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During the last years, the cryptocurrency market has been expanding in many different ways. But some areas do still require some development and institutions to develop new products and services.

Megapawnshop is one of the most important financial institutions in the market that has been providing lending services since 2012. The company has a special focus in the knowledge and experience of its employees, and a transparent work that focuses on results.

Dollars for Digital Assets

Clients of Megapawnshop can receive a desired amount in US dollars but without having to sell their cryptocurrencies. This is very useful if an individual does not want to sell his virtual currencies and needs funds urgently.

It is important to mention that the company works at all times, every single day of the week, 24 hours. Megapawnshop understands that solving financial problems is a task that cannot wait long. The company says that funds will be transferred in a very smooth and fast way.

How Does It Work?

The company decided to do it in a very easy and straightforward way. Users deposit fund after filling in the application provided, and Megapawnshop will be granting loans in the amount of up to 70% of the cryptos transferred by the user.

Documents and certificates are not required which means that users can get their loans ina  very short period of time without complicated bureaucratic procedures. This is the XXIst century and Megapawnshop is offering services according to the new demand and technologies.

It is possible to redeem bitcoin at any time if the user returns the loan amount. That allows users the opportunity not to freeze the funds in a cryptocurrency. After the funds are received on the company’s account, the digital assets will be refunded immediately.

Why to Choose Megapawnshop?

  • It’s easy: In order to get funded it is just necessary to fill in the application form and send the request to the team.
  • It’s very fast: Aside from being easy, using the platform is very fast and intuitive. The company will be working in order to provide an answer as soon as possible. So check your email!
  • It’s convenient: It is possible to withdraw the funds from the balance in a very easy way.
  • It’s reliable: Using Megapawnshop is secure. Users can be sure that a company with several years of experience and a professional team behind is being responsible for the security of the Bitcoins provided by the user.
  • It is accessible: The service is accessible for every single owner of digital assets. So, if you need fast money and you do not want to sell your cryptocurrencies, then, it is possible to request a loan at Megapawnshop.
  • It’s profitable: the pawn shop offers clients the most attractive loan rates and it has minimal commissions, making it very competitive.

The cost of the service is just 1 percent of the loan amount daily during the first month, and 2% the rest of the days. It is important to mention that Megapawnshop issue loans for an unlimited period of time, meaning that clients do not need to be tied to a pre-defined time frame.

If you are ready to redeem Bitcoin, you can apply in your personal account, transfer the amount that you want to receive, and you will be ready to have the funds. Additionally, and very important nowadays for the cryptocurrency market, Megapawnshop works complying with current legislation.

The official website of the company reads as follows:

“When you are ready to redeem Bitcoin, apply in your personal account. Then you need to transfer the amount of the pawn to our account and we will refund your digital assets as soon as possible and in full, minus the commission, Megapawnshop works with strict observance of the current legislation. The company’s internal insurance fund guarantees the safety of your funds for the whole crediting period, regardless of the duration.”

If you want to know more about Megapawnshop, you can always do it here.


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