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The world’s first Swiss mechanical watch will soon be available for certification on a blockchain. Additionally, the project says that each and every model afterwards, will have an irresistible secret hidden within.

The project is being developed by Gvchiani and Cryptolex and is called MasterBlock. This limited-edition timepiece is created to pay tribute to blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

Its design is rather unusual, but that’s to be expected. It has a block-shaped appearance and is built with DLC titanium. The X outline is created so it reflects the monetary code of bitcoin. As a modern extra, the blockchain symbol is put on a leather strap with the intent to represent decentralized networks.

As mentioned above, the limited-edition timepiece is something incredibly unique and work on the project has already been undergoing since 2015. Both Gvchiani and Cryptolex seem to be taking extreme pride in the time-piece’s unique design and strong visual identity.

Every single watch is also adorned with an exclusive blockchain address, which is visible on the dial. One out of the four QR codes is visible at all times and can thus be used as a titanium wallet.

It’s all about choice and freedom with MasterBlock

Master Block users will also have the option of wearing their wallet from a different blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum or Dash. Since interest in the watch is expected to grow, both companies also offer assistance in setting up a wallet if the buyer doesn’t own one.

As for more day-to-day features, the MasterBlock is water-resistant up to a depth of 30 meters and the chronograph SW500 mechanic self-winding caliber has a 48-hour power reserve. According to the designers, the MasterBlock is complete with 28 800 vibrations per hour, 25 jewels and delivers accuracy within a margin of 5sec/day.

Only 2010 of these watches will be produced and the developers are creating a unique function, that will allow every proud owner to discover the history behind their watch.

Every single time-piece is linked to the watch which came before it, essentially creating a chain between the owners.

Out of the 2010 time-pieces, only 2008 will be sold off for the price of $16 646. The 2 remaining watches – the MasterBlock 0000 or “Genesis” and the number 2009 called “Satoshi”.

The most exciting part about this project is however, that all the watches have a secret within them. A cryptographic enigma has been distributed among the timepieces, but it cannot be solved by any watch owner. The only way to solve the puzzle is if AT LEAST 51% of the MasterBlock holders share information about their unique clues and uncover the mystery.

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