport & media. Through this experience, she gained vast experience in mobile design thanks to the wide range of sports-related projects she had the opportunity to work on, becoming an expert in UI-UX. Trécy’s experience and her passion for the practice of graphic arts are expressed in a style that provides a sleek, delicate touch to the Monaize brand.


Etienne Théodore Monaize


Etienne Théodore

Android developer / Front web developer

After 2 years of studying Industrial Product Design at the CEA (French version of the Energies and Atomic Energy Commission), Etienne joined Ecole 42, a private, nonprofit and tuition-free computer programming school created and funded by French billionaire Xavier Niel. After 2 years, he then worked on various different missions before deciding to specialize in Android applications. Etienne has been with Monaize since early 2017 and, whilst his main focus is Android, he has developed a deep understanding of blockchain technology, notably through his work on Monaize’s ICO client front-end. Etienne remains heavily involved at Ecole 42, and is responsible for writing and teaching programming courses for current students.


Manon Lavergne Monaize


Manon Lavergne

Communication Strategist

Manon obtained her MBA in Communication and Marketing from IICP in Paris in 2015 and is especially well-versed in digital strategy. Her career before Monaize included a stint in traditional banking, working for Société Générale, one of France leading banks, where she gained an in-depth understanding of the French startup ecosystem and acquired a large network with the marketing and communication space dedicated to Fintech. She also worked in the hospitality industry for Accor, a multinational hotel group that operates in 95 countries.

Manon brings her experience and ability to increase the attractivity and image of brands through creative written content, and a sound social media and web strategy to the fold. She will be pivotal in increasing Monaize’s user growth.


Ava Buceviciute 


Ava Buceviciute

Finance Director

Ava obtained a Banking & Finance degree from the London School of Economics before obtaining her Master’s degree in Financial Engineering in Paris, France. She has spent the last few years working on various financial projects in NGOs as well as Asset Management, Insurance and Banking organisations. Whilst working for UNESCO Ava’s attention to detail, curiosity, flexibility and ease of adaptation improved considerably thanks to wider exposure as she was responsible not only for crunching the numbers but was also thrown into delegations and meetings, reporting to the ministry of foreign affairs. Ava’s passion for Finance is as vivid as it was 15 years ago, when she first fell in love with it. However, after working within various sectors and seeing the rigidity for technological advancement, her goal is to bring efficiency, choice and ease for the general public, all within the regulatory framework.


Florian Greiner Monaize


Florian Greiner

Lead Developer

Florian is another EPITECH graduate. As a well-respected developer, and someone who is driven by the prospect of transferring his passion for code and software architecture on to others, he spent time before and after his Masters teaching at top schools including Sup’Internet and ETNA. He then undertook freelancer and internal roles as both at various tech startups with a focus on C++, Kernel Development, ASM and Language Theory. Florian has been crucial in constructing Monaize’s open banking platform and is dedicated to using technology as a force for change in banking. He can often be seen advising his teammates on various different subjects thanks to his deep coding knowledge but if it is anything to do with HTML or CSS, he will not even entertain the conversation. The further away from the front-end the better! When he is not coding, he is either consuming copious amounts of coffee and Red Bull or trying to relax by producing electronic and acoustic music.


Maxime Saddok Monaize


Maxime Saddok

Back-End Infrastructure and Blockchain

Like the rest of the tech team at Monaize, Maxime attended one of France’s top coding schools (ETNA) but claims that a lot of what he has learned has been self-taught through sheer fascination for the understanding and improvement of technologies. Maxime first mined bitcoin back in 2012 when it was worth next to nothing and has been a big contributor to open-source projects over the years. Other specialities for Maxime include Linux, Containers, security, networking and python. Maxime is a keen drummer so when he is not coding or wracking his brain trying to find a solution to a technical problem, he can be found jamming at various different bars in Paris.


Visit monaize.com for more info.


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