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Being a game developer was seen as a profession with no stability just 10 to 15 years ago. Nowadays, game developers and game experts in general have very fruitful careers. Epic Games, recently revealed a new initiative named Epic Mega Grants.

This new grant initiative is going to be worth exactly $100 million. Epic Games is putting all their efforts into developers who work with the Unreal Engine 4. The information was very recently disclosed at the Game Developers Conference.

One interesting aspect of the Epic Mega Grants initiative is that it’s not only limited to games and gaming projects.  Short films and open-source tools aimed at improving the 3D graphics community are also welcomed and encouraged. Of course, the majority of the projects will without a doubt be related to gaming.

Tim Sweeney, the CEO of Epic Games expressed his desire to see many different projects from different countries and organizations:

“You simply have to apply. If we judge that your project has potential and is reasonably planned out, we’ll fund it. This includes support for game developers to supporting enterprise, educational and academic projects of all scales. We are also very interested in open-source projects which have a real impact on the digital ecosystem. These projects don’t even have to be on Unreal.”

When the question arose about the potential disputes about the intellectual property, Sweeney was quick to note that every single recipient of the grant will retail full ownership of their intellectual property. If things go well, the recipients will even be able to choose their own publishers.

Mega Grants offers a lot of opportunities

Essentially, the grants do not tie the developers with any strings to Epic Games at all. The company has stated that the Mega Grants is a way to share Fortnite’s incredible success. The end of last year, saw the game having over 200 million players. 3 months later and that number has already risen to 250 million.

This initiative will without a doubt expand the ecosystem of Epic Games. If more developers work on commercial products with its tools, the revenue will automatically be higher. Epic Games collects a 5% royalty on games or apps which have grossed $3000 or more each quarter. This means that even if the grants recipient chooses another publisher and the app or game grosses more than $3000, Epic will still get 5% of all the gross revenue.

This seems to be only just the beginning as Epic Games is making many huge moves which are bound to shake up the industry. Recently, a free suite of tools to help launch, operate and scale online games was released. The tools are known as Epic Online Services.

A lot of room has opened up last year for a new gaming behemoth. Both Activision Blizzard and Riot Games have shown very poor marketing, in-game and public decisions. Their incredibly large player bases are not happy to say the least. In the modern gaming world, keeping a close connection with the player community is more than essential. Both companies have shown reluctance to communicate and have mostly focused on their own profits which has in turn affected popular games like Diablo 3, World of Wacraft and League of Legends.

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