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Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have been expanding all over the world. And the same happened with blockchain technology, which is very important for several companies. In Argentina, there is a group of people that spreads the word about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in all the country and, in the future, in all Latin America.

‘La Bitcoineta’

La Bitcoineta was created as a project that had the intention of sharing a message that it does not arrive to all the country and is difficult to communicate. This is why, after thinking and analyzing, the team behind La Bitcoineta decided to go on the road and start to teach about what Bitcoin is and about Blockchain Technology.

About that, La Bitcoineta’s team commented:

“Everything started as a way to spread a message that, in another way, it would never be able to be heard. The idea has been around for some time, and finally in June, we decided to go on the road.”

It is important to mark that in some weeks, after the project started, it was able to reach an important number of individuals nationally and internationally. The group of La Bitcoineta has always a route plan that is open to new proposals, new routes and new places to go that are updated on a regular basis.

“We have a ‘route plan’ that is always open to new proposals. Surprisingly, a lot of people write to us suggesting new ideas to connect nearby places where we go. Sometimes we are able to organize ourselves on the way and pass through these cities,” commented the Team. 

The main intention is to go all over Argentina in 2018 and close the year at labitcoinf – a crypto- and blockchain-related event that is going to be held in Chile. The next year is to start a Lain American tour and start similar projects in other countries in the region. It will be possible to keep teaching about benefits associated with cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

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