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miningsweden.se/ Mining Sweden
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Price per GH/s (SHA-256):
1.758 USD (VIP Shares)

Min. mining power:
5 GH/S

Payouts: HOURLY
Withdrawal: MANUALLY

Payment methods:
Test Details
Investment: 0.0271 BTC
Hash power: 5 GH/s (RMCS)
Cloud Mining Indicators
Daily ROI: 0.05 %
Days to ROI: 1927
Purchase date: 16.03.2015Monitored: 3383 daysLast update: 22.05.2016

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ProductProduct DescriptionPrice (USD)
Antminer S5 – Hosted @ MiningSwedenAntminer S5 1155GH590.00
S5 – 1 month contract90$ per kwH/month – Antminer S550.40
S5 – 3 month contract80$ per kwH/month – Antminer S5134.40
S5 – 6 month contract75$ per kwH/month – Antminer S5252.00
Mining Shares (RS)1 GH mining power for 12 months0.69
Mining Shares 250Pack (RS250)250 GH mining power for 12 months172.50
Mining Sweden 100 VIP Shares (RMCS100)5 GH per share including all costs for 12 months879.00
Mining Sweden 50 VIP Shares (RMCS50)5 GH per share including all costs for 12 months439.50
Mining Sweden VIP Shares (RMCS)5 GH per share including all costs for 12 months8.79
Mining Sweden VIP Shares PLUS (MSVS+)10 GH per share including all costs for 12 months12.24
Personal Miner Package2000 GH mining power for 12 months1,380.00
Personal VIP Mining Package2000 GH per package including all costs for 12 months3,164.00

Mining Sweden Cloud Mining

We are now setting up a Mining operation for CryptoCurrency in the North of Sweden where you can find a cool climate and some of Europes best price of electricity. We are starting with 1PH for our farm and the have plans to organically grow to another 1 or 2 PH soon. We also offer other companies that would like to take advantage of what we can offer in Sweden the opportunity to have their equipment hosted at our Data Centre.

06.04.2015: Coupon of 10 % –  ms10
24.05.2014 – MiningSweden Now the first 40 S5 miners are on the way to Sweden of this batch, they where ordered with bitcoin and the rest of the miners will be ordered with FIAT that is on the way from Paypal (they are not fast sometimes) Se Pictures below: https://hashtalk.ch/topic/37694/miningsweden-pictures-videos-and-banners/26

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