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Elon Musk is known for many things, but he could also become known as the man who took down Uber and Lyft. The very popular ride-share business can be taken by storm with the new Model 3.

The news about Tesla eyeing Uber and Lyft came from Musk’s very active social media presence. Even though he’s currently watched carefully by the US regulators, he always has something scandalous to stir up the competition.

Information quickly spread on social media that the Model 3 has a secret camera installed in one of its rearview mirrors. Musk quickly used this to his advantage:

He also stated that the internal camera has the option to supplement the cameras on the outside of the vehicle. This is because it has the ability to see through the second side windows and the rear window. According to Musk, not a single client has to worry about privacy since the Model 3 only has its external cameras enabled.

The model 3 is just the beginning

It’s no secret that Musk is popular with younger generations due to his revolutionary ideas. The autonomous car competing with Uber and Lyft caught the attention of an ex-League of Legends analyst.

20 years ago, if you told people that you would have the ability to sleep and have your car work for you, you would be called crazy. Today, Musk seems to believe that reality is just around the corner.

A very interesting thing to note is that the upcoming investor day of Tesla will be used to discuss autonomous vehicles in-depth. Interestingly enough, the event aligns perfectly with Uber’s IPO.

Self-driving cars have been a heated topic for quite some time now. Many people still do not feel confident with the level of technology and wouldn’t risk using such services. Uber’s self-driving cars program was suspended after a tragic accident in Tempe, Ariz.

This doesn’t mean the cars aren’t being used. Some of them are still on the streets of Pittsburgh. Lyft also featured their own version of a self-driving car at CES 2019.


This technology is only going to get better. It’s only a matter of time before these types of vehicles become the norm. With human error removed, travelling will become better, faster and safer, but this will definitely be a long road.

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